Help? ED from 4 weeks on Fin? Recovery Chances?


I think it’s ok to be scared and worried.

My Stats for this forum show I’ve read 23000 posts here. I know what it’s like to feel stressed, scared and hopeless and to be looking for help and advice.

If you want to just talk about things people here are nice (generally). I think it might be helpful for us to have places where we can talk about life in general or films or music, it doesn’t need to be all about your symptoms if you want to reach out and get a little support. Being able to communicate and feel less alone is significant. Your mental approach will make a big difference to how you are able to cope with things. You’re already doing better than a lot of people do. You’ve already got better.

Try and take a break from worrying. Easily said. Focus on your improvements, not the things that are yet to improve. Remember how bad you were and how quickly you’ve got better.


I’ll try to. Thanks hugely again.

And it would be nice to have an area like that - thought about wishing everyone Merry Christmas yesterday afternoon but couldn’t find the right place for it.

Seeing as it is Christmas I’ve got a relaxing one planned - family taking care of me for a few days, New Year will be an undemanding night in, week off work. It’ll be nice to just “be” for a while watching garbage, eating clean but plenty, and will be my second week off the gym (which I’m not totally enjoying, will be good to get back.)

To anyone reading, it’s a shame we’re all here - but I hope you get to enjoy some of (if not all of) your Christmases this year.


The FIRST the VERY VERY FIRST 20% MORNING WOOD today since! I also ‘felt’ like myself yesterday evening, and do now tbh. Certainly had a very hard nocturnal too! Felt that ‘drive’ and the ‘joie de vivre’ or ‘gumption’ or whatever you’d call it from life before! And not just because of this, but from late last night too.

Next year I’m working overtime and donating £1000 to the foundation. I’m fully aware this could be temporary, fully accept there could be steps backwards etc… but dear God.

I’m not religious now, but I’ll pray for myself and for you all. Just typing this from bed even, not been awake 5 mins!

Thank God, just a solid little hint of getting back to myself!


Congratulations, that’s great news. You might be right to think that setbacks might occur but I would take this as a good sign that you’re capable of getting better and that if you don’t do anything crazy, your body will keep improving.

Nice idea with your pledge to contribute to the foundation too.


Thank you again Greek for everything you do here and for all your patient advice! I’d have been hopeless without you, Baz, canabis, and everyone who’s offered me such vital support. As well as the work awor and axolotl and the intellectual crew do (as a side note, those folks must be superhuman, doing the research they do and operating on the levels they do with PFS too!)

There’s no question in my mind this forum has saved lives. I’ll donate my monthly amount for as long as it takes to find a treatment/cure. And for a day when you go to the doc’s with “a spot of PFS” and get fixed.

Yes, I’ll try and be zen about setbacks, should they happen. Falling back sometimes to a baseline or slightly improved one is part of things from what I’ve read. Just in case I do regress any.

Vitamins, no more wacky ebay supps, paleo diet, no caffeine, back to gym week after Christmas. I’ll see how I go.


Whoa, no need to go crazy. I’m unaware of any need to drop caffeine.


Hehe, yes I don’t think it’s PFS-centric. More that I’ve done the detox over the 5 day fast, so now I’m not doing ANYTHING to upset the status quo. Clean eating, keep supps up for now, begin tapering off I guess if things stay (please God let them stay) over the next few months. Gym again (CANNOT wait, miss gym so bad.)

Fingers crossed…


Good luck, keep us posted. :slight_smile:


Thanks again all! Well, I’m not as good as yesterday, if I’m honest. However I did sleep like a rock for the first time since my crash. Masturbated 3 times since last night, first was perfect - a little sensitivity lost for sure, but erection fine. Second I woke up early, fed cat, did and slept, was fair. Third one when I woke up again - bit forced, erection went weak a bit more during but that has got better. Semen sometimes thin-ish, sometimes thick-ish, but never has been clear or outright watery.

Aware I’m a little emotionally blunted, lacking motivation, touch of anxiety on and off. However I’m feeling a bit ‘zen’ about it - I mean, we’re PFS guys and we’re a tough, persistent bunch! Setbacks are fine, though it’s human to be a little disappointed I guess; would always be a nice idea to find the proverbial magic potion to sort this.

Anyways, rambling aside I’m not sure where I am in terms of healed from this. I’ve improved myself though, I’m certain of that - how long for I’m not sure really. Maybe the whole exercise gained me 5-10% improvement; if 100% was me pre-crash and 20% post-crash then I’m probably somewhere around 35-40% as of right now.

BTW does anyone else grind their teeth unconsciously? I’ve found I’m doing that!


Yes, I have to consciously relax my jaw sometimes. I don’t know why but that comes with periods of worsened symptoms.


Mood - 7/10
State - 6/10
Funds - £10/£1000

I’m going to try and keep the above numbers in now as I do tend to ‘dear diary’ an awful lot in this thread.

Mood is quite good (well, “PFS good”) - I tried that 3x/day masturbation thing last two days, managed 5 yesterday and tbh glad of a break today! Takes a little to get hard, but stays hard a little better now. I’m not doing that again though… Very very very sslllooowww improvements, good days and bad days, but I think I’m seeing a trend. If the crawl continues I’m hopeful for 2020. I totally wasnt getting nocturnal wood after the crash, I am getting hard-ish ones now, and once even slight morning wood. Grateful for any and all good signs.

Went for a little run after eating tons of Christmas dinner today, that’s definitely lifted spirits some. I’ll also be logging the funds until I reach my donation amount, which might take a while! I’ll get there though. Cardio I’ll just ‘do’ now, definitely a benefit there.

Do hope you all had good Christmases.


Mood - 7/10
State - 6/10
Funds - £20/£1000

Raided the penny jar, a little more set aside.

So, joined the ‘dark side’ after a panic/bad bad day in December and ordered Pansterone and 5aDHP form idealabs. They’ve finally arrived and made SUCH a difference. Read on the Ray Peat fora of a few folks recovering using these and Cdnuts’ protocol, so I’m trying that. I think baking soda disagrees with me a little, could be overuse, so dropping that.

Feel maybe a little brighter, maybe. Work is definitely easier - it’s a stressy place at the best of times but I’m doing ‘OK-ish’. Went to the gym, cold showers (goodness I do hate those) and a ‘fundamental’ feeling of driving to get better. I’ll see how long that lasts and how I do when I’m freezing to death under the next ice-cold shower!

I’m disheartened (as I’m sure we all are) that it’s been a solid 2 months since my crash and I’m not magically all better, but hey ho - I’m certainly doing better than I was. Sleep is on a small decline currently which is pants but I’m getting a solid 6-7 hours so have ZERO right to complain about that!


Mood - 6/10
State - 6/10
Funds - £50/£1000

Few more quid in the penny jar. Things are going up and down. I think mental sides are improving slightly, I think sexual sides are improving slightly/negligibly, however these are general trends rather than solid progress really.

Undeterred I’m persisting with Cdnuts’ protocol and the depleted mood could well be because of my new attitude of grit and angry determination rather than the initial despair - which I completely can’t blame myself for of course.

Looking at trying to run, lift and generally thrash the PFS out of me with every last bit of exercise energy I can throw at it over the coming year. I think Chi’s protocol and Cd’s can be run concurrently, though I’ll be WAY low on carbs for the process and losing bodyfat like crazy. Lifting 5 days/week, cardio and some bodyweight every morning, pathogen test lined up, broccolli smoothies, enemas, the lot.

For a year.

Diet will be meat, kale/broc/cauliflower, eggs for a few months then creep some carbs in very gently depending. Probiotics I’ll investigate, I’ll be guided by pathogen test. Other supps will be Cd’s rotation and suggestions. The Pansterone and 5aDHP above did indeed help, but I toughed it out and got off them - they did seem to get me to a particular point then I stopped seeing benefit. Surely they did pull me out of a hole and I’m very happy I tried them.

Let’s see if PFS is tougher than I am… (It’s not.)


Good luck buddy, I approve of your attitude. Maybe you should run a blog on this, give us updates every few days or so.


I’ll do that Greek - might as well give this my all for recovery now.

Blog is:


That’s great! I actually meant a topic here so that people could comment and join in.

Could you copy your posts into a topic here too?


Lol, I was wondering that - actually that’d be easier. I’ll start one off.

EDIT - that is now Jin Stewart Kills PFS


How did you use the Pansterone and how much of it did you use?


Started with one drop on each testicle, AM and PM. Then down to one drop PM, now none.