I 100% recovered from POST-FS (inc. emotional and sexual dysfunction) in 2.5 years. Consider my recovery/survival tips (not solutions)


So I’m a disability-retired 50yo lawyer residing in Charlotte NC USA. I’m intelligent/normal/rational, definitely not confused/deluded/mendacious etc.

See my earlier posts for my detailed history - these are highlights/tips.

I’m posting SOLELY to benefit/encourage you, not to brag etc. I’ve handled 20+ difficult non-jury trials and can easily prove my “PFS story” via 50+ “conventional” medical experts I’ve consulted since 2014, countless medical documents, my ex-GF, family/friends etc.

Yes, I truly have 100% recovered from ALL “POST” FS maladies as follows:

  • I took 1.25 mgs finasteride daily for 15 years. I discontinued it early Dec. 2014. The PFS “grenade” exploded in my brain in mid-Dec 2014, instantly transporting me to the PFS “Twilight Zone.”

  • I instantly transformed into an emotionless/sexless robot. Zero emotions, zero libido, sexual plumbing entirely ceased functioning. My very last erection felt awful, like a foreign object attached to my body.

  • All minor PFS maladies – body-feminization, breast development, black/green eye skin area, penis pain - 100% resolved in four months. I have no tips/explanation for this unfortunately, other than Tylenol for penis pain.

  • Full emotionality returned mid-2005. I have no tips/explanation for this unfortunately.

  • I had ZERO erections for at least a year. However, to my surprise, one morning a full “morning wood” erection appeared but I still had no libido and it was not sexually responsive at all.

  • In early 2017 an “insatiable lust demon” reappeared in my head and I’ve had normal libido since then.

TIP: Peruse visual erotica weekly to perhaps reawaken your sexual desire.

  • I still believed PFS had permanently/irreparably severed the brain-penis connection. I never had the slightest trace of a sexual erection or any hint that my sexual plumbing was working. However, “for the hell of it” I resubscribed to Playboy and downloaded some erotic videos but never attempted masturbation (to avoid “failure frustration”). In June 2017, I watched a video and felt an intense physical sexual desire for the first time in 2.5 years. Without any trace of an erection, I experienced an intense orgasm and very weak ejaculation. The next day I experimented and discovered EVERYTHING worked normally again – intense sexual desire, masturbation (20-30 minutes full erection), explosive orgasm, normal ejaculation. Since then I’ve daily masturbated 2+ times, no problems.

TIP: Try masturbating weekly, with or without erotica.

NOTE: I won’t answer Qs about sex/masturbation/sexual plumbing. Don’t ask. It’s all good.

  • I was suicidally-depressed from Dec 2014 – Jan 2017. (I’ll spare you details of my thoughts/irrational actions.)

My thoughts on surviving PFS:

+ Don’t buy a gun or pre-arrange suicidal techniques/suicide notes, to avoid acting rashly.

+ Take boatloads of anti-depressants prescribed by doctors. (I did for 1.5 years but have forgotten names).

+ See a psychiatrist/psychologist regularly (I did).

+ Socialize and exercise as much as possible.

+ Don’t overshare your PFS story; refer everybody to pfsfoundation.org for more info.

+ Don’t read suicidal forum posts or interact with suicidal types.

  • I have NOT recovered at all from “spectacularly awful” sleep dysfunction that began in June 2014 and certainly caused by 15 years of finasteride use (but not POST-FS). I rarely achieve unconscious sleep and instead “rest nap” randomly.


+ Belsomra helps considerably to make me sleepy for extended periods although it rarely renders unconscious sleep. It is RIDICULOUSLY expensive - $15 a pill – so expect resistance from your insurer! www.belsomra.com

+ I exercise intensely late at night, which thoroughly exhausts me and sometimes renders unconscious sleep.

+ Two cheap prescription drugs taken nightly perfectly restored normal sleep from April 2015 – Dec 2016 but thereafter ceased helping at all. (I’ve forgotten exact dosages.)

- Mirtazapine (Remeron), prescribed off - label to induce REM sleep

- Nortriptiline


  • Doctors will ignore and/or not understand your references to PFS. Refer them to the published medical literature: www.pfsfoundation.org/publications/. However, there is no medical treatment for PFS, so docs cannot solve your PFS issues.

  • Avoid alternative medicine like the plague! (I wasted moola bucks on truckloads of mysterious pills prescribed by an alternative doc – he had a medical degree so I took a chance.)


Congrats with returning to normal life, it took some years, but you did it. Could be more of such recoveries…



You’re suggesting boatloads of ADs?



Had the same thought. Take every antidepressent to cure yourself?



What about methyl-steroids??



To summarize: Your suggestion is to take boatloads of antidepressants and to exercise? You also suggested sleep medication for people having trouble in that department. Not trying to ridicule, its just an attempt at a cliff-notes summary.

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Antidepressants aye?



would be very smart when you consider that antidepressants can lead to the same shit as pfs. i wouldnt take this guy serious. its not his first recovery story here. last time he was here to sell t shirts



Oh is this post again.



Yes he def. Did



Milando97 whatever is your opinion about Anonymous1968, keep for yourself, make sure to post something valuable instead to be critic.



Antidepressant can increase Neurogenesis, what make a lot of sense to contribute to the recovery, Italy study found impaired Neurogenesis.
No all antidepressant work the same, for example Bupropion.



Is this one shown to increase neurogenisis? Do you have a study showing this for bupropion specifically?



Yep. I’d considered using heavy antidepressants as well, since they alter the chemicals in the brain and with a little luck might actually fix PFS. I decided not to because it’s also possible to make things worse.



That’s the game we play with everything isn’t it?



Did you mean to tag me bruv?



Oh gosh, please be careful with ad’s guys. I guess our endo system is really vulnerable for things that fuck with it.



There have been a couple members flag the opening post for being spam.

While the OP may have posted some content that could be easily construed as spam in the past, he has posted nothing in this particular topic that indicates he is trying to financially incentivise his content on behalf of himself or any other party.

The “TIPS” section of his post has been edited to prevent conveying his supposed methods of recovery as recommendations. The recommendation to take “boatloads of antidepressants” is especially alarming considering the number of people who have been left with a PFS-like condition after, sometimes very small, amounts of certain antidepressants.


This makes it sound as if you started recovering while you were still taking finasteride. Surely you meant 2015?

Are you being serious?



Also apparently OP believes that only a boatload will do. One brand seemingly isnt enough, or normal doses. It has to be a boadload of antidepressants.



Bupropion or Wellbutrin are different type of antidepressant, I toke it before for only 8 weeks late in 2016 and help a lot, probably the reason that I am feeling better today, in fat I already ask to my doctor for a new prescription.

So he is not so crazy for what he said, it is just a matter of evaluate the antidepressant before to take it ( and yes most of the antidepressant cause loss of libido and I do not recommend to take any of that classes)