Please pray for me . Sodium Butyrate warning ****HELP me with my labs****!

I’ve really fucked myself up on sodium butyrate. This is big. Please keep me in your thoughts


I will my friend

I’m sorry bro

Just try and stay as calm as you can until it passes.
Extra stress will only make you feel worse

It will be ok

Please tell us how Sbutyrate has affected you? what sides you have got?

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I agree with spstriken, if you have the energy could you please tell us how its affected you @hippydoof?

Also, I will pray for you friend. Hang in there.

I took it 1 week ago tonight. A tiny tiny tiny amount

When I woke up the next day I had improved cognitive function, libido and sense of self. Better than in years. I only took it once. On the 3rd day I was eating carrots and I started to feel fucked. Like my teeth were hurting and I had trouble swallowing. I felt an impending sense of dread and anxiety. A little while later my face puffed out

I had a panic attack after reading papsmurfs post on Saturday or whenver that was.
Yesterday and today have been nothing short of hell

I’ve never experienced anything even remotely like this

intense derelaization beyond anything I’ve ever dealt with before Mental imparement beyond anything I feel like I’m brain dead and I already thought I was but this is like turning the lights out. My skin has turned completely red and soft. It burns.My back and knees are cracking and popping and feel like they are going to break. Im moving very slow and felt like I was just going to buckle under my own weight earlier. My biceps are burning and I can actually see they are smaller already. I just had tremors for the first time in my life. Like dull ache rippling over my body making it convolt. My teeth are chattering.

This is absolutely fucking insane


There is no doubt SB raises T by some mechanism. My system is so sensitive already but this was like dropping a nuclear bomb

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Hold on, man. For me, sodium butyrate also caused a large failure (probably in March 2020). I had symptoms very similar to yours. I remember it was crazy and thought I would never get better. The good news is that after a few weeks I have returned to my baseline. I don’t remember what helped me then. I don’t think I changed anything, just kept my healing protocol (diet + rest + exercise + herbs + vitamins). It seems that you, too, are very sensitive to various substances. Once again: endure this hard time, you will feel better in the end.


Sorry to hear you’re going through this @hippydoof.

I’m doing very very bad. Major crash that I don’t think has even fully hit yet. This is worse than when I crashed off accutane

I’m in big trouble here

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Testicles shrinking and swelling with pain. Nutsack elongation and shirking too
Joints stiff and sore and cracking
Body incredibly fatigued
Legs stiff cracking and sore when walking
Mega insomnia (not even my sleep pill works)
Skin dry and burning, can’t be in the sun
Skin has turned red
EXTREME derealization. I have experienced DR for over 15 years and i can say without a doubt this is by far the worst I’ve ever had
Jaw sore and cracking
Completely empty head. No thoughts
Penis hurts
Had the weirdest shit of my life. Green bile
Gerd flair up
Anxiety skyrocket
Tinnitus screaming loud in both ears
Dry eyes

Friends this is not looking good


I pray things settle for you my friend. More damage being inflicted at every turn. Try a water fast it may bring you back to baseline more quickly. Hopefully. Nothing lasting has hit you. I know your baseline is very bad which is why you tried SB youre in the most unenviable position.

I have read your member story. Isotretinoin with 15. Suffering now for 18 years. Sometimes you felt better having chicks. Now this horryble Crash with sodium butyrat. Hope you are Not allone, someone for Help? I want to get Off of all this Kind of reallity, why did we take all this Horror pills???!!

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I think you/we have to try to cope with the horrible deteriorating state because a few of us are so sensitive to everything and anything that interventions however safe/ low the dosage itt blows us into a stratospheric state especially when it effects androgens which are then only accelerating our worsening state. Ii hope things settle for you.

I can not believe this! Guys I’m so fucked!!!

My penis has turned purple and has shrink to 1/4th its size. I am compellyly impotent. My joints are all cracking and feel like they are floating . I am in an intense state of derelaization and suicidal ideation. The pants I put on today used to be snug but now are very loose. hair and skin have dried out its flaking off.

I am beyond devastated with this. I feel I can no longer play my bass or pick up an amp or sing. That I can no longer connect to anyone or anything. That I will have to quit my job at the record store. My arms and body are so sore. My legs ache. Guys I’m totally gone

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@hippydoof don’t know what to say mate other than hang on in there and hope things return to baseline over the coming days, weeks. It’s insane what this can do when all of the Pfs switches have been flicked.


Give it time man
You’re going to have to ride this storm until you get back to baseline which it probably will soon

I’m so sorry for what you’re going through
Stay strong


Give it a couple of weeks at least man, don’t do anything stupid.

Never take decisions in the middle of a crash. Never.

You are probably going back to baseline. @Dubya_B experienced something similiar with SAMe and Methyl B12. Give yourself some time.


Thank you all for your well wishes I will do my best to tough it out ! You are all amazingly strong humans!

I just had the weirdest yellow diarrhea. Like.neon yellow and foam with white poops in it. Sorry to be so graphic. This is unreal . Idk what that means

It doesn’t end with symptoms from something I took just over a week ago

I PRAY I bounce back some. I will the luckiest man on earth


I feel completely poisoned to my core guys. I’m having dark yellow weird smelling piss. My bo smells like the piss. My bones ache I feel like I’m going to shatter them. Teeth and jaw and gums feel disgusting and dead. My genitals ache so bad

I went to a friends last night and walking home I had to stop every 3 steps to catch my breath. Could not catch my breath and it felt like someone punched me in heart. Skipped a major beat. Drank water when I got home I could feel the water pouring into my intestine and had another full body convulsion/muscle spasm .

I’m sorry to be a broken record but heed the warning to never ever ever touch this stuff. NOTHING has even come close to my reaction to this shit .

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