Lawsuit amount total

So I got my settlement amount today, I did not join class action and did not sign anything that swore me to secrecy on the amount. I won 12000 dollars and the lawyers kept 10000 of it. 2000 dollars does not really cover the 30000 plus dollars of medical bills I had, but sadly this is how the legal system works its corrupt.


Sorry to hear that, @voice. It really is another layer of awfulness how this has played out.

I’ve just seen your join date. Do you think you could write up your experiences with a member story?

Also, if you haven’t already, please take our survey. We’re already generating data from it that has never been able to be proven before. It is a big step for our cause.


I wrote a member story again but looks like it won’t let me post maybe my old member story is still on there

Thanks for writing that up, the forum only allows one story, you’re right. Since your ex existing member story doesn’t follow the template, I’ve moved it into the general discussion folder. See if you can post your member story now.

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Hi @Voice, sorry, this may be an issue - normally this is done to stop two member stories being posted (it’s important that users have one for future functionality and also to keep things in one place as much as possible per a user’s case). As I can’t see one for you, @awor will take a look at this later.

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I posted an update in my original member story

Sorry @voice, I meant to pass on that I found the member story that the forum was going to auto delete and reinstated it. You can see it here: