Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate



Hey @jinstewart. Could you confirm if you have now received the invite? Thank you.


Received and completed. Thanks!


Got it, thanks!


I have not received mine either. I hope that it is not too long. Thank you very much


Hi @Daviddoff, could you please complete these steps and then let me know when you have? Thank you


Hello Axolotl. I have done all the steps you’ve recommended above. Hope it’s sorted out.
Thank you very much



I would very much like to participate in this survey, however, I checked everywhere and couldn’t find the invite.

Is there another way ?




Hi @Ozeph, could you please complete the following steps and let me know when you have, at which point I’ll have the system issue you a reminder email.


I received an invite email but it went into my spam folder. I clicked the button saying it’s not spam, but then the email disappeared. I’m using gmail. Could you please resend the email? I have no idea why google would delete it after I marked that it wasn’t spam.


It should have been moved to your inbox… sometimes you’ll have to refresh or search for it to find it after marking it not spam


It’s not there at all. I guess I never got it, though I swear I did.


Hi Axolotl.

It’s done. I should be able to receive it now.

Thank you.


I used to post here in the past. Of course I would like to participate in the survey. Could you please send me the form?
Thank you in advance!



In addition to the above: I have completed the mentioned steps, but did not receive any email, despite providing several email addresses.
Feedback would be appreciated.


Hello everyone,

Due to a technical problem we have had to change the survey. We identified a critical bug that could result in the deletion of a participant’s submission.

We have now fixed this issue. The following changes have been made:

  • Therapeutic responses, notable reactions and blood test results have been removed from the survey. These will form a second survey that those who have completed the main survey will in the future be able to access from here on the forum.

  • Those who had not submitted their survey but had made a start have unfortunately lost their progress so far and will need to restart. The same link you received via email is still your unique invitation.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the survey and the risk of participants losing their completed submissions, we had no choice but to make the required changes.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Normal service has now resumed.


@Wings, @Ozeph, @Razac - I have now issued you reminder emails via the system. Please let me know if you have not received these. Please be sure to check all email folders.

Thank you


Ok. I got it. Thanks axolotl.


I also received it and have started. Thanks for re-sending it.


Hi Axolotl,

I haven’t received anything in my mails as yet, I’m Hotmail.

Thanks in advance



hey @2981, could you please complete the following steps? Thank you