Kevin Mann promoting Fin on youtube

Check out this comment he left on @douglasmich video, this guy has no respect at all for leaving this comment on someones video that has commit suicide. Not to mention he’s 40 years old which is outrageous to think a man of that age would be leaving comments like this, it’s disturbing to say the least.


If you can help it, it’s better to ignore him because focusing on him will just make you feel bad and won’t change him at all.

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We cannot ignore him. How shall i ignore a person who had so much positive influence on me regarding finasteride being a 21 year old? This guy is too damn dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. He has a massive following among young guys from 16 to 24, he’s destroying young lives. I don’t care whether he’s mental or not, the fact is he does have a massive influence for a bad thing.


Better to spend your life trying to improve things rather than fighting someone who won’t publicly accept anything you have to say, you’ll never get any satisfaction from engaging with him. He’s not going to stop.

Post drug patients should focus energy on pushing for recognition and real change, not arguing with niche Internet personalities. We have bigger fish to fry.

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“muh peer-reviewed studies”

I agree with u, but the reason why so many people end up being “post drug patient” is becoz of people like these. Even when my derm wrote me this shit, i decided to take opinions from youtube and google, i didn’t find any sources regarding the disabling side effects this drug has, some articles were regarding sexual side effects but that too were claimed as placebo. A written statement on pfs have zero influence on a young mind, while someone who claims to have taken fin for 12 years without any side effects would obviously have much more influence. Many young guys look into internet to check whether Fin is safe or not and when we get to see that almost 95% people in internet claim positive things about a drug, it must be safe. It’s all about mind games. I know we cannot fight them but u can imagine how dangerous it is, making of new pfs patients everyday.

I agree, science is the only thing that can shut these mouths. I am always willing to donate if some research on receptors happen.


You’re somewhat putting words into my mouth. I think we’re a way off being able to do the science part.

At this point proving the existence of the condition to the world is of greater importance.

The research you’re amenable to donating to won’t happen before more people prove the existence of the condition.

As I’ve written about many times now, the amount of money we can expect to need is likely more than we can crowd fund* and so we probably need to get government funding for research. Getting recognition is of far, far, greater importance than pleding $100, $1000 or even $10,000 dollars.

*unless I’m addressing Elon Musk. In which case, dm me, we can get it worked out.


Watched some of his videos recently out of interest and he’s got a legit cult following, it’s creepy but really sad at the same time, I feel sorry for those who have been sucked into his agenda.

Hi guys,

This youtuber has contacted us about abuse posted in this thread, and although most of it seems to simply be repeating allegations from an unrelated website, repeating the claims here constitutes abuse as defined in our community guidelines. It is not really relevant to anything being discussed. A number of comments in this thread have been removed or moderated. Please refresh yourself of what is required per the guidelines when posting.

I understand this person’s opinions can get under your skin, given it is denial of our adverse effects, but defamatory content and abuse is not permitted on this forum. If this thread is to remain open, please remain on topic regarding the specific content and do not simply engage in ad hominem comments. This is not productive for any of us.

We have a big announcement tomorrow, so please save your energy for something far more productive :slight_smile:



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This is information he himself disclosed to the world by posting it online.


Don’t let anyone dissuade you, target those who you feel harmed you. The worst thing would be to sit around and do nothing – and that’s what the majority of people are doing.

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I doubt that but potential legal repercussions aside, our PR is fragile so we really need to police our own community. It’s a bad look to be harassing your critics, even if they are loathsome people.


I disagree. People like this weirdo need to be taken to task, their claims shouldn’t go unchallenged.


I dunno, someone who profits from calling PFS victims liars, loons, and ambulance chasers - not to mention disrespecting a young man who KILLED HIMSELF shouldn’t really be surprised when they share some dirt about him…and there seems to be a lot


Go ahead and challenge his claims, but don’t actually harass him or share rumors from dubious sources like Encyclopedia Dramatica. We only have one chance to make a first impression on anyone that visits his comment section for the first time, and if we’re acting like spazzes and making things personal, then that will feed into the narrative about us being emotionally unstable and whatnot. Since we have such a small online presence, there is a burden on us to be chill and civil. That burden is very unfair, but it is still very real.

If he personally fucked you over, I understand that you’d be very mad and want to get back at him. I had a few people like this myself and was able to do it in a variety of ways that took years. But keep in mind, that if you do want to get back at him, just yelling at him directly will be counterproductive and you have to be smarter about how you want to have influence over him.

I wen’t on his comment section, posted link of how finasteride effects neurosteroids, he blocked me permanantly. Now tell me how to warn those young followers?

If this is “Kevin Mann”, that contacted you about abuse coming from this forum, I strongly suggest you don’t give in to his request. The hateful speech he has spewed at the behest of this community is nearly criminal IMO. It is true that there isn’t much we can do about him right now, but I certainly wouldn’t kowtow to his demands.


Those are his words he wrote himself on the T-Nation forum.

His claims have been debunked ad infinitum. Here’s a thorough debunking, stock post to many claims he and others like him make: Best I can do is spread the real information.


Make your own video, arguing with people in the comment section of an echo chamber is pointless. Frankly, there’s more than enough info out there warning people already. People who choose to ignore it and listen to charlatans like him, well, they’ve made their choice. Half the people on these threads/forums/sites knee-jerk response is to insult and tell people to fuck off anyway, so why engage?