I think PFS is an autoimmune disorder

What IBS is?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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Hello, I suffer from PFS and ulcerative colitis. There’s a diet now especially made for autoimmune disorders that consists mainly of greens and healthy fat. I have an immunosuppressant medication that I just recently applied. If my PFS symptoms disappear or lessen, your theory would be right.

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Thanks, please keep posting, this is very interesting from my view.
I do think that there are some character of this sindrome that can be explained if this is autoimmune. For example:
-The crash after several days after cessation, and not during the drug intake.
-Symptoms appears sudently and with very aggressive way, without other external explanation…so we can assume that it has been our body by itself.
-Healthy diet generally improves the symptons.
-Symptons varies and fluctuate over the time.
-Some people (me included) has developed other autoimmune disorders.
-Many people has imrpvoed their symptoms during immunosuppressant medication.

People here say various diets have helped but to call them healthy is often incorrect and a lack of consistency of results from using these diets would suggest that it’s unlikely to be a reliable course of action.

Can you give some examples?

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

Did you suffer from UC prior to develoing PFS, or was this something that may be part of your manifestation of PFS?

Please feel free to post a Member Story and participate in the post-drug symptom survey if your symptoms have lasted for more than 3 months since quitting.

Best regards.

Overactive immune system vs underactive. I would say there is more evidence of a possible underactive immune system in both Accutane and Propecia.

This study might show Fin already having some immunosuppressive properties that increase some cancer risks.

You can look at ivig treatment in some of these possible relatable diseases, like CFS
“This therapy can help people with weakened immune systems or other diseases fight off infections.”

As far as some people having some success with diet, I believe it. Others dont. I think the reason they dont is because its not successful for them.
I’ll go back to my theory of missing commensal bacteria, some can support beneficial commensal growth through diet alone, for others, if its gone its gone and it doesn’t matter what you eat, they’re not coming back.
You can also find a p.acnes link in Fin if you look a little bit as well, a pathogen that also served as a commensal.

I took Humira and I instantly felt better the next day. I gained some more sensitivity and my libido has gone up a bit. Guys please try the Gundry diet. His diet is based on a theory of lectins. It sounds quite ridiculous, but for autoimmune disorders it works. I started it a week ago as well, plus humira yesterday. Also, flaccid penis is back to normal size. Any questions?? Don’t be afraid to ask. I’m going to stick with the diet plus exercise for 2 months and ill keep you guys updated.


Before PFS. However, I just don’t see the connection between finasteride and PFS. Short term definitely, but I think long term it should resolve on its own.

I believe it is likely autoimmune. Perhaps the Marshall Protocol would work.


How is it going? Please update

Has any body done test for HMGCR anti-bodies?

I came across one video about CFS where the doctor explains what happens with the patients suffering from that disease. He mentioned that they tret it with immunosupressive drugs and drugs to restore the 3rd and 4th phase of the sleep. He said also thar the immune system blocks the AR thata why the hormone cannot bind to the receptor. I am wondering if we have the same case as our immune system is not working properly anymore, I haven’t got cold for over 2 years, whereas before I had 2-3 proper colds every single winter…


Please share the link of the video

It is on Russian Language… The doctor is Russian from Moscow

One thing is not good tho, they give the patients SSRI and other antidepressants to restore the sleep, we all know what SSRI could do…
Anyways, he explains how when they give the patient antidepressants many of the cases there are side effects without the benefits of the drug because there is an autoimmune blockade of the receptors.
I am wondering if this is the case with us as many PFS guys start TRT and simply cannot feel anything on it because the hormone cannot bind to the receptor…

Here is the link, he talks about that at 30:00
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It has lots of sense for me. When i was on corticoids i felt very mich better. After sessation, over time, i have some symptons.

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Many of us report improving of the symptoms when we get flu, or cold. I can second that too. In two years and a half I had mild cold like literally for 2-3 days sore throat but not fever and I felt metter while I had the cold. I am sure the immune system is not working properly, never had such a big resistance against cold and flu.


Yeah me too… everyday i’m even more convinced that this syndrome is an autoimmune reaction from androgens ablation.