Update: still completely recovered, raging libido for the last four years

First off I’m very happy for you and congratulations on getting out of it!

As and when you post that up I’ll be very happy to read it.

Why would I bullshit you guys, I have nothing to gain from it.
Its gonna be a fairly lengthy post, so bear with me. I should have it all up before friday


I most definitely had PFS. Or at least I had most of the symptoms that started after I only took propecia for 3 weeks or so.

You say you tried almost everything. Could you please post a list of every supplement you tried??
Thanks in advance

We’re all hopeful what you did works and is repeatable. The problem is lots of us have tried so many things that a simple / quick solutions sounds unrealistic after having so many let downs.

But we’d all love for you to be right and are interested in what you have to say.

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Just a friendly warning in advance: If you post statements that present your beliefs regarding the etiology and pathology of PFS as facts, or present a treatment method as a cure for PFS, then your topic will be deleted.

Please try to follow the forum guidelines if you are going to start a thread discussing a treatment.


I hope I didnt break any rules.
Here is my thread: How I cured my PFS

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I’ve had spurts of high libido over a couple of days but nothing miraculous. I still have issues at times ejaculating during sex which is extremely annoying! I’m coming to the end of my first cycle, I will then take a week off as described by the OP.


Have you ever got your libido back before Trib? Thats important point. Also, hey, as suggested, i too advise you to stay away from ejaculation and sex for a while. If you can ofc. It’s better to stay away and wait for the upcoming results, rest your body. That long expectation and not obsessing about your situation can add soo much benefit to your recovery! Thanks!

The only thing that would give me libido was heavy drinking the night before. It’s hard for me to abstain completely as I’m married, the wife has needs lol but I’ll give it a go.

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I believe the only hormones that tribulus raises, as shown by actual studies, is DHEA and estrogen.
I believe the “cures” that are from tribulus are from touching these hormones and subsequently their receptors.

I believe that one huge issue in PFS is not “feeling” estrogen. This was certainly the case for me.

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I wouldn’t be shocked if this is true.

@Apr1989 during your early cycles of tribulus did you notice new hair growth on your face or arms?

I’m currently off cycle and will start my next cycle on Saturday, libido has definitely been up this week.

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Have you seen any other things? Semen volume, orgasm and erection quality. Wish you luck.

Semen volume has increased slightly, erection quality about the same, maybe 70 - 80 just takes some time, orgasm about the same.

Yes that is correct, only 0.1 mg (100 micrograms) is the dose that jumpstarts the production of LH (the body jumpstarts puberty the same way by releasing a tiny amount of gnrh (aka triptorelin) from the hypothalamus) anything higher will not work

3 pills is probably too much too quickly, if you take too much tribulus before your body has built up a tolerance it will briefly set you back, it did for me at least

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Yes my ankles and forearms lost hair after i crashed, they grew back, and my beard got darker

Thanks for the reply, and thanks MUCH for sticking around and helping.

To be clear I did indeed work up to the 3 pills dose - I was on my “3-pill day” of the low-dose cycle. So far I’ve only done two low-dose cycles with at least a week between them.

Did you ever feel AWFUL on tribulus? At the start or at any point? I feel noticeably LOTS worse on the cycles and I’m not sure if I fall back after to a higher baseline, but I think I do a little bit.

If that’s not been your experience then fair enough of course, but next time (if I go back to this) I’m going to try building up and stopping dead, rather than tapering down - see if this affects people who feel bad on the cycles differently.

Again though thanks so much for sticking around here. Big congratulations again too.

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That should be slow enough… are you having any sexual stimulation? It is more effective if you wait and let your androgen activity build up before you engage in sexual stimulation which “wears you out” as you know, if I had sex too often, especially if I ejaculated too frequently then I would be set back for a while

It is also possible that you will get faster results if you just take one pill a day for the entire first cycle or just build up to two pills, or maybe wait longer before going from two to three, it was years ago so I really do not remember, the good news is I had that feeling many times when I took too much, and it did not hold me up for long


Just wanted to thank you for sticking around and helping, I’m sure you know how important that is for people. Much appreciation.