Mental Sides - Conciously "Fix" your own brain

OK guys this is what PFS does to the brain (the male brain specifically). The brain has two hemisphere’s, the left is the more “masculine” side, the right the more “feminine” side.

Imagine a man’s brain as a car that runs on diesel fuel. It is physiologically designed to run on specific neurosteroids and hormones. What PFS does is that it essentially replaces the ordinary “fuel” neuro-chemical state into a more feminine one. The depression, anxiety and sadness are more female mental states. The male brain is not made to handle these emotional states well at all. It is made to handle anger and passion, it is also a more logical side of the brain.

So PFS mentally is a male brain running on female brain chemicals thus switching us over to using more of the right hemisphere than the left; however these neurosteroids are bi-phasic… and THAT is the good news. It means they can be “altered” through proper stimulation… as shown by a few successes here. But I actually understand what is going on so I can explain it in further detail and why it is occurring and how to potentially fix it… as I have.

The way to fix it (as much as you can) is… in simple terms… “do manly things”. Yes… its really sort of that simple. But let me expand on it.

It is difficult in a depressed and anxious state of mind, but you need to FOCUS on the emotions of anger, drive, and motivation… and this is what worked for me. Go to the gym, and lift heavy weights very very hard. Beat the crap out of your body but stay focused on the exercising and focused on the next exercise you will do. Listen to “angry” music before you go to get you pumped. Focus on yourself while in the gym and keep it in your own mind that you are a “badass” motherfu*ker. Also “DO” things like study, plan projects, trips, and stay focused on these tasks.

And keep doing it, until you feel the “switch” flip. No way to tell how long it will take, it might be gradual or instantaneous and happen one day out of nowhere. For me after 3 weeks of hitting the gym very hard, and taking grad classes and such… it flipped one day. And I swear to god… I actually “felt” it happen. Sadness, pain, doubt suddenly faded. And I just felt calm logic and drive.

I wouldn’t have understood this but I have spent months now studying female/male psychology and after lots of analysis came to this conclusion. Once it flips you can get drawn back into the emotional turmoil if you let events and the world get to you too much. The harder you push yourself and focus, the harder is to get drawn into the emotional state again.


I am going to agree with you here. This is a great way to reconnect pathways in the brain. It took me longer then three weeks but exactly what you describe here is key to success.

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are you guys both recovered %100?

pls create or write a post about your recovery. what were your symptopms? how did they recovered? how long it takes? thats the reason why this forum exists guys. we are tired of horror stories… and you both know this better than everyone… pls remember the days you were searching for positive stories. pls use some emphaty…

Would love to hear how you are doing BP7667. Trying to search for hope and knowing you seemed to be one of the most serious sufferers of this hell, an update would be amazing after seeing that post.

What you’re describing are male virtues
For example:

It’s not easy to act like a man when your hormones are compromised. It helps to eat anti-estrogenic foods (like broccoli) and eat foods and exercise to boost DHT and testosterone. … -activity/ (<he’s a fellow former-pfs sufferer) … receptors/ (<he’s a fellow former-pfs sufferer)

But the main thing is to avoid feminine foods like sugar or basically anything with strong flavor that substitutes sex. This is called ‘indulgence dopamine’ and it is the enemy of ‘accomplishment dopamine’, which is what being manly is all about.

Some tips: Mulberry extract, Resveratrol and/or Grapeseed extract. And (for the biggest difference) D-Aspartic Acid and/or L-Arginine + Ornithine but only if your heart can take it with exercise, and if the increase in sex-drive doesn’t throw your balanced progress off. … -strength/

I am not recovered in any sense truly I just am in a place where I can somewhat deal with the side effects. The sexual side effects still persist regardless of my mental state. It is necessary to keep oneself aware of the emotional state PFS puts you in. For this focus is required, until we uncover how to “flip the switch” we most likely all will have PFS it is only that your body and brain can adapt to it, to a degree.

I love hearing stories of improvement. This forum continues to be a great resource for info and inspirational stories. Fin made me much more susceptible to negative thoughts, and spiraling downward within them, and I like your method for digging out of the hole.

We’re going to figure something out one of these days man. I read your darkest comments from your worst days and consider you an inspiration healed or not.

I’ve learned a lot about this disease and diseases in general. I think its painfully obvious we had an autoimmune reaction to finasteride. Body is generating auto-antibodies towards something… androgens, 5ar enzymes, the AR- something.

I’m probably worst of the worst- had CFS prior to PFS… how that happens in 2016 I don’t know man. I’m a wreck. But PFS finally led me to finding out what actually caused this CFS rather than hormones. TRT made me well and all before PFS, but I had something inside me that was killing me. The most severe mycoplasma infection my neurologist has ever seen.

With all that being said, I think we all had somewhat overactive immune systems due to some reason big or small. My case I had the most severe reaction as I had that major issue.

Xpriado came up with this idea on solvepfs and I’ve really just run with it. But he was able to link PFS to PANDAS in children. Several weeks months after a strep infection, children have an autoimmune response where an auto-antibody goes after the brain. Other diseases like this we can look at are CIDP, Guillain-Barre, NMDA receptor encephalitis. Primarily auto-antibody driven diseases.

I do think we are fixable and if we stop those autoantibodies completely we would go back to normal in time. Treatment would be IVIG, plasmapheresis, rituximab - very expensive treatment. We have not seen any other PFS guy undergo this type of treatment yet. Due to the severity of my mycoplasma infection, this treatment may be in my relatively near future.

There is still hope out there that we can find a cure. While we’ve seen the health freaks like Chi and CD overcome this autoimmune disease… there just may be a treatment for those of us who just can’t shake this off. We will see.

Lastly, I’ve learned a bit from these CFS dudes the past couple weeks. Might be something to look into… you, like myself, may have pathogens that really can’t be eliminated that are causing the autoimmune component of PFS. This guy’s plan is really just bomb on pathogens and viruses…

organichealingnaturally.blogspot … s-his.html

So some people asked me for an update if there is anything else I can add.

I will repeat I am a firm that I do not believe PFS can be entirely cured through anything we currently have out there in known science or medicine.

I have had PFS for 11 years. 7 years very badly.

In that time I have found what I believe to be several things that help. The sexual side effects really are not the most devastating ones so I will focus on the mental ones.

As I already said, basically PFS mentally and psychologically castrates us to some degree. It switches the hormone and neurology around a bit… shifting us more to the right hemisphere of the brain. Working out, adjusting your diet and taking androgen boosting supplements can help thought I honestly avoid TRT because it can exacerbate the sexual sides (loss of leydig cells and sertoli cells).

There is one thing I discovered relatively recently that has me consistently feeling nearly 100% mentally back to normal. I was sceptical about it initially as I am about pretty much everything now, but it has really helped me immensely. Using a combination of meditation and subliminal music and binaural music while in a meditative or relaxed state (while you are falling asleep works well). Doing this for 3 months has helped considerably. Using theta and delta wave music… the frequencies adjust your brain waves and stimulate neurogensis and brain cell growth. It massively speeds up your brains’ ability to reconstruct itself and probably can even alter the hormones your brain produces.

I highly recommend anyone with PFS mental sides try this. I will post a link to the YouTube videos I think help the most. Simply play the music next to your bed as you go to sleep and do it for a few weeks or months. You should immediately feel it in your brain. Increased blood flow and stimulation.

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Also I still have the sexual side effects but this music therapy has also helped considerably with that as well. Morning erections and sex drive is a bit better.

I don’t come to the forums much anymore to speculate on research since I am just living life and there is no point debating if its autoimmune or epigenetic until these studies… hopefully this year can tell us more about PFS. I still am speaking with the researchers quite often. I hope some of this stuff can help you guys. Since PFS never truly goes away you have to be aware and careful when dealing with stress in your life. Particularly in relationships and work. If you have ever been manipulated in a relationship by a woman it is sort of the same as PFS, except PFS is much stronger.

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Indeed PFS is categorized as a “possession” in traditional Chinese medicine emotionalreleaseacupuncture.wor … cal-texts/

I used this stuff when I went to a cold laser therapy/chiropractor for 12 weeks this past fall. I really enjoyed it. Gave a cool sensation. Just felt so relaxed and my body would “herx” a bit. Frequencies man- they make the body do cool things. Rife machine, cold lasers might be something you’d be interested in. RIFE is probably the most important gadget or even supplement I’ve used- have you heard of it?

Most important thing you’ve used thus far?! That’s a big claim so I’ll look into it but I never heard about it before

have you managed to get your testicle size back to normal?

No. Mental sides keep making improvements. It really does take a while. And its gradual. Sometimes I feel mentally really close to my old self. But then a day or two later seem to take a half step back… then a few more weeks I take another full step forward. Then another half step back. Overall making progress but slow. Need to measure it on a year to year basis almost. Sexual sides seem to be the most stubborn especially libido but it’s also tied in with drive and motivation. So.

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I agree with your approach. I’ve been doing it along my pfs treatment because I figured with society rejecting all that is male, it’s easy to fall into the trap and get your mind to work against your body.

So since I crashed, I’ve been forcing and promoting male behaviors and repressing females ones like complaining or feeling self pity. Instead I focus on accomplishment, confidence and having a dominant attitude. I am action rather than the passive receiver of what’s going on.

I must say it has worked wonders in both love and business. Plus I no longer suffer from lack of confidence, anxiety, depression, ahedonia, lack of motivation, procrastination and even brain fog. I am focused, confident and dynamic.

Sexual symptoms have gone away and my remaining symptom is insomnia, which I deal with with drugs and herbs. I manage to get good nights most of the time.

Good you bring that up, I appreciate. We must embrace male virtues and act upon them.


I don’t endorse any of the theory stuff that gets circulated, apart from what is written by @awor and @axolotl.

However, I will say that your mindset is a huge part of keeping your shit together. It is ultra important when you do not have post-drug syndrome. It is now part of your utmost survival to have your mindset in order now you do have post-drug syndrome.

Some quick and unstructured thoughts:
(1) Be careful with the music and content your consume. You become what you are listening to or watching. Take it easy with depressing media content, sad music, horror films, extreme heavy metal, gorey shit on the image boards. Instead, a wise idea is to jack your head full of uplifting pop music. Especially in the morning. This will jack your mood up to an extent. Don’t be a music snob - if there’s some catchy uplifting pop music, take the free mood uplifts.

(2) Whenever you get into negative thought patterns, ruminating, thinking about things that are unhelpful - flip those out of your head by pumping through a load of positive thoughts. Think back at times when you totally got what you wanted, or when you excelled in something, or when you just plain had a good time.

(3) If you are having thoughts about your reduced male status, because you are experiencing libido loss or erectile dysfunction - then instead swap those immediately with an affirmation. Something like, ‘I’m a confident, high-value male, and I will do what is right to fix this.’ Adjust as needed. Load in whatever thoughts you need. Get into the habit of immediately killing the negative thought by swapping it out with an easy affirmation.

Also, sometimes I get thoughts about the girls I could be banging but cannot because of erectile dysfunction. This results in sadness and a sense of loss. Instead, just think about the girl, then think about whatever nice shit you are having for your evening meal. Or think about a small holiday you have planned. Whatever is a pleasant thing to think about.

(4) Commit to doing a small amount every day on projects. You only need small amounts of time. Researchers found that graduates who worked on their thesis in 15 minute bursts actually completed their project faster than those doing 45 minute bursts. It’s probably because it’s easier to start work in short 15 minute bursts. The threshold is low. The friction level is low. Anyone can just start for 15 minutes.

None of this is medical advice.

Run your brain properly and let’s fix this stuff. Get people to take the survey.

You can be a hard-on machine again soon - if we work together for the good for this site.


Love that post, @pete.

I would love it if people wanted to donate fifteen minutes a day or even 15 minutes a week to helping propeciahelp. The impact would be staggering.

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Yeah. Maybe we can update a list of projects that people can rapidly give 15 minutes to.

(But - we know what the big one is, now! … Telling people to take our survey. Sign up to Accutane, SSRI and PFS websites, make accounts, and start talking about’s survey.)