Kevin Mann promoting Fin on youtube

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I took fin 20 years. I thought it was the safe drug it was promised to be. I slowly started developing symptoms after 15 years: Increasing insomnia, digestive problem, mood swings, anxiety, headaches. The worst was insomnia.

The last year, I knew something was poisoning me but I couldn’t find what it was. I tried detox, stopped some supplements and even had a root canal tooth extracted as I thought maybe it was having a dead tooth in my mouth causing the problem.

Then one day I googled “finasteride and insomnia”. I was horrified with what I found. I stopped finasteride immediately. The next 5 weeks, all symptoms became better. I sincerely though I had dodged the bullet and nothing bad would happen. After all, I had taken it for 20 years and only got bad at the end.

I didn’t read much about post finasteride syndrome though. I didn’t know I could get better after stopping and then crash later on. They say 3-5 weeks. Well, week number 5 it caught me completely off guard.

Within a week, insomnia became total. I just couldn’t sleep at all, not even a little. Couldn’t nap either although I was so tired. I had anxiety so severe, I could barely take it and I though if it lasted more than a week, I would kill myself. Doctors gave me anxyolitic drug so I’m still here to make this post. At some point I couldn’t walk and could barely talk. Brain fog was really heavy and simple tasks were beyond me. The list goes on. All my symptoms were on the list of post finasteride symptoms when I entered my data on this forum. I didn’t have all of them though.

I have since compiled a thread with all the recovery stories and 6 weeks after crashing started a regimen that included the common elements of those who seemed to have recovered. I’ve been following this regimen since and I’m much better, but the disease is still lurking.

So let me tell you, this disease exists. Just like I’ve never been in a car crash, cars do kill people.
You want to take fin, that’s your choice. Even though I know cars kill people, I’m still driving. But I don’t deny cars kill people. Some guys took a single pill and had their life destroyed; worst than what I had.

Most people will not get sick by taking fin, although I have no statistics on this. But just like saying cars don’t ever kill people is wrong, saying fin don’t ever make anyone sick is wrong. We should just be honest and people should know exactly the risk involved when taking this drug. You’ll agree transportation is more vital than having hair, there’s no rational arguments that could conclude otherwise.

As for hair, even though I managed to keep mine, I decided to shave my head and I’m bald. I’m adhering to stoicism and I decided to face what I was trying to avoid. I have since had 2 girlfriends that looked like models, I’m a CEO and have multiple companies. I remarried and had a third boy with my new wife.
Being bald is a sign of masculinity: Pitbull, Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson, Jason Statham, I could go on. Being bald is a sign of high testosterone which is an attribute of alpha males.
But of course, if you feel insecure about it, than it won’t get you there.

You should also know that the damage done by fin to those who get sick from it is epigenetic in nature and can be transmitted to their offspring, although to a lesser extend. My second son had to be treated for hypogonadism. I myself always had testosterone and DHT through the roof, so he didn’t get it from my original DNA.

I don’t actually think you will read this but it doesn’t matter. Others will and most of all, I said what I had to say. I have no grudge against you but I believe what we do comes back to us. I hope you’re not misleading people into believing finasteride is a 100% safe. There’s a risk involved and people should know the facts before making their choice. Had I known the risks, I’m not sure what decision I would have taken. I was young and felt insecure at the time. Maybe I would have taken the risk believing it would have made my life better but it’s all in the head. Being bald attracts women just the same or even better, if you have the confidence to back it up. Same goes with interacting with other men.

I wish you the best of luck with what you’re trying to accomplish.

God speed.


You should unblock him. I could show him the physical damage at least in my detailed report from Dr. Goldstein. Can’t deny numb genitals as well as Goldstein’s admission that he has seen this much from SSRIs.


Finasteride has side effects while taking it even if you took it for a long time. My experience has been the longer I took it (20 years), the most side effects I had.
In the last years taking it, aside from insomnia, I had increasing anxiety and lower confidence.

What you’re describing in him is similar to some of pfs symptoms. It’s sad, but if he stops, he might crash a few weeks later.
On the other hand, if he does, he has the platform to warn others about it and he might save some other men from falling into this trap. There’s a balance to this universe and what sometimes seems ironic could actually be more accurately described as harmonic !

But this is out of our control and let’s not wish harm to our fellow human beings. Let’s just watch the events unfold as they will.

I can’t wait to spam this kevin guy’s videos with the Baylor study once it comes out


This part already ‘‘leaked’’


wow so this does show abnormalities in penile tissue when compared to the control group. Maybe Baylor will pull through with the truth after all!


So let’s break this down, this guy says he frequented forums like this, convinced himself that finasteride was terrible, then decided to start taking it anyway, and is now a finasteride zealot. LOL. Can anyone else smell the distinct whiff of bullshit?

I thought I would never wish this debilitating disease on anyone, but I take back what I said. If one more person must get PFS, please let it be this douche bag, rather than one of the poor guys who listens to his crap.

I’ll tell you what @KMannCSCS, seeing as you talk such a big game, if you are so sure PFS doesn’t exist, just stop taking Fin cold turkey, and don’t take it for a month. Any shedding you experience will be overcome when you start taking it again. Just give it a try.


What a fucking dork. This guy has been making shitty homemade videos for over 5 years and has yet to create anything remotely watchable. I really hope this is a hobby of his and not a source of income because he clearly has not improved since it’s inception. I couldn’t bear to watch any more than 30 seconds of this dog shit quality content.

3 Likes (He’s back at it again! Almost finished with the survey as well going back and making sure I answered everything accordingly)

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I don’t have an anonymous YouTube account but somebody should post a link to the Reuters article and put the name of the article without commenting specifically on Kevin.

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Commented the article and also gave him a piece of my mind but he deleted the comments

This guy is complete grotesque. The Karma will fix him soon or later, waiting for the moment when he upload a video how bad Fin is and how wrong he was…


That would actually be incredibly useful for us, when his audience sees it.

Is it wrong that I hope it happens to him?

(Yes it is tbh.)

This is embarrassing. This dude’s got a laughable 2000 subscribers (after being on Youtube for a pretty long time at that) and none of his videos have anywhere near 10K views. His shit’s not exactly viral. He’s got a tiny cult following, so I really don’t see the benefit of engaging with or antagonizing him. I mean maybe if he had like 50000 subscribers…

Honestly, it seems like all of these hairloss forums and sites are pretty weak in numbers - the biggest one is r/tressless which STILL has nowhere near 50k subscribers (compared to some subreddits which number in the tens of millions). And let’s keep in mind that 10-20% of men are affected by hair loss before 30…which puts the number of men in their 20’s losing their hair AT LEAST 2 million in the US. When I tried to pinpoint the number of men on Propecia based on the price of the drug and the profits Merck made from it, I got no more than 100,000 in the US on the brand name. It was hard to find data on how many might be taking generic versions, but I imagine most get prescribed Merck’s version by default. At least, I did. Twice. From two different doctors. And even of those 100-200,000, most of those guys have their own lives and don’t devote an unhealthy amount of time to hairloss subs/forums/youtubers. It’s a very small, particularly useless, bitter, pathetic minority we’re up against.

What’s funny is that there are almost as few of them as there are us.

What this tells me is that we’ve already won. These people are no threat. Most men losing their hair won’t touch this crap with a ten-foot pole. With the recent Reuters revelation I assume that number’s going to drop even more. And think about it - Rogaine is part of the Lexicon. Everyone knows what Rogaine is, but next to no-one knows what Propecia is. There’s hardly any marketing of it. Why is that? Why wouldn’t Merck or any of these predatory hair-loss sites like Hims not market the crap out of the closest thing out there to a miracle hair-loss cure and make it as well known as Rogaine? It’s because of past users like us coming out and beating it back with everything we’ve got. It’s too toxic (chemically and socially), so now all they can do is wait for people to come to them.

The people who antagonize us - those who insult sick people, which is one of the most shameful things anyone can do - are a lost cause anyway. Recently I made a forum post about spinning Propecia as a pro-epileptic, pro-psychotic, pro-feminizing drug to post of hair-loss sites and forums, but I’ve since realized this would be completely pointless, and unnecessary anyway. You have to be in an extremely dark, twisted, warped place in order to be regulars on those sites and forums to begin with.

I don’t mean to insult anyone here who may have once been like that - I was a very bitter person myself right before I took Propecia, something I look back on with embarrassment now.

And I remember seeing many high-profile users on r/tressless also being very active in white supemacist and incel subreddits. This was NOT uncommon. It makes sense that someone consumed with bitterness about their hair would also be consumed with bitterness about everything else. At that point, only the best therapist money can buy can save them, and even that’s questionable.

Kevin Mann is one of those people, and so are his fans, so let’s not focus on pathetic little bitches like this guy. I imagine all that Propecia has fried his brain even further and made his dick even tinier than it already was anyway. We’ve got a million better things to do, like come up with an effective treatment for this condition.


Someone that makes YouTube videos should make call out videos to Kevin Mann. That way when people search his videos, they find our videos that have cited studies.

Otherwise we’d just be reduced to spamming his videos until he turns off all commenting ability


He wasted no time to silence me after I called him out on his bullshit and couldn’t even reply back to me. This guy is a coward, innocent young men are going to fall victim taking his advice, even after talking to a doctor they will think the sides can go away.


dont know why people are bothering replying to this guy…it’s exactly what he wants

What kind of a nut job creates youtube videos anyway, surely he has better shit to do with his life

All id say to him is I took fin for c 6 years plus also…thought it was the best thing ever till one day I woke up with extreme erectile dysfunction and shrivelled dick

Same thing could easily happen to him


Comments full of young guys who believe him. Even a 17 year old guy who says he will start fin because of him, he has him convinced. Possibly another young guy his life ruined…


Yeah pretty fucked up if you ask me, we’ll probably see some of those guys in the comment section come here eventually. Sad but the truth.