Magnesium for Anxiety


Magnesium is great for anxiety. I found that once I took magnesium every 6 hours my anxiety really improved. I experimented with different types, doses and brands for different times of a 24 hour day. Don’t go off the recommended dose, some I chop up with a razor blade and split the dose. Taking something before bedtime should really help along with 2-3 doses throughout the day. I also find that I sleep better on an anti inflammatory diet.


How long must we wait?

Did the magnesium make you feel like you got more refreshing sleep or woke up less throughout the night



My magnesium protocol

Breakfast - Magnesium malate ½ tab

Lunch - Magnesium malate 1 tab

Dinner - Magnesium Glycinate 1 tab

30min before sleep - Magnesium Citrate 1 cap

For anyone looking at magnesium read about the different types in the link above and also the reviews of your particular brand on the likes of Amazon and iherb to see how the products affect others and gauge it’s quality. For example I had to move my Glycinate dose to dinner as I found it kept me awake at night. Some of the reviewers noted the same affect whilst others found it useful to take before sleep.



woke up less and had deeper sleep. It maybe worth looking at inflammation just a few links from a quick search but there’s plenty available online



So magnesium reduces inflammation? I didn’t see mention of it in these links



No. Look at inflammation as a possible reason for poor sleep, this is separate to magnesium. I’m giving you two possible areas to look into. GL



Best way to fight inflammation? Cold showers, what else?