I'm devastated please help anyone

If it were this easy the cure of Proviron/Mast would be preached by many members but simply put more androgens even DHT might cause further upregulation at the androgen receptor so that they are then permanently less responsive to hormones. This makes sense to me as my symptoms get worse higher dose of T despite the presence of an AI

I was already gonna try them in the future if I don’t get much better but I’m not holding up hope towards finding a decent steroid stack to solve this. Its probably a little more complicated.

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Hey, it seems like you’re the most active user in the past few days because no doubt you’re in hell right now. You’ve already rushed into things taking ketamine, TRT, and an AI. I can only hope you have recovered from the latter. What you should realize and has oft been repeated is that we’ve all been there and are worse for it. Many people whom you’re commiserating with, including some of the mods, have been in your shoes and out of desperation, to no fault of their own obviously, have worsened themselves from taking steps to alleviate their symptoms via taking supplements, drugs, and other things. I am also one of these people. The moral support is important, but the forum can be a double edged sword as I’ve demonstrated.

For the most part, we don’t know why some things worsen some users here while it improves things for others. But three things are certain: 1) We have a lower capacity to handle stress due to depleted neurosteroid levels, and 2) obsessively reading horror story after story and ruminating about the worst case scenarios (people who get better eventually stop posting here) will only worsen your stress and impede your recovery, and 3) time, which sadly for now only goes in one direction but imo works in favor for many people here.

I’d be a hypocrite to say that you shouldn’t experiment at all because some exciting things are headed our way starting in 2020. These things may or may not be safer. But before you do that, why not give number 3 a shot since it’s only been a month since you took fin if I recall correctly. As said before, for many people, things start to come back online at the 6+ month mark. I know I myself would probably not be talking to you today if I never took anything else but the fin.

Try to lay low for a bit. Find strategies to lower and manage your stress. Refocus your mind from time to time. Give it much needed breaks every day by distracting yourself with things that still give you joy or pleasure. Whatever you do, do not beat yourself up for something that isn’t your fault. Developing rare side effects from a popular drug is not your fault. Try to spend time with friends and family if possible. Social isolation lowers allo. I see that you’ve had some improvements lately. Remain optimistic. You’re still young and you still can have a bright future ahead.


For sure man, I’m just trying to come to terms with it. I’m both desperate and I suppose just looking for any way to cope. This is the only place I don’t feel alone/different anymore as sad as it sounds.

I was already on TRT before fin, I was experimenting with dosages that previously I was fine with. There was no way I could no that it would fuck me up :S I just thought my problem was low t or high estrogen. I may have rushed into things but I suppose I was in a panic denial state. I have recovered from the AI thankfully and I’ll never touch one again in my life. I only used Ketamine because I was on a night out and someone had bought some, I wouldn’t have used it else to be fair, I just thought maybe its antidepressant effects would help me out a little. It did. For like 2 days I was ok with PFS lol, at least that didn’t make me worse.

Yeah you’re right. I’m certainly not being dismissive. I’m not here to discount anyone, every single persons words are getting through to me its just I feel so lost I don’t want to just give up and try nothing I wanted to at least exhaust some of the options that make sense to me and I’m trying to steer clear of the things that some members have reported getting significantly worse of (AIs and Trib). I have to take a risk to get better though (or find a stack that makes me feel at least slighly recovered) and its a risk I’m willing to take. I’m not trying anything serious for now because who knows I might actually get better or see some significant improvements.

I really hope this is true for me. I feel like it would be stupid to hold on to that hope though because I held a lot of hope I’d get better within a month and of course I was absolutely shattered when I didn’t.

I try man but its really hard every now and then it just hits me like a wave of panic and its horrible. I try to distract myself but I’m really struggling with even that. I used to be ok with dealing with stress but ever since PFS its become overwhelming.

I just feel like I let my insecurity get the best of me. My very final thought before I took fin was I don’t really want to take this, I have to take this. Then I swallowed it… Why did I have to take it? In reality I didn’t… I just felt like I’d stand out towards my peers or girls wouldn’t like me.

I have made some mild improvements I suppose. Libido has increased a tiny bit since lowering TRT and morning wood is actually there if I take cialis, so thats very good signs but I still have emotional blunting that is likely permanent and body hair/body smell changes, awful sleep, muscle twitching so I suppose the PFS is and always will be there. Things are just less enjoyable nowadays I’ve noticed I do have a degree of anehodnia towards everything when I used to be so emotionally involved. The development of social anxiety is also jarring because I used to be quite outgoing.

Overall just trying to deal with this new life of a metric fuck ton of additional problems…

A curious thing about this syndrome is how it affects everyone differently. I, for one, have a dead penis and zero libido. But those are the only problems I have.

I’ve always been very anxious and depressed all my life, and I’ve always had insomnia. Ironically, all of this has improved a little after PFS: insomnia has improved, anxiety has improved, and depression is generally better. I only get sad as hell after failing with my girlfriend, but during the day I feel calmer.

Maybe that’s because my cortisol always shows up low on my exams. I can’t explain what happened to me. About insomnia specifically, I was sleeping like an angel for 2 or 3 months. Last friday I used MDMA and since then I have a lot of insomnia. I believe it was something casual that could have happened to me with or without PFS.

Anyway, this is all crazy, but I’m sure there could be a cure soon. I am trying a few little things myself here and will always post here if I succeed. Relax a little, for there is hope, and this is not an eternal condition.

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Stupid fucking finasteride, accutane and antidepressants what kind of sick person allows these drugs to exist :frowning: I used to be big supporter of modern medicine and marvelled at it like a kid at a candy store but now I fucking hate it I’d do anything to have lived in an age where these drugs weren’t available to me.

What the fuck have I done to my beautiful life oh how i’ve ruined my beautiful life people. Its never gonna be the same

i miss the old me so bad


Dear @dae1,

Please consider taking our patient survey. While the counter on the website focuses on Finasteride, Anti-depressants and Isotretinoin (Accutane), the survey is open to many more substances with anti-androgenic properties and we already had quiet a few SP patients taking it. The more people from various substance classes participate, the more comprehensive and better our data!

Find more information here: Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

Thank you,
Northern Star

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Bro you have to try relax and ride it out for the first 6 months. Stay off the forums for a while. Stressing makes things worse. I’m a year out and have seen improvement in areas. You’re young, you have plenty of time to recover and you will.


Easier said than done lol

Again, it’s likely that on TRT you’re unbalancing your hormones even further. Even with an AI.

I plan to run Proviron and Masteron soon so you’ll be able to test your theories. I can’t stop TRT if I plan to run mast or it will shut me down.

If I can get libido boost from either of them I will run them for life lol

Good luck on your journey my friend.

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Thanks, it seems test might just not be able to convert to dht in certain tissues anymore? Well proviron and mast hopefully they can act on these tissues since they don’t need to alpha reduce. Of course this wont fix neurosteroid problems but it might help libido and fix my body hair issues.

We’ll see

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Man, I really strongly encourage you to step away from the forum and let your emotions wind down for a bit if at all possible. You’ve been off a potent medication for one month and now you’ve already been injecting yourself with hormones at the age of 20 and are talking about now starting to popping pills of a bunch of other hormones. Not to be disrespectful, but I think if you could calm down for a second, look around at the success rate of that around here, and generally acquire a bit of perspective, you might want to second guess your approach right now.

This is a problem with this forum and internet witch doctoring in general. You probably (from sheer.y statistical standpoint) don’t even have PFS in the first place. You’re probably just in withdrawal. Furthermore, the odds of taking all this shit that people take on here making you better are extremely slim. There are almost no success stories and far more horror stories.

What you are doing is basically the same dumb thing that all the rest of us have done and learned to stop. We all want to think we’ll just google a bunch of crap because we are smarter than doctors, pop some pills, take some testosterone, and be back to our alpha male selves.

It doesn’t work that way. That’s been the perpetual formula for failure ever since this place started over ten years ago.

I strongly urge you to put down the bodybuilding drugs, read a book that you love or something, tell a few trusted friends about what you are going through, and think long term,

Long term, at age 20, you have over 20 years to get this sorted out, and it won’t take nearly that long. Even if you are on the sidelines for 10 of that. Well, when you are 30 you can still come out beast mode and bone more fly bitches than anyone you know. 90% of guys go and marry the first girl that seems to like them and end up divorce raped 10 years later paying alimony and child support for kids the mother has brainwashed to hate them. Just focus on other things right now. Yes I know you aren’t only talking about sexual sides and that it’s easier said than done. But I am telling you that if you can take a deep breadth, think about something else, and get a grip on your emotions for a minute, you will see that there are ways you can turn this thing in your favor long term and more prevent a huge number of headaches short term.


This is the problem. We have pfs dude, there’s healthy guys willing to wack hormones in their body and they aren’t literally suicidal due to their state. I was one of those people. I still am. That ain’t gonna change.

If my stack works I can report back here and hopefully it will help but right now it’s horrible I’m getting veins on my dick and all my body hair is turning white it’s so fucked up. I’ve ran proviron in the past and it felt very androgenic even at 25mg a day.

I think if proviron and mast can still activate androgenic activity they can boost my libido and reverse these side effects.

I understand the risk and that I might get better or w/e but I also might be able to boost my libido to a point where life is actually enjoyable again. That is a worth a risk to me! Sorry if that offends you

Nothing around here offends me I’m just saying you’re making the same mistake that every other guy makes. Just read the posts. We’re all dumbasses who think we’re geniuses. This will really piss you off, but I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the reason you are so emotional right now is hormonal chaos brought about by bodybuilding drugs.

If I were you, Id invite a good friend over, order some pizza, watch some sports, go to the park, drive around for no reason, whatever, and just tell him “I’m fucked up right now by that hair loss drug and would just like to hangout for a day if that’d be alright with you”.


I don’t want to tell anyone man. I’m so ashamed of myself for letting myself seccum to my insecurity.

I’m emotional because I’ve lost my emotions and sex drive in the matter of a month lol its devastating

And if you search Masteron in the search bar some users have had success with it.

You gotta tell somebody man. They’ll be glad to know they can talk to you in the future when they go through something that they’re embarrassed about too. Everyone goes through shit that seems like end of world. Have them look at horror stories on YouTube themselves in case you’re worried they’ll think it’s just you.

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Everyone I told has dismissed me, acted like its in my head. Family/doctors. I don’t think people understand it properly… They don’t understand the severity imo, if you tell someone they aren’t spending more than two minutes thinking about it so they couldn’t possibly understand. No one can until they walk in our shoes. Simple.

Yes but we learn not to focus on and be troubled by it so much. It can even be a positive motivator to advance yourself in other areas that are more valuable long term.

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I would advise to not fall for suicidal ideation because is very probably that is related with the low alloepregnenolone levels. I know its difficult but you will perdure, dont go panic mode and try different things randomly I failed at that at the beggining. Be patient and also you will learn something for the experience about you… but im with you is extremly difficult this shit.

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