How I believe I cured my PFS

So here is what I did to cure myself from Post Finasteride Syndrome.
I will start off with what my theory on the whole thing is.

My theory is that Fin blocks DHT, but it also blocks or restricts a number of other unknown hormones and natural steroids that occur in the body. With some people this is barely noticable, but in others it can severely impact their health (probably due to genetic differences). Once those hormones are blocked they can stay blocked in some people after they have quit taking Fin. Hence the syndrome known as PFS.

Now here is what I did to cure myself from it. This might for work for some, but not for others. Or it may work for almost everyone. All I can tell you is that it worked 100% for me.
Even if it works for some then that means I will have made a difference.

There are 6 main herbs known to increase testosterone levels.
In addition to testosterone they also increase other hormones in the body. Some of these hormones are obscure ones like 1-Androsten, Androstadien, HGH…etc…etc.
These 6 herbs are:

1. Maca
2. Tribulus
3. Muira Puama
4. Oat straw (Avena Sativa)
5. Sarsaparilla
6. Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)

There are more then these 6 like Catuaba or Tongkat Ali, but they are hard to source or very expensive (if you want good quality). Quite frankly I dont think they are needed.

So what I did was I first started with the Tribulus extract 300mg twice a day.
That already made feel much better within the first day.
I then on top of that stacked it with Maca 750mg twice daily.
I did this for a couple of days and I was already back to 90% cured.
I then decided to try the remaining 4 herbs on top of that, and not only was I back to 100% normal health, but I was actually getting too horny and too energetic, so I decided to cut the last 4 out and just stick with Tribulus/Maca and very occassionally I’ll add some Epimedium.

And ever since I’ve been 100% cured. I didnt have PFS for as long as you guys did (only for 8 months or so), but I most definitely had all the symptoms. And remember, I only took 1 propecia pill per day for 3 weeks, and that was enough to give me PFS.

Just a cavaet if you decide to try this regiment. Always get top quality brands.
Try to get extracts when possible, they are stronger than regular powder.
You might have to start with low dosages and work your way so not to shock your system too much. Start with maybe one herb as well, and then stack it with more. But go slow, dont rush it.

After you’re back to normal you can then either then stop the herbs for a while or take them maybe 2 or 3 days out of the week.
Or you can cycle them. Take for 2 weeks straight and then take a week off. You’re gonna have to play around with it for a bit. Not everyone is the same, and there is no one size that fits all.

So thats my method. If you do try it, I wish you the best of luck.



What’s with all the “Cheers!!” once someone finds a cure


Also moderators, if I broke any rules with this thread, please point out what part of the post that was and I will edit accordingly. Just dont delete the entire thread, please

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If only it would be that simple. although its not a first recovery with tribulus. There have been several of them. I think every single person here, tried tribulus at some point.

Also, I forgot to add this:


Herbs and supplements can interact with medications and health conditions. You should talk with your health care provider before beginning any regimen to make sure you do not increase your risks for health problems

This is not just Tribulus though.

Some of these herbs work on some hormones, while the other herbs work on others.
If you only get minimal results from Tribulus alone, try adding some of the other herbs.
Thats the purpose of this thread


So basically some of the same herbs CDNuts recommends?

Tribulus has seemed to contribute to several recoveries though, so there’s that

Unfortunately for a lot of us, this won’t be enough. We’ve tried all kinds of combinations like that. Some of us literally get worse taking Tribulus for example, where you improved quickly.

It’s something else for people to try, but isn’t an end all cure for everyone, IMO anyways


Isn’t Maca a 5ARi?

Your account is 22 hours old. Come back in 6 months and tell us how you are doing.


Ita pretty obvious what this is

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@Dynamin how long have you been cured for? Are you the old user @Dynaaminen ?

@Trump_1776 what do you think this is?

So basically buy some herbs. How original. Absurd, especially coming from an account that is 24 hours old.

I am sry to say this: You have no history on this forum, this thread described zero symptoms. It therefore carries basically zero weight. It is not congruent with what someone significantly affected by PFS who miraculously got cured from the condition would write. Dont take this personally, its just how the thread is received by me.


You never said anything about your own symptoms? What did you have exactly? Shrinkage, low semen, libido loss?

Thanks for your message, but as others said, we already tried these things with good and bad results. Results were mainly “no reaction” to these things.

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Posts like this are not helpful


do you have any sources about that? i took maca 5 days after quitting propecia (libido problems lol) , could have been a trigger.

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Red Maca reduces prostate size in rats, a friend of mine from solvepfs warned me not to take it luckily, I think there’s a few guys here who took some form of Maca and got worse. I wouldn’t try it, I think I saw a post as well of a guy who crashed on propecia and got shrinkage after taking Maca long after his crash. Not worth the risk imo


oh shit. could explain my crash :frowning:


I’m very very happy this cured you. As you can see it’s a popular one! Many similar permutations have been tried before.

However if it worked for you congratulations and glad you’re out of it! :slight_smile:


So, one more dubious recovery story… People should really stop trying these treatments, with PFS you can easily end up worse by using random stuff. They are a waste of money too. Right now our best bet is to wait for the upcoming studies which should be released in a few months and see where those take us.