My regimen, and it's working



Can I make a request?

If you’re someone starting with Amino Acids, could you document your diet, the supplements you’re taking and your symptoms?

Could you grade your symptoms daily?

1- I feel terrible / my symptoms are bad
10 - I feel great / I have no symptoms.

Could you do this in a topic you create for yourself.

If amino acids are the fix, then it would be helpful to see which symptoms are helped by which supplements and which diet and how long it took before things showed results.

This could help you find a way of doing things AND could help other people work out what might help them.

Lots of topics are very long with lots of conversations and content to sift through, I’d be interested in the raw facts. Think of it as your own science experiment, it would only take 2 minutes a day to record what’s going on.


Ok, you’re assuming that our bodies are functioning properly. I’m well aware of where proteins come from. Did you know that some of the amino acids are formed with enzymes? We took an enzyme inhibitor. Who knows what it inhibited. I don’t have all of the answers, all I know is what I have done that has helped me. I’m putting this info on here for free and it’s just what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, and how it has helped me. If you’ve read everything that I have typed above, in one of my comments I said that what I do may not help everyone. But I said I hoped it would.


Yes I am aware that certain amino acids are formed with enzymes. BCAA’s AND EAA’s are not formed with enzymes- they’re obtained by diet, hence why they are called essential amino acids. So taking an enzyme inhibitor such as Finasteride would NOT affect this.

I am also not saying our bodies are functioning properly because I would be the first one to say in someones face that my body is completely dysregulated on the molecular level.


Ok, so now that you’re a finasteride expert, then tell us what’s wrong with us? I’m taking a variety of essential and non essential acids. I don’t know why that pisses you off. I’m not on here selling anything. If it doesn’t help you, then move along. I’ve had two decades of this disaster myself and it ruined my life too. I’ve finally found something that has greatly helped me and I’m trying to help others. If you want to troll, go somewhere else.


Where did I indicate I was pissed off? I didn’t. So better question- what about my writing indicates that I am pissed off? Can you not handle bolded or capitalized characters? If so, I will try to refrain when I am posting in threads that you post in as well.

I am not a “finasteride expert,” whatever that may mean. All I did was state facts. I am positive that is not trolling. Several moderators on this forum can attest to the fact I am here to help and find answers myself.

All I indicated was this may not help you if you’re already getting sufficient amounts of protein, so do not expect a miracle.


I had way better libido with 23% BF, now i’m at 12%. I got slowly worse during my diet. Doesnt surprise me at all, cause calorie deficits lowers DHT of course.


You can lower body fat while keeping the same amounts of calories by eating ketogenic.


Its not possible to lose fat without a calorie deficit, sorry.


Its not possible to lose fat without a calorie deficit, sorry.

You’re right. My mistake. But meat and fat fills you up and makes you not hungry much faster than carbs. So it’s easier to get a calorie deficit.


This is a good read. If y’all haven’t seen it, check it out. @Scott.H had a recovery similar to mine a few months back. This is further proof in my opinion that proteins (or amino acids), are directly related to our problems.


How does the above study tie together your theory as to what causes or induces problems in people who took finasteride?


Copying and pasting my post from the other thread to here (explaning how the study ties together):

" I haven’t seen this particular article get posted before but find it’s quite revealing -

Particularly the following passages:
In rat models of these conditions, FIN has been shown to block the effects of dopamine receptors in the nucleus accumbens (NAcc), a key terminal of the dopamine mesolimbic system.

And the effects of how FIN changed the following proteins:
Two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) analysis coupled to mass spectrometry revealed significant changes in the expression of nine proteins (CRMP2, PSMD1, STX18, KCNC3, CYP255, GABRP, GABT, PRPS1, CYP2B3),

In researching the above list of proteins ^, these are specifically related to brain growth and axon formation in different, very specific areas of the brain.

If I’m reading this correctly, FIN actually alters the expression of proteins that are specific building blocks of the brain. You can see which aspects of the brain these proteins affect by quickly searching them. I was skeptical about @alteredlife amino acid protocol, but maybe if we give our bodies high levels of essential and non-essential amino acids (ie. proteins), this could help replace the proteins who expression has been altered ? Really need a biology whiz to step in here and see if there’s further exploration needed wit these proteins specifically.

Furthermore, they alter the receptors of the nucleus accumbens (NAcc), which according to Wikipedia: “ As a whole, the nucleus accumbens has a significant role in the cognitive processing of motivation, aversion, reward (i.e., incentive salience, pleasure, and positive re-enforcement), and reinforcement learning (e.g., Pavlovian-instrumental transfer). In addition, part of the nucleus accumbens core is centrally involved in the induction of slow-wave sleep. The nucleus accumbens plays a lesser role in processing fear (a form of aversion), impulsivity, and the placebo effect.

This largely reads as a list of all our mental sides (lack of pleasure, motivation, anhedonia, loss of deep-wave sleep/insomnia), and as we know, dopamine and the pleasure centers could have some pretty big implications for libido and our sexual sides as well.

I’m wondering if we increase out dopamine levels, if this might help reset the receptor. I know whenever my dopamine levels are high, my sides completely dissapear and my libido comes back in full force."


Any thoughts on which aminos will directly impact the messed up proteins?


That lies the question. Anyone know how we can supplement these specific proteins?


If I’m reading this correctly, these proteins listed are actually genes. When you look them up individually, they’re gene expressions. As I was reading on a couple of them, it was talking about the folding of proteins. This caught my attention. When I got my amino acid plasma panel done, there was one thing that I was low on. It is Ethanolamine which is not a protein in itself. But, when I looked it up, it talked about that it was involved in the folding of proteins. Maybe that’s just a coincidence, but quite interesting non the less. I’ve reached out to several doctors about this Ethanolamine and can’t get a strait answer on it.


I am personally so happy to hear about your improvements, it’s amazing to hear about someone doing so well.

I don’t know if you’re a man of science or not but from what I’ve read from a few people on here and had subsequently explained, it’s very easy to misunderderstand how things interact and even the meaning of particular scientific terms.

If you think you’re approaching the limit of your ability to understand the processes you’re looking at and think that you’re really onto something, perhaps paying for a scientist (not a doctor) to look at this stuff would be beneficial?

It would take a lot of the guess work and experimentation out of things and maybe reduce the risk that some people have put themselves at.

I don’t mean that in any way to cast aspersions on your abilities. What do you think?


I’ve admitted from the start that I’m not a smart man. I spent two months experimenting and researching before I disclosed what I was doing. I would have taken longer and done a lot more research, but I was reading so many articles on here where people were threatening to commit suicide that I didn’t feel I could keep waiting.

I have reached out to a doctor that specializes in amino acids and I’m hoping he can help in some way. At the same time, people on here are getting on board in helping research and taking acids themselves. And the good thing is that amino acids are the building blocks of our bodies. We need them anyway so as long as people are not taking too much, it shouldn’t hurt them.

Thanks for your input. I’ll say what I’ve been saying, I hope this helps everybody.



I`m still on a zero carb, high fat high protein diet.

I now take coconut oil 2 tbsp and 11000ui of vitamin D at lunch and I take half of RDI of magnesium in the afternoon (so I can urinate the extra if any) as well as a 0 carb protein shake that containd 6gr of glutamine, some Glycine, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine as well as 8 gr. of BCAAs. All of those helps the insomnia, the brain fod, as well as the groin-brain connection. Plus it s made to grow muscle and with the weight lifting I m doing, it does that well.
I decided to move the zinc at dinner, 50mg, as it is uneasy on the stomach unless you buy it in food state.

Before bed, I take coconut oil, 2 tbsp, 1 piece of 99% dark chocolate, some small qty of magnesium (like 100mg) and a small protein shake with just water and 2 scoops of powder. I still take sleeping pills.
I `m juicing green stuff like cabbage, spinach, kale, celery, and I drink it both during the afternoon and before sleep. It feels good after drinking those. Cabbage juice seems to help with sleep.

As a result, sleep has greatly improved. I wake up 4-6 times, very drowsy and goes right back to sleep. Im rested during daytime. Before, even with the sleeping pills, I would wake up after 3 hours, and then be in a dreaming zombie state where I would wake up 30-50 times with slight dreams in between and no rest at all. I still have the lack of pleasure and motivation, emotional dullness, but I haven t received all the aminos I`m counting on testing on myself. Most of them are for the neurological symptoms and are revolving around the GABA (A) and Dopamine receptors, the creation of the calming neurosteroids and the decrease of cortisol.

I will work out specific doses and timing for the aminos, and post my results. I will study more about the nucleus accumbens. I did study biology and chemistry in college, as well as some neurology and although Im not a scientist by any stretch of the imagination, at least Im able to understand the vocabulary and sentences of scientific texts.

Alteredlife, it was a flash of genious on your part to think of looking into both essentail and non-essential amino acids. Some non-essentials may have become essentials to us, if we can`t produce them anymore.

Together guys, we can find all the solutions. We are motivated, we have time, we work for free and we are ready to use ourselves as test subjects.with no fear of lawsuits.


Here are some of my incomplete research:

PFS and Amino Acids

Here are all different amino acide remedies I found from different sources:

GABA (100mg-3gr) Before sleep
Glycine (1,2,3 or 5gr.) Before sleep

5-HTP (50-200mg) Twice Daytime
L-Theamine (200 mg) Before sleep

GABA (100-250-750mg) Before sleep
Glutamine (5-10 gr.) Before sleep
L-Theamine (200 mg) Before sleep
Glycine (1,2,3 or 5gr.) Before sleep
Tryptophan (500mg-1gr) Before sleep , up to 3 X a day

DLPA (500-1000mg) At Dinner or before exercise.
(DL-Phenylalanine) DPA is calming, LPA is energizing. Take accordingly.
Tryptophan (500mg-1gr) Before sleep , up to 3 X a day
Tyrosine (500-1000mg) Daytime, before exercise
Glutamine (5-10 gr.) Before sleep

Glycine (1,2,3 or 5gr.) Before sleep

Glutamine (5-10 gr.) Before sleep
Ornithine (1-5gr) Before sleep, Removes Amonia which prevents sleep, makes Citruline
Arginine (1gr) Before sleep, makes Growth Hormone.

DLPA (500-1000mg) At Dinner
Tyrosine (500-1000mg) Daytime, before exercise
Glutamine (5-10 gr.) Before sleep
GABA (100-250-750mg) Before sleep
L-Theamine (200 mg) Before sleep
Tryptophan (500mg-1gr) Before sleep , up to 3 X a day
5-HTP (50-200mg) Twice Daytime

As you can see, there are lots of commonality between those remedies.

Other vitamins and minerals to be used in conjunction with the aminos:

D-3 (10000 ui) Daytime
Zinc Food State (12 mg) Before sleep
Zinc Gluconate (50mg) At Dinner, in the absence of Food State Zinc.
B-6 Food state (5-10 mg) Before sleep with Zinc
B-6, regular At Dinner in the absence of Food State B6
B12 (1000-5000mcg) Before sleep, under the tongue
Methylcobalamin B-12
Magnesium (250-500mg) At Dinner
Omega-3 Oils At Dinner

Summary of what I`ll try:


Gaba (100mg-3gr) (can be too much. Try 100-250mg)
Glycine (1000 mg) (2-3gr) Before Sleep
L-Theanine (200mg) at night or when stressed
Glutamine (5-10 gr.) Before sleep
Tryptophan (500-1000mg) Before sleep , up to 3 X a day
DLPA (500-1000mg) DPA is calming, LPA is energizing
L-Arginine (1000mg) before sleep (for growth hormone)
Ornithine (1-5gr) Before sleep, Convert Amonia into citruline, create Nitric oxide for erections.
Taurine (500mg) before sleep. Stimulate the GABA (A) receptor in absence of allopregnanolone.

5-HTP (50-200mg) Twice a day, starts slowly. Can be energizing. Can switch to Tryptophan or take before exercise
Tyrosine (500-1000mg) Daytime, before exercise. Clear Brain fog. Important one
DLPA (500-1000mg) LPA Stimulates, DPA calms
Pregnanolone (5 to 25mg) before exercise
L-DOPA Stimulant, feels good, boost sex drive,

I will also try all vitamins and minerals. Now Im not going to try all of that all at once. If I did it may make me sick and I wouldnt know what works and what doesnt. Ill do it little by little and see what works best. I`ll keep you posted.

I crashed 5 and a half months ago. 4 months ago, I thought I would have to stop working, driving and move out of the house where my children live to get some peace and try and heal myself. I could barely walk, stand up, speak or think clear. I couldnt sleep either and I had all kinds of other symptoms like headaches and stomach burn (acid reflux). Now Im 95% symptom free. I still have emotional dullness and lack of motivation (but no brain fog or speech slur), as well as lower than normal sex drive, but I can live with that for now.

Some tips I found:
• When you are feeling anxious, stressed or tense, take GABA, tryptophan, 5-HTP or taurine.
• When you have low energy, or feel apathetic, take tyrosine.
• When you are having difficulty concentrating or you have memory problems or feel mentally ‘fuzzy’, take tyrosine.
• When you are feeling hypersensitive to noise, lights, touch or pain, take DL-phenylalanine (this is a combination of D- and L- phenylalanine).
• When you are having trouble sleeping, take tryptophan or 5-HTP, GABA, and/or taurine.
• When you are irritable, take tryptophan or 5-HTP.
• To offset cravings, take glutamine or GABA.
• When you are depressed and apathetic, take tyrosine. When depressed, tense and agitated, take 5-HTP or tryptophan.


Thanks for taking the time to write this up and sharing Ozeph