PFS Experimental DHT Steroid Stack

Basic information

Objective: To boost libido, wellbeing, confidence and test how my PFS responds to DHT derivatives. In the best case scenario a good response could indicate a potential treatment for some of the side effects in certain individuals. It could be an avenue to increased quality of life for PFS patients.

Length: 14 days

Start: To be announced (within this month)

End: To be announced

Conclusion: To be edited

The Method

The following substances will be used for the duration of 14 days:

  • Testosterone Enanthate 200mg Every 7 days
  • Masteron Propionate 100mg Every 2 days until my 10 shots run out
  • Proviron 50mg Daily until my 20 pills run out

This will amount to a temporary cycle of:

  • Testosterone Enanthate 400mg
  • Masteron Propionate 1000mg
  • Proviron 200mg

Final Thoughts

Please understand I am well aware of the risks. I am willing to get worse to get better. Wish me luck guys. Hope you are all doing well too.

I feel as someone on TRT it is my duty to test things that those who are not on TRT can’t really test. I know users have got worse with DHT derivs but fingers crossed all goes well.l


I did the same thing, no improvement. Now I regret it because I exaggerated the doses and have permanent testicular atrophy, so I suggest being very careful.

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Shame. What dosages and drugs did you use?

My testicles are already super atrophied from previous steroid use.

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I used testosterone and proviron. I once took 1.5 g testosterone, I was desperate to be cured. On the same day my testicles were aching, I’m pretty sure that’s when a lot of the damage was done. I noticed the same thing when I took a similar quantity of proviron. Tbh if you take responsible doses and maybe use HCG I don’t think you’ll get that much atrophy. Although HCG can be dangerous itself due to leydig cell desensitization. I think the risk factors for testicle atrophy from steroid use are dosage and cycle duration.

Sad to hear that you already have atrophy, can I ask if you’ve measured your T level since getting atrophy? I’ve never measured mine, strangely I don’t feel any different since the atrophy occurred.

Well I think the issue is Testosterone can’t fix us. I was hoping along with mast and proviron I could achieve some normalcy.

Maybe get yourself checked for low t if you aren’t on trt. Atrophied balls means your balls aren’t producing test, that’s ok for me since I’m already on trt.

Following. Thanks for doing this and documenting it for the rest of us. Godspeed.

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Soon it begins…

Wishing you Good luck man


Good luck bro, hope you recover, or at least take the edge off.


Hoping for a libido increase, alpha male feeling that can hopefully stop social anxiety that I’ve developed. I don’t want to have to take benzos they make me apathetic but god it feels great to be able to smoothly communicate with people again.

Also mast is androgenic which means might help with gym :slight_smile: PFS has made my muscles look slightly flatter.

U alive bro?


I messaged him not long ago and no reply hope he’s okay


@Junkieasteride Hey bro how are you doing? Haven’t heard quite a while from you…

He made a full recovery

Edit: never mind I talked to another member here about him but didn’t read the message correctly, if you go back on the posts he made he said he was suffering from lower libido but I think it’s safe to say he’s recovered now. I don’t think he had full blown PFS anyways, but would be nice if he came back on here, can’t the admins see his last time he logged on?


Really? Got a link? I haven’t seen anything from him after that one incident

That’s huge news if he did bro

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@AaronF How did he do it? Was it the proviron???

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Actually may not be huge news idk if he was in the same situation as us based off some of his posts

For what it’s worth, @Junkieasteride developed symptoms in November. So if he is recovered (which I hope he is), it might’ve been just a transitive state of side effects he was experiencing. Many people get side effects that go away within a few months.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing well @Junkieasteride ! I think about you often


@Junkieasteride Pls give us an update bro, I really wanna hear it from you directly. Don’t leave us hanging pun intended

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