I was browsing and stumbled upon this...has anyone tried this

This was taken from anabolicminds.com

"has anyone noticed in any of these “post PCT problem” threads, there is always, always an ATD compound?

im probably going to catch some flak for this, but this is how i handled the problem.

after a 6 weeker including finigenx, prostanazol, and m1t (only ran it 4 weeks people, not 6) i ran a standard 4 week nolva/ATD post cycle therapy. i was fine for about 2 weeks after post cycle therapy and then my libido and sexual function just crashed. As in from 110% to 30% in less than half a week.

i did some of the above recommendations, spank it, MACA, tribulus. when this didnt work i gave my HPTA a little nudge with 6-oxo. After this i got my testosterone levels checked. total testosterone came back at just under 500 and i forget my my free test and etrgoen were, but my free testosterone in particular was more than acceptable.

"the doctor assured me everything checked out, in range, good to go, great health, etc. sound familiar?

after 4 months of trying everything under the sun, including just sitting back and trying to let my body work its magic, i gave up. liquid cialis was a very important product during this period of time.

so like i said, i finally gave up and threw in the towel. i ran 6 weeker of testosterone propionate and then blasted my HPTA with a chlomid/nolva combo. Sex drive and function was back within a week.

im talking out of my ass here, but i feel that if youre body has already worked itself into a bad homeostatic hormone loop…it is probably going to stay that way. I viewed re-supressing my HPTA and then re-jumpstarting it correctly as “reset button”.""

So in our case we never did a PCT, do we need to re-supress our HPTA then do a PCT? He makes a good point, as we could be stuck in a bad loop. What are your thoughts on this?
Original link here anabolicminds.com/forum/post-cyc … ter-2.html

Am I too late? It’s only been 9 years since he posted, think he’s still got the tab open?


I’m going to try a run of AAS myself with this thinking being the thinking. Whack the HPTA axis around a bit; some have had success after doing this (related to this or not I’m not claiming to know, but there’s a few clomid, nolva, an AAS -> PCT cure I can never find…)

Might be something to it.

Any thoughts?

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