New Study - Persistent Erectile Dysfunction after Discontinuation of 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitor Therapy in Rats Depending on the Duration of Treatment

Saw this today…


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So could symptoms like dull orgasm be attributed to a low amount of smooth muscle and high collagen? I don’t know much about anatomy or physiology. And if so there’s nothing that can be done about it?

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Might be…
I suggest you do this…go to and search “Corpus Cavernosum smooth muscle”…
Here is a hit from the first page…
In this study restoration of androgens recovered the smooth muscle tissue…
So it can be reversible…


Interesting, but it leaves me wondering about the cases of people who have developed persistent symptoms after using it only once or twice.

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This should be enough to take this fucking drug off the market and proves are point. It damages smooth muscles which none of Merck’s bullshit studies will show. Could this even be used as evidence in court?

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It seems the study was done by lowering T instead of DHT. I know for a fact that I had way higher than normal T while I took fin. Also I can get rock hard erections but there is close to zero feeling in them and orgasm is at like 5% pleasure. This has to be more of a nerve and less of a muscle issue? I even have strong ejaculations there is just no feeling

Forgive me for ignorance, but doesn’t this study counter that?

Also, do shock wave therapies and PRP not help repair Smooth Muscles?

For those who are interested, I found this paper by accident:

This is thru sci-hub, you may have to complete a captcha prior to being able to see it.
Journal link:

Pay attention to the pictures shown, for those who are concerned about shrinkage. I’m using this page to gauge sublingual dosages for testosterone

Jesus christ… how this poison is on the market. I still can’t believe to this day. I wish an alone and painful death to anyone who had any kind of contribution of creating these Drugs. And also, i hope these lines are not applicable to us. I hope there isn’t anything irreversible. By the way can anyone help me to understand that what is collagen and what is the relation of the smooth muscle tissue?


This is a great study!

“In a rat model, the reduction of DHT by dutasteride decreased erectile responses to electrical stimulation. This was accompanied by changes in protein levels and histological features, and resulted in increased fibrosis and decreased smooth muscle content in the corpus cavernosum. The current study demonstrated that recovery from ED depended on the duration of medication, and that administration of dutasteride for longer than a critical period (more than 8 weeks) could result in irreversible ED, even after discontinuation of dutasteride. Further studies on ED and the re-establishment of treatment in human models are essential.”


I mean, its bad news lol

It’s just saying it’s irreversible through just waiting for it to get better on its own I don’t think they tried any treatments on them

“Increased collagen” means that the smooth muscle in the penis got degraded to collagen which means it atrophied. Doesn’t mean dutasteride is making your skin look amazing or anything like that.

If that were irreversible, there would be no constant changes in people’s penises over time. Mine is getting less and less flaccid for example.

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I sent an email to Drswlee a week ago, but there is no response like the doctor I sent so far. I’ll wait and see. I know the doctor who studied Fin’s side effects at Chonbuk National University. I will send him an email, too. I’ll ask you if you know this research or if you’re involved.

A nice bump this is. Our data shows a worsening in the domain of erectile function up to 2 years of use. After the 2 years mark it improves again, whereby the 6+ years group is at the same level of erectile function as the <1 month group. IIEF is a scientifically validated instrument to assess erectile function. Overall, we are not seeing that duration of use is a predictor of erectile dysfunction post finasteride. Some of our worst cases have taken only a few or even just one pill. From this one can conclude that simply feeding a rat finasteride is not the same thing as PFS, and does not make a valid PFS model.

Higher values mean better function. Read more here