Penile shrinkage reversible?


I’ve been on propecia for 4 months now, unaware to all these side effects, I’ve lost an inch in penis length (while erect) and alot of girth as well…

Is this reversable!!! what should I do? getting steroids is no problem…


Read FAQ, get bloodtests, off the drug, most likely things should reverse.

But do not continue to post here if you are going to continue taking the drug.


FAQ gave no protocol on what to do…? sooo what have you guys been doing to treat this succesfully?

I’m taking 500mg/ test-e
30mg dianabol (androgenic)
I have Cialis

When I took cialis last night, my erections today were almost back to normal size


Are you still taking Fin? If so say bye by to captian winkey. If not, give it some time to recover and live healthy and get your endocrine levels tested.


It will reverse if you start doing the right things and taking care of yourself. I myself had lost an inch in length and alot of girth but it has since come back.


of course i stopped! cold turkey! thanks guys ill go get my hormonal panel done.


I personally think that shrinkage is a sign of permanent damage



It has been reversible for me and it is for other people.

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What has helped you address this issue ? PFS with or without shrinkage is huge difference.


guys, I’ve lost about 20% of my penis length due to fin and a lot of gridth too (erect). This means ive lost tissue.

Can anyone else genuinly say they have regrown their penis?

answers would be greatly appreciated


Extended water fasting has been very positive in reversing penile damage caused by propecia. I will vouch for that!


My dick has regrown. Had massive tissue loss all over body, slowly but surely resolving. Dick is not natural size yet but getting there.


Regrowth is possible.

Mine shrunk but this week, 10.5 months later, both my balls and dick grew back considerably. My dick isn’t thin anymore either, so girth returned too, the past couple of weeks I noticed sometimes my erections would become thicker for a brief moment if I was really turned on but now it’s always thick no matter how aroused I am. It’s a lot harder too, feels almost normal but I don’t really know what normal feels like anymore lol. I don’t think I’m back to original size though, probably half an inch off, and my right nut is still dangling compared to its high flying counterpart but it’s a real difference compared to how they were.

Also worth noting that I haven’t done anything besides wait, I haven’t taken anything.


Thanks for this post it helps me a little bit to stay optimistic. But I it’s als hard to believe that thins will change and shrinkage will reverse. My penis has shrunken so bad it’s incredible. Like 60% in circumference, it’s so damn thin and also so much shorter. Also my girlfriend noticed it and talked to me. And all this has become worse since the last year!! Hell.


Well I spoke too soon, the regrowth only last a few days, and my dick’s thin again.

I have no idea why. It could be just my hormones fluctuating randomly. The only explanation I can think of is I ate two 90% dark chocolate bars last week and the reason why I think that could be it is it helped regulate/fix my bowel movements which are now broken again. I ate some more dark chocolate earlier this week but not as much. Also I had oatmeal last night too which lowers estrogen so that might have ruined my hormone balance, but I don’t know, I still doubt food caused this. Either way back to fucking square one now lol.


The regrowth and thickness came back today. I ate a bunch of dark chocolate yesterday, mixed it in with the oatmeal, which wasn’t a good combination cause I felt like I was going to throw up the whole day after eating it. I don’t know what’s up, it could be the damn chocolate and dopamine that comes with it, if it is I’m not complaining I guess, I’ll just scarf it down every day.

Warning about *dark* chocolate/cocoa/cacao (or foods containing high amounts of 5ar inhibiting flavonols)!

Two weeks later and the regrowth has stayed on its own, not back to normal size completely but it’s closer now and much better than it was before.

I stopped eating the chocolate completely, I don’t need it, and the laxative factor in it probably shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities daily, could mess up natural bowel movements.

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I ate also dark chocolate, nothing happened.
Check tigershull posts - shrinkage without cure not possible, sorry mates.


You should check the all threads where people having improvements in shrinkage;)


Okay, you did?
Can you tell me what is really helpful? Thx