Organic Baking Soda Helps!

Let guys here know that eating this daily has brought very noticeable improvement in PFS symptoms…Its cheap, safe and worth a try if you want…I have no idea why but after spending thousands, trying all forms of hormone replacement I find it very helpful…More energy and overall better feeling even mentally but did not do anything for the actual physical changes to my body and weight which I believe are due to variations in alleles they determine the effects you get…


What dose are you taking. I took close to 20g a few times prepping for a boxing match lately.

Those that keep asking and messaging me here is what I am using and just take a spoonful every morning but you can adjust it…Now as to why this helps greatly…I have no clue…If you read the research on here it and google it seems to help the endocrine system jump start and acheive balance…Also it purifies the blood and assists the kidneys in removing toxins from the body…Its used in diaylsis patients and also in some with brain injuries…Which could be key here as it could help your body with nuero inflammation which is already a proven symptom of PFS and will be even more so when melcangi’s next study is published…Also research has shown others who recovered mentally with the help of this and that hints of it helping the liver also in some way to metabolize DHT and your own body produces Sodium Bicarbonate on its own…Its possible stopping DHT production with finasteride could damage the fucction of this Hormone dependent organs such as the liver and kidneys…They use hormones…

Also as most said it corrects ph levels and helps the body heal itself…Many things this simple compound can do as the only ingredient is Sodium Bicarbonate…

Here is the brand I am using and where to buy…

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You’re taking a teaspoon or a tablespoon? In water or just as powder? Thanks for posting by the way.

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How long until you noticed effects? And when you say a spoonful, do you mean a tablespoon? Teaspoon?

Sorry holyhead…
Have you got sexual sides and taking soda helps you for these?..
Thank you!

Half a teaspoon is recommended here and not for prolonged use:

What symptoms does it help with?

How much baking soda are you taking, a tablespoon or a teaspoon? Do you mix it with water? Does it help your sexual sides?

All of you asking as I am getting some relief from this and to why?? Before wasn’t sure but knew it was not just because of ph of blood… According to this it is affecting AR signaling on a molocular level allowing them to use testosreone as well as the entire endocrine system more effectively…

So where does baking soda come in exactly?

Multiple studies have been conducted showing that bicarbonate, a component of plain ol’ baking soda, can act on a molecular level as a switch to boost cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) production in the body.

But what is cAMP?

In your body’s endocrine system, signaling molecules like cAMP are necessary for the release and/or production of hormones. Testosterone, a reproductive steroid hormone, is produced when the secondary messenger cAMP signals inside of a cell that testosterone is needed. cAMP can be aided in its signaling process by cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate), another nucleotide phosphate that acts in a synergistic manner to amplify the signal [2].

A pH that is too acidic can trigger the release of bicarbonate in your pancreas, which can also create cAMP. cAMP can also cause the release of a protein kinase enzyme that regulates molecular metabolism in androgen receptors. This means that the receptors for testosterone can become more sensitive, and therefore use more of the hormone [3].

Increased testosterone levels can not only increase energy, but also help your body create more muscle mass and also help you get more out of your workout.

Now that you know how cyclic AMP can affect testosterone levels, we can talk about the other benefits of baking soda. Sodium bicarbonate is a weak base, which means that in your body, it can act as a pH buffer to prevent the buildup of acidity. During your training, you might notice an uncomfortable cramping feeling in your muscles.

This is due to lactic acid buildup in your muscle cells. Lactic acid is a byproduct of fermentation in human cells and when built up, can cause a burning strain in your muscles that prevents you from being able to train to your maximum potential. By ingesting alkaline (basic) supplements, you can prolong your training time and avoid getting cut short by excess lactic acid [4].

Because lactic acid is caused by fermentation, its neutralization can trigger normal cellular respiration, therefore increasing oxygen uptake and consequently, boosting performance and training abilities during a high-intensity workout.

Why Baking Soda Instead Of Other Supplements?


As I’ve already pointed out, baking soda is cheap as hell. So you even if you’re not completely sold on the idea of using it as a supplement, it won’t put a huge dent in your wallet to try it out (baking soda averages around $2 per bag).

It’s also been proven to actually work. When comparing athletic performance after sodium bicarbonate supplementation and beta-alanine supplementation, a certain study with 24 male athletes showed that baking soda was exponentially more effective in increasing performance than beta-alanine [5].

Baking soda also has its place outside of pre-workout as a testosterone booster.

A great way to help your testosterone levels increase is by detoxifying your liver. The liver functions as the singular most concentrated area in your body for toxin storage, and yes, those toxins include alcohol and sugar. By fasting and removing any toxins through a strict diet, your liver can regain functionality.

Your liver is important for increasing HGH (human growth hormone) utility as well as breaking down estrogen and testosterone-binding molecules. This increases the amount of testosterone available to androgen receptors in your body, and can contribute to growth of muscle mass.

A quick and effective way to detox your liver is by drinking copious amounts of water, and supplementing that with eating baking soda and spirulina algae only. This fasting detox works wonders in a day and can boost your testosterone levels incredibly [6].

Baking soda isn’t just a new trend that has popped up, either.

In tradition Asian medicinal practices, it has been used to reset the body to homeostatic hormone levels. Nitric oxide (NO), a neutral compound responsible for the regulation of function of the adrenal and endocrine systems, can be produced in alkaline environments. Low nitric oxide levels can stress the production of testosterone, and therefore cause thinning and graying of hair, as well as erectile dysfunction.

Ingesting baking soda can help prevent low nitric oxide levels, also boosting testosterone [7].

Using baking soda could have some serious impact on the way you train, and being that it’s barely two dollars a bag, why not give it a shot? It can boost your performance when taken as a pre-workout or along with another supplement like creatine, and can be used to detox your body in order to produce more testosterone.


Interesting - how much do you usually take and how often?

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An excellent post. Bravo.
May I suggest the liver flush in order to get the liver detoxed. Several flushes are often needed.

Then gluthatione is the key factor for detoxing. Working in the liver. That’s why I say to test those levels and add reduced go.or the three building aminos for gl.

To test the level of what?

You are talking to me? Talking to me?

Test gluthathione.

All this to me anyway indicates PFS could be signaling problem to various degrees…

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This study suggests 1 teaspoon in 0.5 L of water. It also says that the antiinflammatory effect lasts for four hours. Does it mean that we should drink it every four hours?

i’m trying to unlock the full study via sci-hub but i can’t. would you try if in your countries work?

Guys, does sci-hub work in your countries? unlock full studies is important.
try following this link.

I’m still improving on this…Eating larger amounts now…Apparantley according to the above article it allowing hormones to bind to receptors slightly more over time…