Possible Cure -helped me dramatically please read(Jesus is Lord)

Been taking high quality DHEA 25 mg every other day and slowly going up a dose after starting and stopping to 50mg. Doing this so my body can adjust naturally but seeing complete reversal of symptoms. Start at very low dose and wait up to two days. Usually at end of second day you feel a complete burst of energy and all pfs sides vanishing.Will not say what brand because not promoting any specific brands. Tried almost everything and nothing else besides this has done anything for me. This post goes out to all the ones truly searching for an answer. Also dhea up regulates alpha five reductase dramatically. This is a miracle from God. Been praying continuously and want to say that I am a believer in Jesus Christ. If you start a relationship with him confess and repent of your sins and confess with your mouth that he is Lord you will be saved. Romans 10:9-10.


How long do you feel “cured”?
One week, one month or one year?

please detail about dosage

Btw, I just read in the other topic, DHEA cured two users for a short time: @Unknownuser and @Toughluck24

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Not the first time I heard about DHEA helping someone with PFS.

Tell us more OP.

What are the things you tried before?

How long do you have PFS?

Btw, be cautious:

it can actually behave more like an antagonist depending on circulating testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels, and hence, like an antiandrogen. However, its affinity for the receptor is very low, and for that reason, is unlikely to be of much significance under normal circumstances

Yes I took Dhea together with pregnenolone in December 2019. I was cured for about a week. Why am I sure? I have pfs for 15 years and dry skin for 24 years (accutane). I became oily skin. And after 15 years I had thick and white semen like before fin. I had high libido and a clear mind. My body temperature became normal instead of freezing all the time. Unfortunately I cant tell why or what happened. I also took bpc 157 that time and made changes in my mind. Allowing me to be more aggressive instead of this shyness.

I still take 25mg Dhea in the morning (never stopped in 6 months). It gives me great energy. But that’s it. The pfs came back a week later. I cant reproduce what happened in December. I put the dhea together with pregnenolone under my tongue for 10 minutes. Because if I swallow the capsules, I dont feel anything. Maybe due to my fucked up gut. Take the cheapest from swanson. Maybe a better one could work better I dont know.


Before felt like a 1-10 currenlty feeling like a 7-10 and only been on it for two weeks on and off

tried maca,tribulus,vitex,creatine,cofee, asapargus,protdicsn,ashwagahanda and maybe some others for a year and a half none of them have worked.

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my best advice is take 25 miligrams of a high quality expensive brand every other day. If you feel that a day after you take it you are feeling better skip that day of supplementation. Only take it when you feel like the effect is going away. Stuck just to 25 for about a week and recnenlty went to 100 next day looked and felt at a 8.9/10.


only been on it for around two weeks but mental sides have gone away. Got blood work and said I had slighlty low dhea but doctor said that is normal. Dont listen to the doctors because they are the one who have given me finastride in first place.

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Did you do any bloodwork before that? Like test, estro, prolactin etc? Thanks for sharing

I think the key is stick to a low dose and dont take everyday because then you can become dependent giving time your body can adjust I think. My hypothesis is to confuse your hormones take a small dose then one day take 100 mg one day then dont take anything for awhile thats what ive been doing.


So your sexual symptoms improved ? Or you didn’t have ED ? Could you elaborate plz.

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yes i did

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So all symptoms, including sexual, got better? I just now toook 25mg of dhea, and hoping for the same.

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What were the values? Did you have low t?

all symptoms, brain fog included improved.


no I did not have low t.

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What were the values though?

Dhea and preg cured me for a week. All symptoms reversed my muscles were coming back, my face looked more normal pre pfs looking, mind was clear, libido, sleep, energy, joint pain, skin was oily, etc. Sadly it only lasted 1 week. I don’t feel anything from the dhea or pregnenolone anymore.