Kevin Mann promoting Fin on youtube

People are having their lives destroyed from the drug, the drug didn’t save your life it saved your hair it’s not worth even considering the drug with the amount of suffering we are going through. Look into the case studies and stop reading the BS that Merck has funded showing the safety of the drug. Do the right thing and stop promoting this shit there’s young guys with there whole lives ahead of them that are beyond damaged including myself, only 24 years of age my life is done.


Nice try, I’m not here to engage with any of you loons, I just wanted to set the record straight about some of the lies told about me. To be fair I don’t think you guys are deliberately lying about your experience with finasteride, I feel you are all far too mentally ill to make a valued judgement on the manner and frankly I feel sorry for you for allowing your underlying issues to be exploited by charlatans and con-artists who wish to profit off of your misguided delusions about a safe drug that has helped millions of people regain their confidence.
I guess my original post didn’t get through to you guys and frankly I don’t want to be in this pseudo-scientific, big-pharma conspiracy theory promoting online mental institution any longer than I need to so let me give a TL;DR account of my original post.

My page is not your platform to promote your bullshit, threaten me, or promote fearmongering misguidance to my viewers who are looking for legitimate help in solving their hair loss problems so go cry somewhere else.

In the past, I have seen you on YouTube under a different name talking about how you thought finasteride was such a terrible drug. You simply aren’t acting in good faith with what you have said.

Finasteride has done a ton of damage to people that took the drug and were not given an adequate warning that the drug can cause overwhelming permanent effects. Merck knew about this 20 years ago and hid it from the public. It has absolutely ruined lives and driven people to suicide. You are just spreading false information on your YouTube channel, maybe inadvertently to give you the benefit of the doubt, but it needs to stop.

Educate yourself a little and if you want to continue talking about Propecia, at least give your audience the truth.


That wasn’t a fraud, I actually did believe that shit back then and its largely due to forums like this that I was naïve enough and scientifically illiterate enough to buy into.
Like I said though, I’m done interacting with you loons although I’m glad I stopped by as seeing you all wallow in your delusional, imaginary, self-diagnosed “Post-Finasteride-Syndrome” is a reminder of how far I have come from letting false claims about a great drug give me nocebo driven side effects.

Fraud - you were under a different name too and admitted you completely flipped.

Read the Reuters article. There are internal Merck documents that explain how PFS showed up in their original clinical trials 20 years ago and how they manipulated the language in their product label to prevent sales from plummeting. Merck’s own internal market research showed 50% of people wouldn’t take Propecia if they knew about the possibility of temporary sexual side effects. If they knew about the risk of permanent side effects, the drug sales would have been killed.


As I said… No one here cares that your ugly face got some more hair! Before call us loons look around the website! The people here are suffering from neurological, physical and sexual issues, one of us recently got diagnosed with Osteoporosis. By the way, I know one guy who took Fin while he was aware of the existence of this website, propeciahelp… He called the people here loons, like you, before he took fin… You want me to send you picks of his sliced hand when he tried to kill himself? Probably you will wake the fuck up then! You know what? I don’t care really… :slight_smile:




Apparently, you are the crazy one if you got nocebo side effects.

Lots of people here legitimately have PFS, although you can’t be sure a few crazies like yourself didn’t slip in. A lot of guys have tangible biological markers as well but have not found a solution to the condition.

Seriously though, I don’t see anywhere on your page where PFS patients are writing anything. Your videos are too long for me to watch. You really need to educate yourself on the tricks Merck pulled with this drug which are spelled out in the Reuters article. Even though, I wouldn’t want you to get conned into developing PFS assuming that you are actually taking Propecia.


I know right! Guy needs all that hair cause his face is so ugly. Look at that nose for Christ’s sake!
“Kevin Mann” lol. Real tough last name for a vegan pussy (no offense to other vegans on this board.) Probably not a vegan cause he cares about animals. It’s likely for some selfish, vain reason like it gives him more energy to do squats at the gym. Fucking vain douche lol.


Hello @KMannCSCS

While you have tried to present yourself as a measured and reasoned person in your opening post here, your public proclamations on this issue suggest the opposite. This is what you stated on your personal YouTube channel

"I would disregard all the bullshit anecdotal arguments that people are using on those websites, a lot of them are financially motivated, they wanna… they’re pursuing lawsuits, in fact if you go to those websites like propecia help they actually have lawyers advertising their website saying “let us help you sue merck” or “let us help you sue your pharmacist so you can get rich” so a lot of these people are just looking to make a quick buck, they’re deliberately exaggerating the side effects, there’s no mechanistic data whatsoever that shows that finasteride has any irreversible side effects… the side effects will go away if you stop using it… The idea that something is completely irreversible is just completely fallacious."

"And another thing I’ll point out about the members of propecia help forum, if you look at these guys, these just some of like, the saddest, most pathetic bunch of incels you can ever imagine, we’re talking about people who have never stepped foot in the gym in their entire life, people who are either diabetic, prediabetic, a lot of these people have cardiovascular issues and all these health problems can contribute to erectile dysfunction, so, there’s a very good chance that these people already had like, issues with erectile dysfunction due to their health problems and, you know, it’s either that finasteride made it a little bit worse or, made them more conscientious of their problem cause of all the problems they’ve heard with it, and, it’s best just to ignore that bullshit and just take the finasteride like an aspirin and forget about it, because I’m a firm believer in the nocebo effect and the nocebo effect, for those who don’t know, is like the opposite of placebo, the idea that, if you really really think something negative is gonna happen then something negative will happen so it’s very important just to ignore that bullshit… it’s all just a bunch of bullshit and keep in mind that these people, as boisterous and vocal as they are, are in the extreme minority so, don’t take what they say seriously"

These are reprehensible lies and smears against a patient cohort who are enduring a great deal of suffering, some to extreme levels, as a result of using the drug which you so eagerly promote and defend. I personally was an avid gym goer of several years with no pre-exisiting health issues prior to developing post finasteride syndrome. Your claims are unsubstantiated and feature no comprehension or acknowledgment of the current scientific literature about this disease. Please do apprise yourself of some of the peer reviewed papers on this matter. These are a good place to start

As this website is a patient resource for those suffering from persistent side effects following discontinuation of anti-androgenic substances, there is no reason for you to be here and your account has been suspended.


Calling men who are suffering “loons” that just shows you what an absolute tool you are. God forbid your kids in the future get a severe adverse reaction from a dangerous pharma drug like finasteride that leaves them completely incapacitated only then will you know how devastating such a condition can be. You’re just another atypical drug pusher that despite the growing mountain of evidence that shows how dangerous finasteride is you continue to use it and promote it. Don’t waste your time on this sadistic moron he’s not worth your time or effort people


haha the only goal he is reaching with this, is that i will now dislike every video of his and leave a comment talking about how stupid this guy is. Cheers mate.


Also Kevin. You know that fixing all your looks won’t fix how you feel about yourself mate. I have watched through a view of your videos and you look incredibly uncomfortable talking, very nervous, especially in videos with other people involved. I would not be amazed if you are incredibly concious about yourself, might have some social anxiety too. Looking down all the time, looking nervously around you. You also said you had a history with SSRI, didn’t you? Funny how you say our opinion is invalid because we are: ‘‘far too mentally ill’’, looks like you are a bit projecting here mate.


Admins should unblock him I want to see how many more pathetic claims this goof has up his sleeve!


He might be some kind of shill since he has had different YouTube channels on different names and is always selling different products. Hard to say but I think there’s a lot of that on YouTube.

If you just assuming he is telling the truth and he’s just some dude with a YouTube channel, he admitted to having a bad experience with anti-depressants in his teens which means he probably had a bad childhood and seems like he had low self esteem and was frequently bullied. A lot of insecure guys get freaked out about risk of PFS on the forums (rightfully so) and then develop psychomatic effects that go away after a period of time because they’re obviously not PFS. Then they conclude PFS is fake but really they’re unfortunately muddying the waters for real PFS patients. Seems like a super insecure guy, I really wouldn’t wish that on anybody, but insecurity can cause people to act very nasty and petty to others. Nobody asks to be that way, its just one of the fucked up outcomes of the human experience that needs conscious effort to fix.

Posting antagonistic messages on his wall will only cause a stronger antagonistic response in reaction. That’s why he came stomping around here to figure out what was going on. Be civil. He’s feeling a lot of pain even if his reaction is to lash out and not show it. I tried to show him the Reuters article which I think is a must read and I hope he does check it out because it is persuasive to many.

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In this video he says that he has been using it since the age of 22 and he is now in his mid thirties.

How is this possible if he has another account where he before said it’s a shit drug. Is this account older than 13 years? He had this account before he was 22? Must have been the very early days of youtube then. Or did he first conclude after using it, it is a shit drug, but the insecurities took over, and he started using it again?

I don’t know, we’d have to ask him. It’s possible he’s counting the 10 years from the first time he took the drug, stopped, and then started again. I’ve been on this site for 8 years so the video I saw of him trashing Propecia was less than 10 years old. Its also possible he is just a total fraud.

It’s a little bit of a shame that he was banned so quickly because we maybe could have tried to engage him in constructive dialog. He really isn’t that important though and his views aren’t influential. It’s more important that prescribing doctors understand what is going on so they can properly inform patients.


Proper Pinocchio :grinning:


No point to do that man, talking to this guy is like talking to the wall.

Hello Kevin,

I’m the admin of this site. I am sorry you say you have had people threatening you on YouTube. The staff wholly reject and would remove threats of violence or alt-right political views should they occur here. We do not support or promote alternative health ideas that individual members may or may not subscribe to. In the site rules, we ask members to state any personal views that are not supported by clear and specific evidence as personal opinions rather than facts. We are squarely focused on scientific progress that will help understand why some consumers develop such devastating problems while most do not, and the administrators are personally involved in efforts towards that. We also want to spend as little time listening to pseudo scientific proclamations as possible. This includes the poor reasoning of some patients, as well as wild claims in videos from non-patients.

Patients here can discuss public content centring on the disease we variably experience. This site is not YouTube, and is certainly not the sole bastion of PFS patients. YouTube is a website anyone can join. If you choose to continue to make demonstrably false statements about people and issues you are unfamiliar with in public videos, it would be prudent to foresee disagreement and make use of YouTube’s moderation controls should you wish your comments section to be curated. If any behaviour is threatening to you, I advise you to report these individuals, who have no affiliation with this website or its staff. Please do not register on this site again - it is a patient support site for those with PFS, and I am very pleased that you are not experiencing this.

I hope that helps you. It is a more personal hope that an inevitable increase in scientific evidence will help you come to a greater appreciation of the very different experiences of others, where empathy apparently cannot.

Best regards