How long must we wait?


Well, i’m sure it’s not nerve damage. They name it like this because by medical therm it looks like nerve damage. Absence of reaction to stimuli, pain sensation and other sensations is described. There is no other illness in this world that cause skin numbness, it’s only nerve degeneration. But the point is that we have a lot of examples when numbness comes and goes day by day. I have numbness on entire skin of my body, what kind of nerve damage is this? There is just something inhibited. On PSSD forum we have some theories about GABA/Dopamine implication. I myself had minutes or hours of skin anesthesia remission. In the same time i felt dopamine in my brain, i felt again smells, i felt the sun. It was only couple of minutes. each time.

I absolutely do not agree about nerve damage. If someone have nerve damage that his place is not on PSSD forum.



i think exactly the same ;( no problems with sexual sides but i want my brain back

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It is nerve damage. I have penile / testical / low abdomen pain that comes and goes, more so when I use pde5i. This doesn’t mean we all have it but some certainly do.



Still do not proove nerve damage. Girls during PMS have lower abdominal, ovarian and vaginal pain/spasm, does it mean nerve damage? No, there are endocrine changes.Think about.