How long must we wait?


personally, im not going to speculate based from that angle


I don’t have super high expectations for the Baylor results but things like this move slow. I think it will be more of establishing that there IS something happening to us, which will help the medical community believe it and start looking at fixes. It seems obvious to us, but we need facts from a study like this to back up that this disease even exists first. Most doctors don’t even recognize it yet, so even that rather obvious result could shift their beliefs


i dont think anyone who is realistic expects a cure. but a deeper understanding would at least point the correct direction of some more reliable therapeutic options and get the medical community serious enough to acknowledge it and go further from there.

and thats pretty damn good if we get that from baylor study if you ask me.




Btw., as a treatment Dr. Khera had suggested that I use HCG 2000 IU 3 times a week with low dose AI and daily PDE5i. This kind of treatment has been tried by many including myself, with little to no effect, so I wouldn’t keep my hopes high for a new treatment based on this study.


its really sad. whole life fucked because of a HAIRLOSS pill . i just cant understand that nobody sees the problem in the pharma industry. how can they shy away from this big scandale? even claim it doesnt exist? its really like in the medicine thrillers made by hollywood


To be fair he’s recommending this treatment before the results of the study so this treatment protocol might not be tailored based on what the study finds


hopefully this study will be released this year


i woke up this morning to my usual dead dick, i stopped taking cialis because im sick of having tinnitus, it’s literally withering away due to lack of nocturnal erections. i’m pretty much checked out.


Can you just get the blood flowing manually? Vs nocturnal? To stop from withering away?


its a constant proccess, it seems to work, i don’t have time to sit and play with my fucking cock all day, as much as i’d like to


Gotcha - I figured maybe getting the blood flowing down there once a day would prevent some of the atrophy


I don’t know how long it’s been going on @trav, but if you can spend 15 minutes a day in the morning, my experience is that it helps a lot.

Generally, things are much better for me there now, I had a big setback a week or so ago (lots of stress at the time) but I feel like I’m almost back on track again.

I don’t take anything at all, no supplements, just avoid 5ar foods.


sorry, wasn’t trying to lash out. having a particularly tough time right now. It does help, but it’s a constant upkeep just to keep things mediocre at best. even when I was taking cialis daily, working out, eating healthy, constantly trying to keep blood in my dick, it only takes a few days of neglect to watch it continue to atrophy like a limb that is no receiving signals to keep it alive

I am absolutely heartbroken. If nothing else, I need to know why I have these cyclical symptoms, some days, I wake up with my dick looking relatively normal and hard, other days I wake up in sweating with anxiety, and my dick is completely numb and dead. It seems absolutely arbitrary and cruel.

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My only question is: When will Baylor publish if at all? Why wont the foundation issue an update on the situation, after all it funded the study? Does the foundation understand that a credibility issue arrises if it does not issue an official update (i.e. private email conversations dont count)?


Just let me have a brain. Anything else is tolerable.
I’d rather die now than live my whole life like this.


Please send a link of the study. Also, i don’t think we have pudental neuropathy, check out the symptoms of it yourself. It’s not credible. I never read any relation between hormonal imbalance and possible pudental nerve damage.


Some guys reversed themselves 100%.


here it is:

“We also reported abnormal somatosensory evoked potentials of the pudendal nerve in PFS patients with severe ED, the first objective evidence of a neuropathy involving peripheral neurogenic control of erection.”