How Important is it To Avoid Topical Minoxidil

Hey guys,

I see that some people have crashed with minoxidil and it has some proof of anti androgenic affects. Is anyone recovering from PFS while using minox or does everyone agree that stopping it is necessary. Thanks guys.

Stay away from that shit man! Before I took Saw Palmetto I was using Minoxidil for 6 months, for that time it lowered my libido, and I had some days with no morning wood. Didn’t pay attention at this then tho. But I know now that this is total crap, and we shouldn’t apply that crap on our skin!

Pretty important! Why don’t you guys just get a hairtransplant for real? Expensive or not, the money you will spend if you get PFS is much more that that.

Finasteride gave me insane diffuse thinning including my donor area and sides of my head. It completely fucked me. My hair is like straw like an 80 year old man and a year ago it was thick. My Derm says “it’s no way it’s the fin”, when it all thinned two weeks into the drug extremely quickly. I have PFS and my hair is now shit.

But if people are against minox I will just give up on saving the hair. Healing from PFS or giving myself a chance is more important. The situation is so depressing, but I guess worse and more unlucky things could happen in life. I’m alive and functioning so I just gotta try to stay positive.

Same happened to me!

Minoxidil is poison. Dont quit quickly, it is dangerous. I would quit slowly. Would do it in 2-3 months. I would reduce it obout 25-30% for the next 4 weeks, than reduce again 25-30% for another 4 weeks, and again and than quit and never touch any shit! No finasterid, no minoxidil ect.

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The hair transplant industry is underpinned by finasteride. If one has a hair transplant but doesn’t use finasteride the native hairs surrounding the transplanted follicles will continue to shed and miniaturise. There’s only so much donor hair to be transplanted. Ever seen a FUE transplant on a NW6 person not using finasteride? Might as well shave it.

The hair transplant industry is valued at over 5 billion dollars. They have a very strong vested interest in keeping finasteride available to the public. Until they can clone unlimited donor hair, finasteride will be the backbone of their industry. Of course, whilst the predisposition to pfs is unknown it should never be sold but dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons will continue to peddle the lie that pfs is psychologically induced or that finasteride amplifies preexisting depression or sexual issues.


What’s the reasoning behind why it’s dangerous? I’ve been using minoxidil since I got pfs in 2012/13 and I’ve never noticed any change in my symptoms. Is it similar to when people say avoid avocados and stuff like that or is it as bad as using saw palmetto/finasteride?

I think some people got PFS from minoxidil alone

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Right. I got it from minoxidil. I never used finasterid.

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What are your symptoms mate?

Sorry to hear that man. I guess I’ll stop using it for a month or so and see if I see any improvements. Do you mind sharing some of the details of your usage such as how long you used it, when you first started noticing side effects, and what side effects you saw?

There are studies that show minox is also anti androgenic/ messed with 5-alpha

I also used only topical Minoxidil (2%) and have the same symptoms as PFS sufferers. Basically I am suffering from ED and libido loss, no morning wood, and pain in the penis/testicle region.
Those could be effects due to androgens/hormon imbalances but they could also result from arterial changes, as we all know that Minoxidil is used against hypertension.
There are dozen of reports that show how Minoxidil caused pericardial effusion in humans, as well as myocardial lesions in animals (dogs, swines). Also, it is quite interesting that topical Minoxidil leads to death in cats.
As a side note: All those symptoms and effects are ridiculed in the “typical” hair loss forums, I guess propeciahelp is the only forum where you can make such posts and be taken seriously. Most of the PFS sufferers know how painful and severe those side effects are.

For those interested.



I know its not a hair loss forum, but through my research i accidentally found a protein that controls catagen/anagen phase in follicules. And overexpression of b- catenin leads to accelerated hair cycling and even reversing catagen phase. In about 2-3 years new drug will appear on the market that specifically target b-catenin. Pharma is already conducting trials with this drug. It might work, but overexpression of b-catenin is associated with cancer and even in the interview the admitted this fact. I was specifically interested in this protein because isotretinoin is upregulating FOXO1 which is leading to downregulation of b-catenin and ----- > hair thinning.

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I took november2015-november 2016 minoxidil-rogain 5%. In november 2016 i realized: no libido and total impotent. I quit as i realized. A few months later i could musterbate, but it wasnt the same as before minoxidil. Now 2.5 years later: sometimes it workes good, sometimes it is enoght for musterbating every day, but it isnt good enough to be with a woman.
My morning wood is good, sometimes excellent. To get my penis hard is not easy. Sometimes it takes minutes. Only to think about women is not enough. My sexual life is not the same as in 2015 and before minoxidil.
I didnt realize other side effects.
Nobody should use minoxidil, finasterid ect… may be you’ll not have side effects? Not if you dont touch this shit. Otherwise one day you"ll realize that you are in trouble and something has changed forever!

Hi Jim,

I have exactly the same symptoms as you described.
I am also 2.5 years post-minoxidil use, I used 2% Rogaine.
It is really depressing that those kind of symptoms (libido loss, ED) can last so long.
Although I have sexual symptoms, I do not have any mental or physical issues (anxiety, depression, brain fog, joint pain, etc). This is in contrast to PFS sufferers.
Did you notice any changes in penis in your case?

At the beginning of ed i felt my penis very smooth, spounghy. A few time lather it became better. After 2.5 years, now it seems to be the old one, but doesnt work so good as before. I had ups and downs. Somewhere i read about tomato cure. Since 3 days i drink daily 2-3 glass of self pressed tomatoe and drink a lot of pressed fruits and natur water. I also eat mixed salad every day. Now i feel that my erection in the night and in the morning is as good as befor pfs. I dont know if it will be last. I hope. I had only ed as side effect. Before i started to use minoxidil i made research and everybody wrote about: finasterid makes impotent. Nothing about minoxidil!!! That’s why i write it a lot of times: minoxidil makes permanent impotent, like finasterid!!! These are poison. I dont use supplements! Only natur product! Fruits, salads ect…
I hope google makes it and will tell people: never touch minoxidil or finasterid!!!

I asked for a hair transplant in one of the best hair transplant laboratories in Turkey. They told me, if I wont take Finasteride, they wont do it. They say my donor hair is too thin so I have to take finasteride. Well, I would rather kill my self than touch that shit ever again.

One friend of mine made a hair transplant about 3 years ago. It looks pretty great. I know him only for one year now. He has such a high libido and has sex 5 times a day with hot chicks, even though he is almost 40. But he always uses Viagra/Cialis because he is telling me he is enjoying it more. He is alpha male, hairy as hell all over his body, has a full beard and is aggressive as hell. He is from middle east. But I think he is on Finasteride and have to use shit like Viagra to get hard. I hope if he stops one day, he will be fine.

I have a good full beard but some bald spots under my mouth. I was thinking to use minoxidil on these small spots. You think it really can cause PFS if used very litte?