PFS after using DHT compound

Hey guys,

I’m suffering with similiar symptoms as PFS victims after using a DHT-derivative compound. This has pretty much turned my life upside down. I started experiencing cognitive difficulities last year month of november. Didn’t quite understand what was going on. I felt like a robot with zero emotions and became so careless about everything. It felt as If I was half awake-half asleep. I still managed to function in my daily life. Three months later, february, I started getting severe pain in my penis, felt like some nervedamage. My testicles atrophied and became cold and lifeless, felt like two smaller sized ping pong balls in my scrotum, no weight to them whatsoever. I was forcing myself to work, with this severe pain in my groin, and also the severe insomnia. Right after work I would sleep the entire day, with this constant groin pain. Whole body was aching and burning sensation in my feet. Later on it got so bad I could not even walk because my hips were hurting, and I started having heart palpations that would become worse after eating food. So I started to do waterfasts until it subsided which took around 3 months. The symptoms I have as of now are:

Genital numbness
Atrophied testicles
Cognitive issues
Extreme fatigue

It is getting close to a year soon. I feel like I have ruined my life. I have’t noticed any improvement after my heart palpations stopped. It’s getting close to a year soon. Feeling very suicidal at the moment. I’m sorry for everyone going through the same, no one should experience something like this.

That’s quite interesting. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

I’m trying to use this forum less, but I’ll bite here: What was the DHT compound you used and the dosage? And what have you tried, besides water fasting, to recover from the lasting side effects?

I used an anabolic compound called primobolan. I know it was stupid of me, but never in a million years would I have thought this could happen. Besides waterfasting I have been using HCG for a month now, and I will be switching over to Clomid for 8 weeks. So far I feel no difference. I hope time will heal. How people are able to cope with this for 3-4 years is pretty insane.

Did you use an excessive dose? And are you sure you don’t just have hypogonadism, that is, low T?

I used a dosage of 400mg weekly, which is considered to be a pretty low dose for primobolan. I am sure I have some hypogonadism, but the symptoms I have been experiencing are not your typical low T symptoms. I’ve used testosterone enanthate before and never experienced this. I feel like when you start messing with DHT that’s what causes issues.

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You didn’t use any antidepressants, or hairloss stuff like Minoxidil, keto shampoo, or multivitamins that contain saw palmetto?

No man, just primobolan

Did you pct when you came off primo? If not, you probably crashed your natural testosterone/dht and went from a very high state to nothing.

I did not pct, couldn’t get my hands on pct drugs. The symptoms correlate too much imo, something must have caused a reaction. How are you doing as of today?

Why don’t you test your hormone levels? Then we can start from somewhere. Sorry to hear your experience, welcome here.

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I have man. I had a totalt test 280 ng/dl at my lowest, highest was at 480 after a round of clomid only. I did a bloodtest recently after using hcg for 4 weeks and it came back at 1070ng/dl but I didn’t notice any improvement in symptoms, testicles are still atrophied aswell. Thanks man.

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I definitely agree that messing with DHT while you’re otherwise perfectly healthy is like playing with fire. However, you MAY end up needing a little hair of the dog to recover from this. It may take a cycle (or few) of something mostly androgenic like Mast or Proviron to get things back to normal.

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What is the theory behind that? Masteron is weaker than testosterone in androgenic rating? I believe if anything I would benefit from a test cycle to normalize things. I did try that and my body did not respond to replacement doses of testosterone (140mg/week).

A guy who also ran a bad cycle could fix his problems,

Check this thread: I was browsing and stumbled upon this...has anyone tried this


Well I think it’s the similarity to actual DHT (rather than other androgens) that Mast and Proviron have. I don’t have any experience with Mast (yet), but this is what one guy (Robthomas) told me in another forum:

I did just finish a high-dose cycle of Proviron and it has helped a lot. Whereas TRT did jack for me. PFS definitely messes up our body’s ability to use testosterone like it’s supposed to.

Primobolan and Masteron are both DHT derivatives. For me running primobolan, which is similiar to masteron, messed me up. So I think maybe I should run test at a higher dose then taper down and do pct? For someone who used finasteride I could see why they would use mast as they did the opposite of what I did, I increased my DHT and crashed my testosterone.


This is the chemical structure, any insight on this?

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I don’t have a background in chemistry, but perhaps running a test cycle like you mentioned (or what was referenced above) seems like the most logical approach. There’s some guys here who did that (+Proviron) and felt great…at least temporarily.

Have you looked into a condition known as “Deca-Dick”?

There are quite a few stories of guys developing persistent ED, loss of libido, genital numbness, lack of energy, emotional bluntness, and other PFS-like symptoms, after using deca durobolin, another non-aromatizable, highly anabolic and weakly androgenic DHT analogue.

Just FYI, this isn’t a place to seek treatment recommendations. We remove such comments because there is no recognized or reliably replicable treatment for any of the persistent conditions discussed on this site and because there have been treatments that led to drastic and persistent worsening for some members. However; if someone wants to share with you anecdotal claims of what they believe helped them, that is fine.

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I know about deca dick etc. Deca is not a DHT derivative and it does in fact aromatize but at a slower rate than testosterone. I’ve used testosterone never experienced penile pain, anhedonia etc. Just sharing my story trying to show that PFS can be triggered by AAS use aswell, especially by running solo DHT derivative cycles.


You are correct about nandrolone not being derived from DHT. It is not even considered an anologue of DHT, but a functional and structural anaologue of T. My knowledge of this stuff is admittedly getting rusty.

Not to start an argument about bro science, but there appears to be conflicting info stated in scientific journals about whether deca is “appreciably” aromatizable and I remember reading on BB forums speculations about deca-dick resulting from either non-aromatization, or inability to be acted upon by 5-ar:

Multiple studies cited in wikipedia:

Nandrolone also undergoes aromatization into estradiol similarly to testosterone, though at a rate of only about 20% of that of testosterone or possibly even less; one study found virtually no aromatization of nandrolone in men.

I have also seen info stating that deca doesn’t undergo 5-alpha-reduction and contradictory info stating that it is metabolized by 5-ar, but into a relatively inactive androgen.

Perhaps there are misconceptions born from nandrolone and nandrolone deconate being described interchangeably?


It is appreciated and you are more than welcome to post a more detailed member story.

In regards to your drug of choice, if you thoroughly search on this site, there are a few stories of other members developing “PFS” from both anabolic steroids, and aromatase inhibitors, alone.

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