Help? ED from 4 weeks on Fin? Recovery Chances?


Be extremely careful with the methyl B12. I was taking 1g per day, along with SAM-e, for some time back in August and am still regretting it almost as much as taking Accutane, if not more so.


Thanks matey - I’m hopefully dodging some bullets here, and thanks to you all too.

I’ll taper down the Creatine, Tribulus and Gingko over the next weeks (unless someone recommends I just stop dead or taper faster.) Creatine I’ve kinda always had in PWO - I might be the only person on this board to have had many previous years cycling on-and-off NO-Xplode (old and new formulas) so I’m in two minds about stopping this when I get back to the gym next week (just taken this week off.)

B12/Methyl is on day 1, as is the B6 (yesterday) and Milk Thistle, so I’ll just halt these.

Pycnogenol [edit] and L-citrulline I’ve been taking since just after getting ED, so would it be wise to just stop or try and taper these down too?

Thank you all again immensely for the help. I’m finding it’s easy to just panic and research stuff, and build up your own collection of things to try, but I think a lot of it is born of panic still, so I’ve HOPEFULLY not done anything awful (further to fin ofc.)

Is the above sounding saner?

Thanks again everybody.

[Edited as I’d written “Phosphatidylcholine” instead of “Pycnogenol”]


Hey… why is Vitamin B6 and B12 bad? i dont understand… it should be good for you!

Also i was thinking of taking Maca Root capsule? or Ashwagandha? is that recommended?? It’s natural and I heard it boost testesterone…

so confused on what to do and not do in this situation


On the vitamins front, I myself don’t know, and it’s the ‘not knowing’ that’s made me buy a binload of supps in panic, thankfully only arriving recently enough that HOPEFULLY I’ve not impacted my recovery any.

I’ll taper off things over the next week or two unless I hear different or to stop dead.

As I’m desperate to share any positivity, however much of an overshare it might all be, tend to masturbate EOD and now fluctuate around 60-90% hardness throughout. Did so last night, also had a dream about being ‘with’ a female colleague and woke up about 60-70% hard. I’m given to believe this is a good sign.

I still have BO, which I think (from what I read) is good.

I am still slightly allergic to my lovely old cat, which I think is also good.

Thanks so much again everybody who’s chimed in to help here. Please keep sending me positivity, I’m sure that’s helping some!


Yeah thats definetely a good sign… I wake up everyday now with a 100% boner, as for libido it’s still on the low side , maybe thats cause I keep checking for it and masturbating EOD… I’m also gonna stop taking any vitamins, supplements etc and go all Eau de naturale… lol
Just exercise a bit and eat healthy for next 2 months and see where that takes me

I think luckily we both have mild symptoms and should hopefully recover… there arer some guys who can’t get a boner at all and thats horrible… Here’s to hoping all of us recovers soon with time

Also i kinda notice my balls feel a less sensitive to touch.? i dont remember how the skin felt before so not sure if i lost sensation down there… How does your skin feel around and below your scrotum?


I know… It’s hard to feel ‘lucky’ exactly but yes, there are people TOTALLY impotent and almost bedridden, and next to those unfortunate guys I feel I’ve no right complaining at all.

I don’t wake up with an erection at all really, apart from a couple of times very weakly post-crash; my awakening last night after that dream was something new, so I’m celebrating it in my own way posting it here. In the couple of weeks pre-crash in fact I noticed sometimes woke up with very drastically hard (harder than normal) erections.

I think my scrotum is as it always was, no loss of much of anything there. At least I don’t think so…

Current symptoms are:

  • ED as above. Masturbate EOD, get myself ‘nearly there’ ED for about 20-30 mins, get between 60-90% hard.

  • Fatigue kinda bad some days, some days ok-ish.

  • Balance during fatigue seems to be not super.

  • Definitely a bit of mental fog and anxiety, some days/some hours worse than others.

  • Sleep isn’t brilliant; tend to get 6-8 hours but wake up early and just doze, can’t get properly back to sleep.

Current ‘good things’ are:

  • In a general mental sense, I feel like I will get better. The ‘outright panic’ sense has mostly gone, though pops up on occasion (usually if I read/research something negative, but I’m about at the end of research now, and keen to leave all but the barest vitamins alone gradually.)

  • Positivity along with this improves very very slowly (thanks to the AWESOME people and patient advice here and to reassurance from my doctor.)

  • Libido is a little blunted sure but I’m sure still horny. I think the anxiety and awareness of the situation are doing that.

  • My ex (who I live with) has been a wonderful support.

In a general sense, slowly improving. Sloooowly… I’m not sure if that’s been due to anything I’ve been supplementing, which I’ll be weaning myself off of ofc, but getting most ‘morale’ from the ED symptoms improving.

Will FORCE myself to the gym tonight for some weights and cardio, rest for the weekend and watch movies/stroke the cat.

What’s also been AWFUL guys is that I’d JUST started a relationship before this with a GORGEOUS girl; seriously SO SO hot - we got to ‘enjoy’ each other once at least, then this ended us. She’s been supportive as anything and will carry on being so no doubt, but my goodness… FFS…

Everyone here has been amazing with the advice and support and good wishes, and I don’t think I could do this without you folks!


Hi all - not really much by way of updates. Don’t mean to turn this into my personal diary, but it is kinda helping I think. I found out I had some DHEA 25mg left over in the cupboard, and took one by mistake on Saturday. Well, the effects were amazing! Like mentally cured about 90%, which then tailed off and dragged me down a bit even on Sunday/Monday. Not touching that again.

Taking multivitamins now, tailing off the Tribulus still and the Gingko, still take NO-Xplode pre-workout. Diet is SUPER clean now, as of weekend, man it’s hard cooking so many potatoes and sweet potatoes and chicken…

Feeling a bit more tired this week, actually libido down some, although brain fog and panic-anxiety seems to be settling a little bit. No fap since Sunday, with some coaxing erections are up about 90% and not dropping off any more, which is at least something. No morning wood this week though. I think it feels a bit ‘thinner’ maybe too…

Some emotion returned in fact, but feeling actually very tearful. Not sure what to make of all this. BO is still there a little (which I’m SURE vanished for a day following that DHEA.)

Can anyone see any positivity in all that anywhere?

EDIT - have also got a bit of dry skin on my hands now, slight pain in my abdomen occasionally. Wondering also that my nipples are slightly puffy too. I don’t think any of this is especially good now.


Tearful is good, actually. It shows that this part of your emotions is still there, I sometimes wish I could cry. It’s impossible for me. No matter how shit things are.


Northern_Star that was not good to read, but at least you found me a good sign in there, so thanks.

Bit of a funny story (because you’ve got to laugh) I went to the gym last night, after my workout suddenly felt kinda good. In the shower, real, solid 5min erection at near 100%. Couldn’t believe it. Drove home, felt ‘ok’ for the first time. Like, before-times really ok.

This morning noticed that my pre-workout has 1g Tyrosine in it, which is a little bit notorious for short-term recoveries.

Bloody thing…


Sorry, it sounded worse than it is. Sometimes I have moments like this, but mostly I have adapted to it. Fortunately, outside PFS my life is good. So there is rarely a reason to cry (unsuccessfully).


I might take just a little break from the fora here. I need to thank you all so so much though - I’ve had so much help and genuine love here, and I wish you all the very very best. I just can’t stop myself panic-researching and uncovering horror stories and feeling worse, and every little bit of positivity I get I seem to diminish by reading about the decline of another poor human being suffering this. I have it mild next to almost all of you I think.

I’m going to train, think positive, work hard, drink tons of water, take some PREMIUM-ASSED multivitamins and some non-hormonal supplements like the well-meaning and experienced members here have advised. I’m going to relax and rest and feel as good as I can and be as selfish with my time as I can be until the end of February, and see what that buys me.

I’ll be thinking of you all and everyone who’s helped me.

I am ABSOLUTELY F***ED if I’m not going to get better someday. I’ll beat this.

Thanks so much to all of you, I’ll see you all soon.


Same man. When I first got this disease I was crying every single day. And as the condition got worse and worse, my ability to cry has vanished


i also have a hard time crying/ feeling sad


Just a quick update, breaking my silence. The mental sides got horrible in the end, really overtook the sexual sides, to the point where I had to do something - so I bought and tried dessicated thyroid and pine pollen extract. That was a complete and total turnaround in terms of mental sides, and sexual sides DEFINITELY improved. If I was about 30% of my former self sexually, I was definitely getting closer to 60% and nocturnal semi-erections returned!

I think Ashwaganda has stunted this improvement slightly, so I’m dropping that. Taken it for four days now and think that’s been causing the slight downturn.

Organic Baking Soda Helps!

And another break in the silence - I might just update occasionally.

Bit of a crash last Sunday, not entirely sure what brought that on. Dropping the pine pollen for now since Saturday.

Trying a strict 5-day water fast, on day 3 currently. Do feel a little better mentally, physically I’m not sure but weak-ish nocturnal wood has definitely been returning the last week. No real/any morning wood, but ‘rises’ pretty easily in the mornings. In general erections are about 90%, sometimes dropping off a bit, but in a general sense much better than I was. JUST ABOUT managed to have sex for half an hour on Saturday, but did bung down a taladafil for that. I think I am missing a little sensitivity on the penis having done that and thought about it.

I was going to try and stay off all supps, but have just HAD to try something, was a VERY rough time last week. Currently take:

Vitamins - D 10,000iu, A 5000iu, K2 100mcg, Mucuna Pruriens, Catauba Bark, Thyroid gland (dessicated) 390mg.

Liposomal Vitamin C 400mg, Pituitary gland (dessicated), Niacinamide 500mg.

Phosphatidyl serine 100mg, ALCAR 500mg, Phosphatidyl choline 840mg, Pycnogenol 100mg, L-Citrulline 1g, GABA 750mg, Glycine 4g + 2x tablespoons sorghum flower + 1/4 teaspoon baking soda mixed up in a glass.

I’ve heard stranger things fixed people. Fasting is free after all and (allegedly) helps reset hormone imbalances.

When the fast ends I’ll see how I am eating clean in a week’s time. If no improvements then, I’ll continue and see, and add in dessicated prostate and liver, read that pretty much fixed someone.

For the fast I’ve been on 1/4 teaspoon baking powder (sodium bicarb) morning and night in tap water and it’s definitely helping something. I’ll get myself onto 1/2 teaspoon before the end of the fast on Friday.

If NONE of that works in a month I’ve got 5-ADP, Pregnenolone and Pansterone on order, as well as Hardrock’s R-Andro. I’ll try the first two, then if I’m still not improving after that I’ll cycle the R-Andro for 6 weeks, then take 4 off. I’m not sure if it’s sensible to run a PCT for it, and I gather it is suppressive.

All in all, I’m a little better than when I crashed the first time and found life not worth living. Slight improvements in erections has been brilliant really, although they are only slight it’s something. Brain fog and mental sides are better this week; could be the fasting and could be the baking powder.

Of course and as always any and all advice and opinions and anything received happily.


Hey I’m also having some mild Ed and a bit of penis curve to the right. Don’t know if it’s in my head, do let us know what helps

I am not taking anything, just want to beat it naturally


@jinstewart, will you know what’s helping / making you worse with such a huge selection of supplements?


I’m not sure I will know really. I’m thankful something seems to be, the way I am feeling though I just have to try something. These didn’t look too bad to try, and I’m fairly sure the thyroid helped particularly.

With the rest of them, they’re ‘hormonal’ which I was certainly trying to avoid, but have helped people.

I’m afraid the desperation seems to be winning out. I can’t face this without trying all I can. :frowning:


I get it but you’re still 2 months off?

If I was a betting man, I’d guess that time has done more for you than whatever Catuba Bark is.

Obviously, I wish you all the best, but please be careful with all these things you’re introducing into your system. I’ve been told of someone who crashed using Sorghum. Some people will report improvements with things that crash others. As said to you earlier, you could very well improve naturally, without supplemental assistance.


Greek I’m so surprised I’ve not exhausted your patience at this point. Thank you so so much.

I think I’m feeling a trend, in that I seemed to crash badly last night, and feel better today. I’m still feeling my way around things and symptoms, but today I definitely feel ‘lifted’ - haven’t eaten in 4 days almost (fast ends tomorrow) and broke up with my new girlfriend last night, slept like crap…

…But definitely good. In fact, this is probably the best day I’ve had since the first crash. Chatting to a colleague earlier did have a spontaneous 60% erection (the trousers held that one in thankfully.) I’ve noticed myself feeling despair of something, posting something up here when I feel like I can’t take it, order a bunch of random supplements from panic-reading, having an agonising night, then feeling much improved the next day.

Is this also in itself a symptom?

I’m also sorry if I’m filling this place up with spam. I’m hoping though someone in future might come across this and read my “saga” and if and when I do get better learn from it (or learn from mistakes I make.) On that front, I don’t think the sorghum actually does much of anything for me.

Thanks again - I’d be so lost without this place.