Kevin Mann promoting Fin on youtube

I’d like to agree with you but the average 20 year old dude is so fucking stupid he can’t discern what’s true and what’s not. I’ve been to the tressles subreddit and most of these guys shouldn’t even be allowed outside, let alone making decisions based on “medical science.”

I agree, i am sorry. It was all becoz of my stupid decision to save my outer appearence. I even knew pfs exists but still played an ignorant. If this hairloss had happened maybe at some 30, i would’ve never even cared about this fucking hair. It’s all that balding at the age of 20 that killed me to take this decision. No one is to be blamed.

Maybe i’ll make a video in future, but i live in a very conservative society and being famous for having such a disease will leave me jobless. There’s no such thing like applying for disability here like u US and europe guys do. It’s do or die for me.

That’s kind of the purpose that Kevin Mann serves. A lot of guys see a lot of evidence for PFS, they got anxious for it, and then he arrogantly dismisses or distorts all the evidence that shows PFS is real and gives men the false confidence to take the drug. It works for the vast majority of people, and then he’ll vilify and mock the small number of men that get PFS. I’m embarrassed for him and sad for the people he leads astray.

Kevin Mann’s latest BS video on FIn.

Anyone who speaks out against Fin is “fear mongering” apparently.

We need to do mass reporting of his channel. Wouldn’t atleast 100 reports stop his content? I don’t see even 100 dislikes in his videos.


I can’t watch that guy for more than two seconds. The guy is so severely autistic he can’t keep his mind off finasteride. He’s trying to pass himself off as knowledgeable neurotypical when in reality he’s an obsessed sperg spouting nonsense. What’s the weird shit he does with his eyes? Creepy as fuck. No wonder he’s a 40 year old virgin.


He is giving out medical information so his channel should at least be monitored. Hell, telling viewers not to take the covid vaccine could get you permanbanned from YouTube, shouldn’t other healthcare related claims be monitored?

I mean, who would listen to this guy anyway? Those eye movements are so strange. He rolled his eyes back into his head three times in the first 10 seconds of the video (that’s as far as I got). Must be some autistic tick he has.


My perspective on this type of content, not just from Kevin Mann but also dermatologists, is our community, unfortunately, needs to accept that it will remain until we advance important research and our own awareness efforts. We are still in a position where these bad actors can completely dismiss our condition.

So where can we spend our energy instead?

1. Complete the patient survey. This is such a simple action and only takes 1-2 hours to complete. It helps build a complete symptom profile of our condition, which is extremely important for advancing research and clinical appreciation. Check this video for how to, if you haven’t already.
2. Participate in the upcoming video podcast, or if you prefer to remain anonymous, ask a family member. We need our content to drown out their content. Currently, our message can easily be dismissed. But by creating content like the video podcast that humanises our disease, these other voices start to become muted. It’s telling that our patient compilation series now has over 1.7k views, a 95.3% like vs dislike ratio, and importantly, no negative or troll comments. If anyone were to comment negatively, they would look like a complete dick and they know it. What is also heartening are the comments across our videos from people who were considering finasteride, who said they will now not take the drug. That’s another small victory. We already have six guests lined up, including two brave patients, family members, and a clinician, but reach out to me via PM if you are willing to speak publicly, as we will begin in April.
3. Ask a family member or loved one to contribute to our new Family Advocacy Group. Families and loved ones can be a chorus of helpful support for any disease community, particularly one which is as stigmatised as ours. They can help with advocacy, awareness and fundraising for important research. We’ve recently started one and had only one volunteer from the community outside the moderator group. We have four other volunteers already, but we need more! Imagine an army of Mums and Sisters amplifying our message and advancing our cause!
4. Think about an amount you could set aside for possible upcoming research. We have been working diligently over the past two years to identify the most suitable research, and researchers, to investigate our condition, and recently made a post about a study we’re hopeful will go ahead later this year.

All of these things are a great investment of time, and in my opinion, far better than trying to take down Kevin Mann.


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YouTube channel deleted.


How?? When did this happen? Such a good news.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe he crashed on Fin :grin:


He voluntarily shut the channel down. Seems that he likes to attack others but when it comes back to him, he runs away. He wrote a long explanation about it somewhere but I won’t link to him. It was basically a long, boring, pity party for himself. It had to do with his sleazy past that is coming out now that he became a minor internet celebrity. His incel followers are panicking over this but if he cared about them, he would never have shut the channel down.

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I think I read somewhere that he was abused by his brother, started abusing stimulants in a dark period of his life, saying a bunch of toxic things on online forums as a troll, and then it seems like he took his pain out on the PFS community.

He’s gone now, which is a positive, and although it was unfair to him that he was dealt such a bad hand in life, it seems that is why he was more widely toxic. It’s a really slow process but as more time goes on, more and more unindoctrinated people in the medical community will become aware of this condition.




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Reviving this thread bc ppl need to see what a characterless person Kevin Mann is and expose the lies and misinformation that he’s spreading…

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He easily caves in to pressure. Doesn’t like the heat. I don’t follow this weirdo; last I checked his videos get something like 5000 views and many of those are repeat viewers just commenting.

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