Neural mechanisms of finasteride: a proteomic analysis in the nucleus accumbens


I haven’t seen this particular article get posted before but find it’s quite revealing -

Particularly the following passages:
In rat models of these conditions, FIN has been shown to block the effects of dopamine receptors in the nucleus accumbens (NAcc), a key terminal of the dopamine mesolimbic system.

And the effects of how FIN changed the following proteins:
Two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) analysis coupled to mass spectrometry revealed significant changes in the expression of nine proteins (CRMP2, PSMD1, STX18, KCNC3, CYP255, GABRP, GABT, PRPS1, CYP2B3),

In researching the above list of proteins ^, these are specifically related to brain growth and axon formation in different, very specific areas of the brain.

If I’m reading this correctly, FIN actually alters the expression of proteins that are specific building blocks of the brain. You can see which aspects of the brain these proteins affect by quickly searching them. I was skeptical about @alteredlife amino acid protocol, but maybe if we give our bodies high levels of essential and non-essential amino acids (ie. proteins), this could help replace the proteins who expression has been altered? Really need a biology whiz to step in here and see if there’s further exploration needed wit these proteins specifically.

Furthermore, they alter the receptors of the nucleus accumbens (NAcc), which according to Wikipedia: “As a whole, the nucleus accumbens has a significant role in the cognitive processing of motivation, aversion, reward (i.e., incentive salience, pleasure, and positive re-enforcement), and reinforcement learning (e.g., Pavlovian-instrumental transfer). In addition, part of the nucleus accumbens core is centrally involved in the induction of slow-wave sleep. The nucleus accumbens plays a lesser role in processing fear (a form of aversion), impulsivity, and the placebo effect.

This largely reads as a list of all our mental sides (lack of pleasure, motivation, anhedonia, loss of deep-wave sleep/insomnia), and as we know, dopamine and the pleasure centers could have some pretty big implications for libido and our sexual sides as well.

I’m wondering if we increase out dopamine levels, if this might help reset the receptor. I know whenever my dopamine levels are high, my sides completely dissapear and my libido comes back in full force.

My regimen, and it's working

Can you take adderall to do this? I know many people have tried this with little success


@Scott.H, That article makes more sense than anything I have ever read before concerning PFS. When you look these proteins up individually, that are actually genes. It would therefore make sense that if some or all of those particular genes are somehow altered, that our bodies would not be synthesizing amino acids properly. It looks as if there are some listed that may be closely related to GABA. I haven’t taken this one yet but it is on my to get list. I will be trying it out. Thanks for posting Scott.

@Mcbbould I’ve taken Adderall before, it didn’t fix anything. The good thing is I believe this is another positive step in at least figuring out what’s wrong. In my opinion though, they already know what’s wrong. They are just trying to figure out how to market it so they can make more money off of us.


They already know what’s wrong is something I suspect as well. It would explain why Baylor is taking this long to be released.


They know exactly what’s wrong if you ask me they knew that their would be casualties but you can’t blame them for releasing the drug as it has helped thousands of guys improve their lifes.
What isn’t right is is that won’t admit they knew and they did not give full details of the possible long term and permanent side effects or the true odds of these side effects.
Ive been to rave party’s where thousands and thousands of people are taking E then the unlucky one comes along pops an E and dies from it due to adverse reactions to the drug.
If people die from illegal drugs the medical world don’t mind yelling about it.