My regimen, and it's working



@Ozeph what are you doing to combat the acid reflux?


that was simple although not easy: I totally cut the carbs.

I went on a ketogenic / carnivore diet, eating less than 10gr of cards a day and three days later the acid reflux, the headaches and the anxiety was gone as well as many other symptoms.

At least 60% of my symtoms went away with this diet.

2 friends tried it, they don’t suffer from pfs but one had severe acid reflux, the other was having headaches most of the time. They both got cured by cutting carbs under 40gr a day.

Fresh cabbage juice before going to bed will help with ulcers and make you sleep better.


Check the post trend on ketogenic / high fat diet


Do you guys think it maybe worth having a section on this forum where we can enter data regarding our own therapeutic trials.
When we leave these things open to discussion it quite often ends up with some bickering and an explosion of scientific data to backup our reasoning.
To me this just adds confusion and blurs everything and sometimes the conversation ends up going off track on the whole.

I’m currently trying high doses of creatine and Lglutamine along with weight training as I have seen people say that this has helped them.
It did not cure them it’s highly unlikely we are going to stumble upon a cure between us all we are looking for really is a way forward to help ourselves and each other.

Personally i have tried a multitude of things from protein powders with high bca contents.
Taking 10mg of dianabol a day to raise dht.
Right the way through to injecting test enth to raise test levels.
The problem with trying drugs is that with every action their is a reaction i.e estrogen levels creep up causing the opposite desired effect.
I have tried clomid tamoxifin even hcg once a long time ago.
All this is downright dangerous on the whole i wouldn’t advise anyone to try the drugs route ive only mentioned this as an example of what I have tried but trust me i have seen people on this forum try worse things and far more dangerous things too.
My trials upto this point have been pointless in helping me with my sexual issues im still stuck in the same using viagra.
If we could list therapeutic trials in a straight forward form that allowed people to try them and then come back and grade them in several areas we may see a clearer picture as to what really helps.
Obviously self prescribed drugs have to be banned from these trials as very few of us have the medical backup or knowledge to administer safely and monitor bloodwork to help us stay safe.
But if someone does have the medical assistance in trying these drugs maybe then they Could list the trial and details of the outcome.
This way we may get a clearer picture as to what really helps.

Also a section regarding personal relationships would be a helpful thing as this would give everyone a place to talk about how this is all affecting their personal lives.


Hi there Baz

I would think that the current structure of the forum should allow for what you are suggesting:

If you create a thread under the relevant subsection and as long as you are the author of the thread you set the parameters. I would think that there should be no reason not to do what you suggest e.g. I am going to trial xyz and use this thread to document my results. Is this the kind of thing you mean? Any contributors going off topic could be reminded of such.

I would think the same would apply to a general relationships thread in the General section.


Thanks @ozeph for the quick response. I guess I’m going keto and getting on @alteredlife aminos lol.
If it helps with brain fog and digestive issues I’ll be happy.


I`m all in. Definitely.

I think we can heal ourselves without using drugs, just with diet, exercise and supplements (and time)

Im on a ketogenic / carnivore diet and that took care of most of the symptoms. 4 months ago I could barely walk and last week I swam 1250 meters without a break. Im doing weight lifting as well and I`m on different amino acids.

4 months ago I had anxiety to die for (I thought of killing myself many times). Since that diet, no more anxiety.

It`s not the same for everyone, but for the sexual symptoms, you want to work on your GABA (A) and Dopamine receptors. There are amino acids for all of that. For example, L-Arginine, L-Citruline, L-Ornithine and BCAA will take care of your erection by producing nitric oxide, and L-DOPA increase your sex drive. Talk to alteredlife about this.

And if you take Alprazolam, you can restore shrunk penises and testicules and get back the feeling down there. Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine, its addictive, its not a long term solution, but it prevent structural damage to the penis from not having an erection for a prolong period of time. (I took em for a month. I was horny as hell and needed sex once or twice a day. It stopped when I stopped using them)

Let`s share our trials and error. As I said earlier, We are motivated, we have time, we work for free and we are ready to use ourselves as test subjects.with no fear of lawsuits.

I suggest to stay away from hormones and drugs, but diet, exercise and natural amino acids and supplements have more chances to do good than do harm.


Alprazolam is a drug used for anxiety how does this help to restore shrunken penis and testicles enhance sensation and prevent structural damage to the penis ?
I’m not scientific by any means but i really don’t understand how a drug prescribed for anxiety can help with all of these physical / sexual problems .
Is it a side effect of the drug ?


Because Alprazolam acts on the GABA (A) receptors, which are mainly regulated by allopregnanolone, which is normally transformed from progesterone by the 5 alpha reductase. Of all the neurosteroids, allopregnanolone gets hit the most by finasteride, meaning no GABA (A) regulation…

Quote: “Why are the mental effects (anxiety, memory loss, poor stress tolerance) of finasteride or any 5 alpha reductase inhibitor so severe? Well, there is a significant amount of 5AR expression in the brain and it fits in line with anything that disrupts that function like finasteride which absolutely destroys allopreg in the brain along with MANY other neurosteroid/steroids in the body besides just shutting down the conversion of DHT only. It was hard to find this study especially on male humans, but the results are pretty astounding”

“This is only after 5 months, also keep in mind that the study notes 5mg of finasteride, but 1mg vs 5mg are pretty much the same in terms of 5AR inhibition in the body and brain”

“As you can see, anything with a negative (-) number is taking a hit- allopreg being the absolute worse. So much for just being DHT only.”

Link to the article:

From another article:

Quote: “Alprazolam or Bromazepam - ​​If you have stopped finasteride recently, and feel that your metabolism is in a state of chronic anxiety (insomnia, poor sleep, panic attacks, irritability, mood swings, extreme anxiety, restlessness, difficult concentration - a set of symptoms known as post-finasteride crash), the use of one of these medications can help. Finasteride blocks the conversion of progesterone to allopregnanolone, which has a calming effect in the brain. Allopregnanolone acts by modulating a neurotransmitter called GABA-A. Therefore, the use of finasteride can affect the level of GABA-A in brain. Since these drugs act on GABA replacement, they are beneficial to these patients. Furthermore, by acting on the anxiety and improving sleep quality, the use of one of these drugs will help reverse another problem common in some men with Post-Finasteride Syndrome. Many complain their penises display a much smaller size and more rigid consistency when flacid than before finasteride (known as shrinkage in Propeciahelp forum). It is a dramatic change and usually patients who are in this state after finasteride usage also present lack of nocturnal erections and smaller erections. It is important to break this cycle, because if a man is not having nocturnal erections for a long time, this can lead to structure problems in the penis. When one of these medication is used to treat the post-finasteride crash, penis returns to normal size and consistency when flacid. The quality of sleep is restored, so this will also favour the reestablishment of normal nocturnal erections. It is really important to stop the crash symptoms and these medications work well in the matter.
It should be used for a short period (few months) and only if necessary, under the supervision of a psychiatrist. The withdrawal has to be gradual.”

Link to the article:

It says “by acting on the anxiety and improving sleep quality” it helps with shrinkage. I don’t think that’s the reason. I’ve switched from Alprazolam to Rivotril, both benzodiazepine, and while on Alprazolam I was always horny, had rock hard erections and strong orgasms, once I switched to another benzodiazepine I lost my sex drive, started having erection problems and had a loss of sensitivity to the point of not being able to come at all.
I sleep good and does not have anxiety anymore, thanks to the diet and supplements, so their explanation as to Alprazolam fixing sexual symptoms by acting on anxiety and improving sleep quality doesn’t stand. It has something to do with Alprazolam’s action on the GABA (A) receptors.

L-Taurine also regulates the GABA (A) receptors. It’s in the list of things that can relieve anxiety and make you sleep better. GABA suplements should help when taken with Taurine, and L-Dopa will increase sex drive.

L-Arginine, L-Citrine and L-Ornithine will help with erections by both reducing amonia levels, which creates insomnia and erectile dysfonction, and boost nitric oxide, which enhances erections. L-Valine will increase sensitivity to the penis.


as Scott.H mentions: Quote: “FIN has been shown to block the effects of dopamine receptors in the nucleus accumbens (NAcc), a key terminal of the dopamine mesolimbic system”

Quote again: " As a whole, the nucleus accumbens has a significant role in the cognitive processing of motivation, aversion, reward (i.e., incentive salience, pleasure, and positive re-enforcement), and reinforcement learning (e.g., Pavlovian-instrumental transfer). In addition, part of the nucleus accumbens core is centrally involved in the induction of slow-wave sleep. The nucleus accumbens plays a lesser role in processing fear (a form of aversion), impulsivity, and the placebo effect. ”

“This largely reads as a list of all our mental sides (lack of pleasure, motivation, anhedonia, loss of deep-wave sleep/insomnia), and as we know, dopamine and the pleasure centers could have some pretty big implications for libido and our sexual sides as well.”

On my side, I found articles mentioning that L-DOPA amino acid supplements would be stimulant, make you feel good and boost sex drive. I found that the nucleus accumbens also plays a role GABAergic neurons and the whole GABA pathway.

But how to make GABA and L-DOPA suplements effective if the GABA and dopamine receptors are non-responsive ?

I will study more about the nucleus accumbens and what regulates it.

Something doesn’t add up. Some guys have taken only 3mg of finasteride over 3 days, then stopped, were well for 3 weeks and then crashed with the worst symptoms ever. I have taken almost 7000mg of finasteride over a course of 15 years, then stopped, felt fine for a month and then crashed with lesser symptoms then them.

Some scientists have said there could be brain damage. But how could brain damage manifest itself 3 weeks after taking only 3 pills ? What’s the deal ? The brain damage comes from not having the pills ? If the damage is caused by the pill, than why is the brain better after stopping, works normally for 3 weeks and crashes long after finasteride is out of the body (It has a half life of 4.7 to 7.1 hours and 3 pills would not cause accumulation).

That can’t be it. Finasteride blocks just a handful of conversions in the body. However, by blocking those, it stops a huge chain of conversions from occurring. Many conversion mechanism were not directly affected by finasteride. They’re still working fine. But if they lack their precursor ingredients to work with, they don’t work. and the next conversion won’t occur either.
Now there are a certain reserve of those precursor in the boby, and it would take some time for them to be exhausted. Maybe that’s why it takes 3-4 weeks to crash. That when specific chains of transformations come to a halt.

In Wikipedia, under the Neurochemistry of the nucleus accumbens, it says “Dopamine is released into the nucleus accumbens following exposure to rewarding stimuli” I Think L-Dopa supplement can help here.

More quote from Wikipedia: “Phenethylamine and tyramine are trace amines which are synthesized in neurons that express the aromatic amino acid hydroxylase (AADC) enzyme, which includes all dopaminergic neurons.[39] Both compounds function as dopaminergic neuromodulators which regulate the reuptake and release of dopamine.” Those two are synthesized by L-Phenylalanine and L-Tyrosine. I think those supplements can help.

Quote: “Glucocorticoid receptors are the only corticosteroid receptors in the nucleus accumbens shell. L-DOPA, steroids, and specifically glucocorticoids are currently known to be the only known endogenous compounds that can induce psychotic problems, so understanding the hormonal control over dopaminergic projections with regards to glucocorticoid receptors could lead to new treatments for psychotic symptoms. A recent study demonstrated that suppression of the glucocorticoid receptors led to a decrease in the release of dopamine, which may lead to future research involving anti-glucocorticoid drugs to potentially relieve psychotic symptoms.”. Cortisol (the stress hormone) is elevated in pfs sufferers. I noticed a relationship between sugar and anxiety, which led me to a 0 carb diet (actually less than 10gr. a day but who cares). Cortisol plays a major role in glucose production.

Cortisol is offset and balanced by DHEA (which is also a supplement on my list of aminos to be taken) DHEA (50mg 30 minutes before meal in the daytime) decreases Cortisol, improves brain function, stimulate testosterone and estrogen, decreases anxiety, depression and insomnia, increases sex drive. To be taken with an anti-oxydant to reduce the risk of liver damage (spinach juice would do fine) and maybe and anti-aromatase to counter the estrogen like Diindolylmethane (DIM) suplement, (or mix your spinach juice with cabbage juice. It contains DIM)

Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone is also an anti-anxiety normally produced by the brain from progesterone, and fin blocks this transformation. Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone is part of the Glucocorticoids chain of transformation. L-Glutamine may helps in kick starting this chain of transformation.

Sorry for thinking out loud guys. I’m trying to figure out this puzzle and I can now see why alteredlife amino acid supplementation is having a positive effect.


You’re right, let’s make that separate thread for our own therapeutic trials without the scientific gibberish in there.


Scott.H and alteredlife, we need to create a thread for our “scientific” research.

You both gave me leads I followed and found answers with. I’m grateful to you both.

We need to keep up researching what’s happening in us and what could be done to fix it. This is not interesting to everyone, so a separate thread with trials and results can be useful for those who just wants the results and wouldn’t bother understanding why (I’m like that too by the way. If someone just gave me a recipe and told me “do that and it works” I wouldn’t bother researching why, although I admit I’m enjoying learning about those things, now that I have to)

I’m new to this forum. Does anyone of you knows how to create a new thread ?


@axolotl would you mind splitting this thread starting with @Ozeph’s post?


Hey @Pete1989, I don’t think splitting it is necessary as the topic seems to be mainly sharing lifestyle and alternative health articles with speculation in regards to these supplements based on the OP’s positive experience, so there’s no point breaking it off into another that’s the same.

It would seem more sensible to do one of the following: make a thread for therapeutic attempts you are trying to gather experiences with specifically and note in the original post that you’d prefer people stuck to recording their outcomes. @scotsman addressed this well and this would achieve what @Baz44uk is looking for. Alternatively, each of you interested in trialling whatever could make a member story topic describing your symptoms and then update that with personal results with various individual therapies.

It may be interesting to you guys to use the search function as to results you’re curious regarding too, as the forum has many years of recorded patient experience that includes plenty of trials and discussions of these supplements that you may like to read.


Thanks for your input. I definitely think we should start a new thread detailing trial results with regards to Ozephs post. I’d be willing to contribute as I have already ordered a bottle of Orthinine and would like to share my progress with this particular group.


Hi Pete

Sounds good !

If you want to boost the effect of L-Orthinine, take it with L-Arginine, and L-Citruline.
That will both decrease amonia (cause of insomnia and erectile dysfunction) and boost you nitric oxide for capillar dillatation, aka: a boner.

BCAA with increase sexual sensations (it’s actually 3 aminos.You may just try one of them: L-Valine).

L-DOPA and DHEA increase sex drive. And for L-DOPA to actually work on your dopamine receptors, DLPA and Tyrosine would help.

Careful with DHEA, you may want to get your blood tested first. Take only if levels are not too high already.


@Ozeph I haven’t introduce L-Ornithine yet, but here is something interesting. I just looked at my amino acid blood test and two of the ones they checked me for was high. Aspartic Acid and Ornithine. It wasn’t extremely high, but range is 27-83 umol/L and mine was 85. While I’m on it, the only other one they checked me for that was off is one called Ethanolamine, which is not an acid itself. It’s a side chain of some kind but here is what is interesting. When you read up on it, (and believe me, there is not a lot I could find on it), it said something about the assisting in folding of proteins. I reached out to an amino acid doctor for help, but all he wants to do is make an appointment with me. I’ll keep trying till I find someone that’ll listen.

As far as starting another thread for results only, I think that’s a good idea. I’ve had quite a few people pm me and say there is just too many comments to sift through. I think it would be great if we could tie it and this thread together, but whatever works.


@alteredlife, have you tried an all-in-one essential amino acid supplement like this one? What are your thoughts on that compared to what aminos you take currently?


If your Ornithine level is high, don’t take more. You may spike your aspartic acid. However, if you add L-Citruline and already take L-Arginine, you have the complete trio. They works together to decrease amonia (cause of insomnia and erectile dysfunction) and boost your nitric oxide for capillar dillatation, aka: get a boner. They also create growth hormones which will help in the healing process.

As you know, BCAA with increase sexual sensations (it’s actually L-Valine that does that, but all 3 works well to build muscle.)

L-DOPA and DHEA increase sex drive.

And for L-DOPA to actually work on your dopamine receptors, DLPA and Tyrosine would help regulate the nucleus accumbens.

I will have to research about the folding of the protein. this could be why some non-essential aminos are no longer produced. The aminos are the building blocks of proteins, and skin, muscle, hormones, neuro-conductors etc… are all made of proteins. If you don’t have the right block, you can’t make the protein.

Let’s tell each others about our findings. It really helps.


@Ozeph I would really be curious to see some of you guys go get an amino acid blood test done so we can compare results. Especially someone who hasn’t already been taking acids, so their results will be true and accurate results. Thanks for the heads up on that. I’m going to mix and match a little different now. Your knowledge on this is definitely better than mine.

@talkingant I actually wanted to experiment and try taking an all essential amino acid complex for a few weeks and then switch up and do an all non essential for a few weeks and see what the difference in results are. I would just check on the milligram dosage between what’s in this bottle verses buying the powders individually. I’m trying to take as much as possible as far as dosage without over doing it, but certainly not under doing it, but other than that it looks great.