Penile shrinkage reversible?


There is no universal cure. Just try, try and try things. There are a lot of storys of people who recovered from shrinkage and I think the most people here know that. Most popular is the case of the user CDNuts.

Best greets and good luck!


You mention Cdnuts, really? You are joking? Haven’t you read that this guy never had pfs… naive. Sorry Mate…


Cdnuts is a conman


Of course he has PFS. It’s written on his website: … -propecia/


For what? For the hundred of natural products he supports without even a special brand?

Common people, don’t be so negative here.


This has nothing to do with negativity. It has to do with scamming people off

And his herbs do have a brand!

Read this thread


Maybe he makes some money with this. Why not? I’m happy for him!

I know some people who made huuuge improvements by following the CDnuts protocol. And they are not some evilguys from a herb-industry or something.


Irrespective of whether guys have made improvements by trying out CD’s protocol, I encourage you to have a read of xptriadro’s link. The evidence for him being an opportunistic saleman is pretty damning. He may have hit on a few things which help, but you really can’t believe a word he says, both in his definitive approach and in his varied biographies.


Thank you Scotsman

Given all the facts we gathered in that thread, it is really difficult to understand how can someone read that thread and be OK with this active scheme of money fraud, and believe anything that cdnuts says.

Can only assume the person did not read it yet, in which case, I highly encourage reading it to understand how buying the herbs from CDNUTS will actively send him in excess of 300USD to his pocket.


We need to bann all nuts posts from this platform. New users will believe those information as I did at the beginning. The admin must erase them asap. My opinion. Best


Hi guys, im also concerned because now for a week, i have a hourglass shape penis when flaccid. Erect penis looks normal. But when in flaccid state, middle part of my penis looks compressed like a circle.
When i take my penis into my hand, it looks shorter and a little bit shrunk due to the compression in the middle part.
**Can this problem be healed completely?
**Will it damage my tissue and leave permanent scars in my penis?
*** Has anyone got his pre-fin flaccid and erect penis length/girth due to peyronies like disease 100% back to normal?

P.S: I have this problem without a PFS crash.


I had a temporary recovery last month and my dick and balls all grew back to 100% of their normal size. I don’t believe the problem is actual tissue loss, but chemical/nerve damage


Yeah, exactly the same.
Definitely there is no tissue loss.

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Wrong, there is actual tissue loss in some cases.

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Are there any scientific evidences (penile doppler etc)?


Yes one guy here with shrinkage did some tests.

I didnt but I’m 100% sure I have tissue loss. Even with rock hard erections my dick is 1 Inch shorter and girth too.

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I had smaller/shorter erections too post crash. When I had my temporary recovery with a flu, it was normal size. Now it’s smaller again. Obviously it varies from person to person but in my case i dont think its tissue loss.


Was it a full 100% hard erection?


I’ve had the same experience that @propecia123 describes, @invictus. I have spoken to someone who was certain they’d lost tissue but later got a full recovery of size too. I understand why you’d think that you had lost tissue as I wondered the same but I would suggest it’s at least possible that you haven’t.


Nice to hear that, but have you got a hourglass shape/peyronies like shrinkage or you got standart shape shrinkage without any tissue deformities like mine?