Name up to three things that have helped relieve your pfs symptons the most?


This is a bit of a strange post, but I thought it might help. Please can you list up to three things that have helped relieve your pfs symptoms the most. I’m just trying to keep it simple as possible, and then we can see if anything occurs often or stands out.

I’ll start:

Pomegranate Juice: Relief of sexual symptoms
Sildenafil: Relief of sexual symptoms
Vitamin D from the sun: Mental and sexual symptoms





Sodium Bicarbonate

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2nd best:Testosterone gel
3rd Vitamin D (by sunbath or 2weks @ 20.000IU)

also worth noting is thyroid hormone(t4) or any thyroid improving mesures for physical energy. promoting good sleep is also important => benzos…yes, despite their bad rep. i still considering taking them longterm or go straight on TRT/ANDRACTIM

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1- Increase daily micronutrients and better macronutrients
2- Raw garlic every day
3- Do not smoke (marijuana), no drink alcohol

Now I run every day 20 minutes, I’m on it 1.5 weeks and I noticed in my erection one vessel more marked, true story.

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  1. Tribulus.
  2. Progesterone.
  3. NAC
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  1. Artichike
  2. Resverastol
  3. Cardio.
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  1. Bromocriptine (Minor, but long-term, improvement in mood and libido from 2005-2009 while taking it. Had typical side effects from it.)

  2. Sildenafil (Allowed me to perform, perhaps even better than an average guy, but has lost effect in recent years. Barely works sometimes these days)

  3. Clomid (Amazing 1 day recovery in almost every aspect occurred around 2 weeks after stopping. I tried to replicate this a couple more times with no effect)

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Good topic, can everyone who contributes put more detail than just a list though?

What is it?
How do you take it (frequency and dose)
What does it do for you?



Sildenafil allows me to have a sex life without it anything sexual would be non existent

Testosterone shots allow me to put weight on gain strength and feel much better within myself

Exercise really helps but it’s hard work when you have ankylosing spondylitis as the pain just drains you mentally and physically

Thinking positive even when the world is pushing you down, yeah it’s hard to stay positive in our situation but feeling down only makes it all worse . Ignorance is bliss


  1. keeping my TRT dose EXTREMELY stable and consistent, if there’s any devation, on the scale of 1mg, I will crash and develop severe symptoms such as gastroparesis, impotence, and muscular atrophy.
  2. exercise
  3. very good sleep

anything else has zero affect on my symptoms. and #2 and #3 i listed above, none of those help my symptoms honestly, they just make me feel healthier.


  1. Nutricost L-Carnitine Tartrate Powder (250 Grams) - 1 Gram per Serving, 250 Servings. Took 2mg on Thursday, 2mg Friday and 1mg Saturday. Everything down below went instantly back to normal size, possibly bigger. L-Carnitine is known to make the receptors, well, more receptive to the free t in your blood stream.

  2. Vitamin D, Vitamin E

  3. Protein powder that contains very VERY small amount of creatine in combination with 5 day heavy lift exercises to boost testosterone

For sleep: I had to use Marijuana for a little while as it was the only thing helping me get 8 hour sleep. Now that my sleep is back in order, I plan to discontinue smoking. Along with marijuana, I was supplementing on 5htp, gaba, melatonin and valerian root. All of which I will be cutting out within the next week.


  1. Beet Root powder - seems to give me a boost in terms of feeling down there
  2. Aromitaze inhibitor (Arimidex)… was taking Clomid initially but Estradiol didn’t come down so had to drop it
  3. TRT

By far, TRT has had the most significant impact. Like someone else mentioned, once I ran out of my first month batch and was off it for 3 weeks I felt horrible…libido died, etc. Just got a new monthly batch yesterday (I use the gel).

When I finally went to an endocrinologist (mine is actually a neuroendocrinologist), my hormones we were way off base. My estradiol was above the upper limit by quite a lot, and my testosterone was at the bottom of the lowest range. Estradiol is still high but now at least is on the charts, my goal is to get it to the middle level at least while, unfortunately I’ll have to do TRT probably for the rest of my life.

I should say that TRT, for me anyway, has so many great effects. I saw my belly fat get under control (had been doing pushups), having my muscles stay tighter than 15 minutes after a workout felt amazing (been working out my whole life but noticed that no matter what I did, the muscles never became “hard” anymore since my 50s). In fact, with TRT, I had far less reliance on viagra, etc and morning wood, etc was great (in fact, my first time taking it, I remember going to work on the train and had to force my mind to think of something else or I would have climaxed on the train…scary but great…don’t have that same high now with the 2nd month dose ).

I know TRT is probably not what most are looking for in terms of also negating hair loss… I did Procar because of prostate enlargement and trying to control that (though I had no symptoms and prostate has always been a bit large), and TRT may increase prostrate growth, but for now, it helps keep me sane. (should mention it also lifts your mood…again, though, I’m 56 years old so low T may not be a problem others have had).


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Can you say why you opt for Andractim rather than a much less expensive form of DHT such as Mesterolone/Proviron? Just curious. I thought Andractim was for localized effect like in stopping gynecomastia. But we presumably want systemic effect.

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  1. Gym in the morning
  2. Edging
  3. Meditation
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1-ketogenic diet
2-Protein shakes



1 – Water fasting
2 – Methylation supplements (6S-MTHF, B12, etc)
3 – Bodybuilding (heavy weight training + high calorie intake)

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  1. Tongkat Ali - Without a doubt raises my testosterone but also estrogen. Am investing in an AI for the future.

  2. In the past, R Andro. Now it does not help me.

  3. Same with tribulus. In the past it helped, now its not as great.



Please, please, please research aromatase inhibitors. We have had deaths here from those who have used them.

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Researched and order cancelled. Not worth the risk.