Less pump and veins! Help

While weight training, i used to get a huge pump. Also my biceps used to be super veiny.

post fin i feel almost zero pump and my arms are far less veiny. The muscle seems to hang without any firmness. Anyone recovered from this?

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I guess im the only person having this symptom.

I did a search for you. Always worth taking a look at what has been said over the past ten years.

The workout pump came back to me a few days ago. I can feel the normal muscle burn now.
I’m at the 3.5 month mark.


hey brother, were you muscles loose before? I mean i can work out now, but my arms just dont fill up with blood anymore. Its very weird.

Loose as in soft?

yes, muscles are there but feel soft.

Yeah. They are still much softer than pre-fin.
I’m still trying to build them as much as i can.

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but when you work out, do you fill a burning sensation and lots of blood in the muscle?

Or is it rather feeling relaxed (no pump)

Many of us here have the same, including me. No muscle pump when training.

Yes. Now, I can feel that burning sensation. It returned a few days ago for some reason, where before, I wouldn’t feel any burn.