Interesting effects from Trestolone / MENT

A few weeks ago a guy posted about a “recovery” he had from taking Trestolone. He took IM Trestolone (injection) for 3 days at 20mg and said his erections came back and he felt recovered. He was also on Testosterone Propionate at 300mg, but said that the testosterone did nothing at all, until he started Trestolone. The thread was deleted as a bunch of guys were just trashing him and his “recovery” and the thread became out of control.

I ordered topical Trestolone, which is not supposed to work as good as IM, but was easier for me to find. Btw, Trestolone is considered by far the most Anabolic and Androgenic steroid, to a point that a doctor has said that Finasteride won’t even work while on Trestolone (or something similar).

Anyways, I started Testosterone Cyp 80mg per week a few weeks ago, no noticeable effect. I then added in the transdermal Trestolone at 15mg per day. I took this for 4-5 days and only really noticed that my hair was falling out moreso than normal. This scared me from continuing, so I stopped. However, within 2 days from stopping, I have had the HARDEST erections I have had in probably 16 years of having PFS. My nocturnal/morning wood is occurring more often and so hard it wakes me up multiple times, the few times I have jacked off I have been and stayed hard (not normal for me).

I figured it was worth posting here. Trestolone is not illegal in the US. I would suggest trying the injectable Trest. if you have access to it as the original guy (who’s story was a bit sketchy) said it worked for him within 3 days. However, here is a link to the one that I used

I am now trying to figure out if I should go back on it, or maybe try to take a dose once every 3 days or something similar. If you take it for a while you will likely get some estrogen effects from it so it might be wise to keep an AI nearby.

Btw, I’ve tried hundreds of things and almost never have a positive report on anything, so for me to make this post means there is some substance to Trestolone.


Are you sure it isn’t the testosterone kicking in? I’m pretty sure I had my best testosterone effects, erection wise, probably 3 weeks or so after starting. Be careful with the AI, it’s a dirty word in the test forums. Could cause a low E crash.

Hope things keep improving!

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As mentioned earlier, trestolone / MENT isn’t a sustainable solution IMHO. Weighing the risks vs benefits, it certainly isn’t worth it. Most androgenic AAS (including Trenbolone) are known to produce enormous erections but testosterone is still needed as a base (for E2 conversion). I’d argue that testosterone alone is a safer solution by a long shot but one needs to tweak the dose and select the right ester that achieves the optimal T/E2 spot.

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Perhaps not however these effects are certainly interesting and there could be something here…


why don’t we see how this turns out for moonman before telling him to stop or trying to change his protocol?

Good luck moonman


sounds very promising! good luck moonman i wish you the best of luck

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Most are too focused on enormous erections and are willing to give hands and legs. While I utterly understand the sense of despair, can’t advocate extreme and potentially dangerous treatments. Potent steroids are among these. I’m repeating myself but trestolone is too suppressive for HPTA. Trust me, you don’t want to supress it too much because it may never recover. A quick search on bodybuilding forums can be enlightening.

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Not telling him to stop. Just warning others to approach this with extra caution. Godpseed


Really good news. This shows TRT is weak for us and my guess is Trestolone is what activates the androgen receptors and makes testosterone work again and 5 alpha reduce into dht which is why your hair started to fall out. The only thing about trestolone is are you able to taper off of it and only use testosterone injections afterwards and recover.

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That’s if he’s able to maintain the recovery I’m hoping he does we have to wait and see.

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Ur receptors might be working, ours are not, for us the levels of testosterone and hpta matters nothing, i have had a perfect hormone level still i was disabled, plz try to understand this. It’s called pfs. Some have no other option but to try a stronger steroid that has much more affinity to the receptors than testosterone, that’s what he’s doing.

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Not here to argue, just educating newbies who might think this is a universal cure. Hope for the best!


I am not at all arguing sir, i am just saying that the situation is not same for everyone here. Some have serious receptor problems that a level of even 1000 feels nothing, while u may feel awesome in that. I have had T/E2 levels of 585 and 32 in the past, still i was dying everyday. So we have very less options to even try. Plz don’t discourage anyone.


Says who? I’ve used Propecia + generic finesteride for years and have deeply suffered for 10+ years. I nearly had every symptom in the book and more. Please don’t speak on my behalf. Journey to recovery was long and hard with too many dark turns and misfortunes. It’s everyone’s responsibility toward this community to warn others about a perilous treatment that may cause chemical castration. No one warned us about finesteride in first place and here we are, remember that.

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And u should certainly not speak behalf of every pfs patients. This is what u said regarding how u feel when u take exogenous hormones. I can vouch that 90% people with pfs don’t feel like their old self when taking testosterone but u feel like that. Having pfs and responding to something like testosterone is almost impossible for most people.

Comparing proviron and DHEA (which is OTC btw) and even full-blown testosterone to a chemical castrating compound like trestolone/MENT is pitiful. No one knows what PFS really is. 10 years later and here I’m still figuring it out. I also mentioned elsewhere that I was on cortisone + proviron on top of testosterone at the time. So, it could very much be that testosterone on its own wouldn’t have worked.

U have pfs since almost a decade? Were u responding to testosterone and proviron in early years of pfs?

In last year oct, i took a tablet of proviron and didn’t feel anything for 2 weeks, maybe felt worse, but then suddenly in 3rd week i started to feel my androgens strongly, i was functional enough to do anything, it lasted for a week. I don’t know why it took 2-3 weeks to show it’s effects when the half life of that drug itself is just 12 hrs !

Unfortunately, yes. Only time I had long remission were on testosterone + proviron + topical corticosteroid. Going off trt (and corticosteroid) resulted in symptoms relapsing. Proviron on its own didn’t do much, if anything. I still have bunch of it laying around. I think having chronically low E2 may explain why proviron isn’t working anymore. I’m experiencing all symptoms of high DHT:

  • increased strength when working out
  • facial hair growing faster than ever
  • thinning hair
  • aggression

This leads me to believe that more androgens is counterintuitive in my case. I’m not sure if testosterone would still be effective for me at this point. Trestolone may be helping because it raises E2 in unparalleled way.

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Ur androgen function is fine but estrogen is not? But what made u to be low on e2? U took finasteride right? I thought e2 problems only arise if we take something like that arimidex or aromasin, becoz these two drugs act on estrogen receptors just like fin acting on androgen receptors !!

I fuc*** up my body in so many ways over the years. Finesteride gave me high E2/low T & low DHT profile. I later did arimidex and aromasin to control E2, which initially worked and libido was fully restored, but eventually left me with low E2 since 2017. I shifted my attention to autoimmunity hypothesis. What’s your story?