I seem to have gotten PFS from excessive marijuana use 5 years ago at the age of 17


I’ve never taken a Fin pill in my life, but I have textbook PFS; ED, Libido issues, insomnia, joint issues, depression, suicidal thoughts.

I thought I was the only one, I thought my body was just failing on me. I can’t believe I JUST discovered this forum.

The past 5 years have been horrible, it’s only gotten worse and worse.

Just like other PFS sufferers I’ve tried countless remedies that work for a beautiful Goldilocks period, only to go back to normal in a couple months. A couple stand outs have been Colustrum, Tongkat Ali, and HGH.

I smoked weed mostly everyday for about 2 years and came out the other end with 100% PFS.

Is this common, does anyone else have a similar experience?


Hi @Cherry,

I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering, and welcome to the forum. We see the syndrome caused by many substances with the ability to sharply lower the availability of ligand to, or inhibit, the androgen receptor. Scientific research has shown cannabis may lower testosterone and can inhibit DHT forming a complex with the receptor. Marijuana has been seen across the years to modulate PFS symptoms, providing relief to some and causing others to crash, which is common to antiandrogen usage in this condition. However, I am not sure I’ve seen a case reported with marijuana causing the initial development of PFS. While I can’t say it’s common, it does make sense. Can you say a little more about the onset at the end of those years?


I’ts definitely possible you got PFS from weed. One of my friends who is/was a heavy weed smoker said he doesn’t get random boners anymore. He said he has no other problems, can still get it up whenever, but it affected him.


Sorry to hear about your situation
I have been a heavy smoker of cannabis in the past my myself the best I ever did was kick the habit full stop.
In my opinion you maybe suffering the side effects of the THC in cannabis .
Their is two sides of research when it comes to testosterone some say cannabis increases it slightly and some studies say it lowers it I couldn’t tell you what’s right or wrong myself but what I will say is THC has a profound impact on mental health creating anxiety depression paranoia it can leave you living in your own world feeling cut off from reality.
Personally I can imagine your symptoms are possibly similar to pfs but if you have never taken finasteride or any drugs similar then you would be far better off looking for information or a forum more related to cannabis I’m sure that you would get far better advice towards getting yourself back on track physically and mentally.

I spent years trying to convince myself i hadn’t got problems due to finasteride i burried my head in the sand I refused to accept it was happening …
I’m not going to entertain the idea or play any part in convincing someone they have got pfs
When they haven’t taken the drug.

Trust me mate have a look on cannabis forums see what those guys say you may even thank me one day.


When I smoke weed, it disconnects me from others. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I feel anxious and don’t feel as comfortable around my friends. Oxytocin is a major hormone in stimulating erections and bonding and for me, it seems weed inhibits this hormone or something that causes it to dysfunction. EVERYTIME I smoke now, I just don’t get the feel good feelings from being with people. I suggest just laying off the weed and connecting with people. This really helped me.


Good honest sound advice :+1:


I read rick Simpson oil or THC was meant to help with depression and a load of other stuff, i tried the oil or a diluted form of it a few month’s ago for a month hoping to help with my symthoms but it made my OCD twice as bad, caused extreme paranoia and made me feel crap, it did give me tempory spikes in libido and i felt good sometimes, but overall it didn’t help me personally, maybe CBD is good but THC for me, not so much.

Sorry to hear it caused such bad symthoms for you, it’s kind of scary how many different anti androgenic substances are causing persistent symthoms in people, or what we know so far to be the cause. Hopefully you’ll improve a little over time till we can work out the cause of this mess, in the meantime try keep the head up as much as possible, we’ll get out of this hole eventually.


Cannabis makes men less masculine and many long term users appear to have brain damage so I’m not surprised you reached some drop off point. Were your testosterone levels good when you crashed and afterwards? Try to see what you can do to undo what’s been done. Exercise more, eat the correct foods, try Sorghum in particular.