Organic Baking Soda Helps!


Anyone try this who commented ?


How much are you eating? How often? When do you eat it? Which symptoms does it help you with?

Please answer these questions, @holyhead. It will take you 30 seconds.


Dude I have answered all these several times here…Start out with small amounts and see how your body responds…You know how you feel taking something…Its just baking soda not cocaine not gonna kill you…


You should be careful with that soda guys, as you can develop ulcer using it! There is a specific way to drink it, I saw couple of russian articles on that topic, they say that you should ease the soda with hot water, stir it while adding the water and at the end you can add some cold water in order to cool it down enough to be able to drink it. Also it is very important to drink it on empry stomach, in the mornings, as there is less acid in it and the interaction with the soda is less harmful for the stomach itself. When drink the soda, you should wait like 30 min. then you can eat. Anyway even then there is a chance you can get ulcer if you exceed the dosage, so be careful guys!


Have you ever had successful results ?


Sorry, I have looked again and still can’t see where you’ve answered those questions.


Sorry to beat a dead horse @holyhead but I just read through this thread twice and I can’t find where you actually mention what symptoms YOU have and/or what symptoms of yours have improved. Thank you for the post. Any and all details of what symptoms improved would be very useful. Ie… so you just have sexual sides, mental sides, both? Physical? Etc… I’m intrigued because if it reduces inflammation I would love to see if it improves my head pressure.

On a side note… while I havent read the article… I’d be slightly concerned with screwing up my gut biome trying this long term.


Holyhead posted these comments elsewhere that are relevant to this topic:


I’ve been using baking soda for the last few days.

It is one of best things I’ve taking for PFS since LDN.

Improvements I have noticed so far are more energy less frequent urination increase in Libido and better over all sense of well being.

The baking soda I’m using is not Organic but just cheap baking soda I had in my kitchen

I definitely think more people should try this stuff.

Pine pollen post

How do you prepare it ?


I just take a tablespoon of it and wash it down with water.

But to start off you might want try a teaspoon of it.



The fact that LDN and Baking Soda has helped me so much indicates to me that PFS is at least partly an autoimmune condition


I am also leaning towards this as sick as I have been…Myopathy one of the sides of PFS is from my understanding and autoimmune condition itself…Also this baking soda affects the spleen which is part of the immune system and filters blood but also helps balance body fluids which if anyone could see my body between the morning and then at night it is massive difference in fluid retention…

Whatever the cause its obvious we have a dysfunctional endocrine system…

Does the baking soda make your head hurt…I get pounding headaches sometimes after eating the soda but the next day I usually feel better and yes any old soda will do and its how I discovered it…I had an old box in the fridge of Arm and Hammer and decided to try it…But if your gonna take it on a regular basisis I recommend the link I provided here above to the organic kind at Amazon.


No I don’t get headaches from it but I can feel a bit sick if I take too much one go.


How is it doing for you now? Baking soda was a life saver for me…


I’ve been taking like a table spoon everyday when I wake up and haven’t noticed any change :frowning:


Yea, same here - I haven’t noticed anything. Wish I was getting all these amazing effects people are reporting. What exactly are you guys feeling? Is it a mental clarity and euphoric feeling your getting or does actually affect your physical symptoms?


I have far more energy since taking baking soda but I find it harder to fall alseep now.


I’ll tell you guys what, this has been showing improvements these last few days.

I’ve been taking my usual current supps (see Help? ED from 4 weeks on Fin? Recovery Chances? ) but this week just gone, Sunday eve to tonight, did a strict water fast. I’d take baking soda 1/4 teaspoon AM, 1/4 PM and just about nudged that up to 1/2 teaspoon each time today.

I felt a bit different from yesterday. Symptomatically slightly easier to think, did a bit more at work, today slightly better even. Last two days though I’ve gone to what I remember a minging hangover feeling like (I haven’t had any alcohol in 10 yrs so that’s going back a bit for me!) Mood most definitely better.

Broke the fast tonight, will eat much vegetables this weekend. There does seem to be something to this. I might try NAC for liver too. Milk Thistle I understand has done people over before now, so hesitant to try that.

Not sure if it was the fasting, the water consumption, or all of the above. But something mended (if only for now…)

MASSIVELY crossing fingers…