Jin Stewart Kills PFS


Well it’s time to take this seriously. Short story is been suffering from PFS since late 2018. This needs attacking strictly in the way Chi and Cdsnuts did it. Just breaking the ice here and getting the first post out, as this will be the record of my eventual defeat of it.

Just to get this out the way, Merck you ruined me. But I’m coming for you…

My story is elsewhere, but this will largely be my angry and committed record of healing. PFS won’t know what hit it.

In here you’ll get the gory details of the extreme things I’ll be up to. Enemas, research, the lot. I think at this stage I’ll be taking an almost entirely natural approach, concentrating on exercise, diet and gut and I’ll give it a year. Career, relationships and everything will come second to getting mended.

So, daily plan for weekdays in overview is:

6:00 - Wake up, HIIT 20 mins, brief but intense bodyweight exercise.

6:30 - Breathing exercises, then cold shower, either organic soap or Sanex 0%.

7:00 - Breakfast smoothie (1 egg, kale or broccoli, pinch of pure salt, 2x tsp MACA powder, drop of iodine on occasion.) Also supplements of the day, see Cdnuts’ protocol for those.

8:00 - Second breakfast of meat (usually lard-fried mince from the night before) with a little broccoli or kale, little sauerkraut too. Egg white powder protein shake.

12:00 - Lunch, same as/similar to second breakfast.

15:00 - Pre-workout and gym, heavy weights for 40 minutes plus HIIT or strenuous cardio/circuits for 20 minutes.

19:00 - Dinner, usually meat or high-meat sausages fried in lard, some fried eggs, some broccoli, kale, spinach or cauliflower. Might add another smoothie in too.

Diet is paleo for now with no dairy. Almost no carbs either, but I plan to creep these in once improvements start to set in. I’ll give that three months. I’ve not really got much in the way of bodyfat since my initial fast, but hopefully enough as I’m definitely going to struggle getting the calories in!

Probiotics I’m on currently (Actimel, but finishing these off today as no dairy) as well as some Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, L. Reuteri, Nystatin (2000000/day in total) and shortly Acidophilus and Bifidus added to the mix. I’ll soon add in citrus seed extract and Viridian digestive aid.

Other supps currently are:

Thyroid glandular (I’ll just finish this bottle, not done much.)
L-tyrosine (again I’ll finish the bottle, not convinced it’s done much.)
Vitamin A 5000iu
Vitamin C 400mg Liposomal
Vitamin D 10k iu
Zinc/Copper 15mg/1000ug
TMO supplement rotation (have most of them.)
Creatine (1g)
Chlorella in wate
Colloidal silver 50ppm 3x capfuls

Pre-Workout is NO-Xplode

GABA 750mg
Collagen 3g
Gotu Kola
Pine Pollen Powder (1tbsp in water.)
Colloidal silver 50ppm 3x capfuls

Moving to just spring water too.

Weekends will be one day off all exercise, but one gym session and one 40 minute run in there. I only take herbs on a weekend to keep myself from any tolerances.

So, transitioning to this life as of now! Today was the first day, and following a power failure at my house had to forgo the smoothie and just get into work. Luckily I don’t need hot water any more! Have a new blender to get to grips with tonight after my workout. Not the best start, but I’m more determined than ever.

Things like steel water bottle, cutting out BPA, organic toothpaste etc are all in.

Doctor’s next week plus nutritionist to take stool samples etc.

Probably much much more to come, much more I’m forgetting but work needs me for now.

Debating kicking things off with another fast, maybe a decent colonic or two, but I’ll keep this routine up until I’ve seen the nutritionist and I’ll go from there.

EDIT - fair warning this will get very spammy and random, and some of my freeform thinking will creep in here. It’s how I cope, let’s say. Currently feeling VERY angry at Merck, very driven to succeed, and internally laughing since Chi described his symptoms as “Talking/Dancing/Glow-in-the-dark penis”

Anyone still in contact with Chi or has he moved on? Can’t blame him if he has.

Anyway, there will be ups and downs, regression and tears, progress and setbacks of hours/weeks/months but the alternative is WAY worse.

Cold showers sure are CRAP too but meh.


Help? ED from 4 weeks on Fin? Recovery Chances?

I like this attitude man, it’s a nice change of pace from the normal mood around here. Excited to see your updates. I wish I had the willpower and money to follow a regimen this strict.



Thanks for that! Way I see it, this needs pounding out. Chi did it, many others have improved or recovered by at the very least getting super-fit, so I’ll run what Chi and CD did. I’ve been a keen weightlifter for years, not really any bodyfat but definitely not super up on the cardio though! That’ll change, I’ll be a lean monster by the end of this too.

We’ll give it a year. If I feel there are any shortcuts then I’ll document those.

Willpower you have, you just do. It’s in there I can promise you. Funds yes, I have some, I’ll try and apply them sensibly. Gut test, needs doing…

…And definitely so does premium blender. First hurdle, my £20 supermarket blender is not up to anything. Broccoli laughs at it. I will take £200 to Curry’s later on and get something muscular. Made my morning smoothie mush with it and a hand-blender and was a mighty chore.

Smoothie recipe I’ll post up when I nail it. I’ve also found some Jarrow ginger and garlic tablets, so they’ll do me nicely. Fresh ginger I’d prefer ofc, and I’ll find some from somewhere.

I’m not sure Chi got any colonics done but I’m definitely going to. Figured it can’t hurt any to wash that out a little bit. Enema kit coming too (cannot wait.)

EDIT - looks like he did: Chi's Member Story & Progress

I seem to be getting about 5-6 hours sleep a night, which I’m led to believe is better than most. If that’s the hand I’ve been dealt then I’ll make the most of it. Nodded off just before midnight last night, woke up a little before 6 this morning. HIIT got done, moon was bright enough for it too. Did a set of pushups and a set of squats to follow, but ideally I’d do crunches too. I’d do the lot in the park if I could, but it’s dark and I’m afraid of touching dog poop. :frowning:

Cold shower was about 70% bullshit, yesterday was actually only 40% bullshit. I really hate those, but they’re good for what ails ya!

I’m also thinking of ‘reaching’ for that HPTA fire-up/switch - just gently probing around in my thoughts like “where are you in there?” I don’t know if that’s good, but I want to remind it it’s missed!

I’m going to FUCK PFS UP boys! And if I can do it ANY OF YOU CAN! If I can’t then it’s one less thing to waste your time and money on, but the thing is, I’m never stopping this. I’ll win in the end. Or Awor, Mew, Axolotl and the “brain crew” will beat me to it and find a cure in the mean time. I can’t operate on their level at all, I’ll try things this way. Thank God we have those fellas around too.

Gotu Kola (as per CD’s dailies) is also DEFINITELY responsible for a little internal ‘tingling’ sensation in my penis following edging sessions (I do tend to get it up and maintain an erection a couple of times a day for about 10-20 minutes, but probably won’t actually ejaculate for a few months.) I tried it and had the same back in November in my frantic “try anything” phase which we all go through. Bacopa also might be useful in the long-run, so I’m glad that’s arrived.

Short term benefits today ofc are slightly less stressy feeling following the exercise, which I guess is the cortisol battle going on.

Work needs me, rambling shall stop, keep up the good fight folks.

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I love cold showers lol. I do them morning and night. Especially after a sauna, man it feels great

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Also OP you should try coffee enemas. They single handedly improved my anhedonia, depression and brain fog significantly.

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I’m debating it and the place I’m going offers them, but I might just keep it “vanilla” for now.



You can do your own coffee enemas at home.
You can buy a metal enema bucket in here with hose included:

Organic coffee as well it’s fairly cheap and you can buy distilled water to do the whole process.
@propecia123 I can confirm what he is saying from experience, haven’t tried it since my crash but I used to to them before all this mess —they trully flush out all the bad in you.

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I’ve been doing them for around three weeks now and they make me feel great

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Are these enemas not painful or feel strange ?



I would imagine they feel VERY strange. I’ll report back, don’t you worry!

I’ll do my own spring water one tomorrow, see how I do. The professional one is next Saturday.



Maybe wait for the professional to give you an idea of how it should work?

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Now that principle I for sure agree with, however I saw a (hilarious) wikihow page on it, plus at the end of the day it is just some water up my arse. I’ve done way dafter things than that before now, so I should think I’ll be ok.

Let’s hope anyway. Tomorrow is the day.




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All done! Well there’s a lot of water everywhere, and need a lot of anti-bac (use your imagination there folks!) It definitely flushes you right out. I had to ‘fill myself’, hold it in, rush to the toilet, let it out, repeat until the fluid was pretty much clear. Got the technique down after a while. It can’t have hurt at least.

Somehow I managed 10 hours’ sleep last night. Woke up slightly rejuvenated but damn I’m tired today.

I’m going to exercise weekdays and have one run at the weekends for now, let myself adjust to it a touch. Right now determination wants me to attack it wholeheartedly, but I need to be a bit sensible.

The carb-less, sugar-less, dairy-less diet is getting to be labour but I’m gritting my teeth and going through it. Wish me luck.

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Few updates, not sure what to put right now. Just a placeholder. Having read a few bits and made a few decisions, kale and spinach feature heavily in the smoothies:

Jin’s “Green Mingers” -
1x mug of brocolli
1x handful of kale
1x handful of spinach
1x raw egg
1x tsp each of chlorella, pine pollen, gelatinized black MACA
dash of Nam Pla (thai fermented fish sauce)
couple slices fresh ginger to taste

Blend that, get it down you. Have two a day. They’re actually not that bad! Usually I go out for HIIT, nip back, 20xpushups/crunches/squats, get this down with supps, rinse mouth and brush teeth, cold shower, off to work.

I’ll keep things up-to-date on tweaks etc, but finding my feet still. During the day I’ll eat fried meat and kale. Some HIGH quality fermented veg too. No carb/dairy still. Keeping that up into March now.

Gym now looks like 40-ish mins of weights and then another HIIT session; usually 5 ‘sets’ of sprints or equivalent.

Dinner is normally eggs and meat (fried in animal fat) with kale/brocolli.

So far, at week 2, this has not cured PFS. But I’m feeling satisfaction in knowing I’m doing all I can. Or at least, mostly what Chi and CD do. I’ve added in Viridian digestive aid too, which is another Chi recommendation.

Keep fighting guys.

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Does anyone who’s tried a coffee enema with “success” think gut bacteria is involved with PFS? And if so, has anyone who’s tried it with success taken blood or stool tests before and after? If not, I’m ready to do both and compare results.



Hi NewYorker, yes that’d be grand! Go for it and let me/us know??

So, as most of us are known for (and I’m no seasoned PFS-pro but I’ve got my stripes I think) I’m tempted to tweak the protocol a tiny bit, but not tempted enough to stray completely. Hackstasis reading (if I interpret it correctly, goodness those guys are clever) seems to want the liver flushed, glutathione to work properly, so looking to increase glutathione transferase and also increase NADPH. There is an eletrolytes protocol, but boy am I struggling getting it down. Hydrogen water seems to be a must so I’ve bought a little thingy for £250 that makes it, and I’ll gun that down.

Coffee enemas and some sunbed treatment thing are ALSO meant to support glutathione, and if I’m reading the electrolytes protocol right that’s the goal/getting the liver out of alkalosis. Having had that recommended at my colonic I’ll try it, and see if I can incorporate the electrolytes protocol a little better once I understand all that.

Hopefully I’m still going to be on the Chi/Cdsnuts/Electrolytes enough to reap the benefits of it all. On the face of it, nothing seems to conflict. FWIW I’m in the middle of my Andro run too.

Stool test is off, more bloods/hormones coming too.

For the sake of too much detail (hell if this works we’ll all WANT detail I guess) here’s some reference sections:

Food - (pretty much week 2-and-a-bit of this:)
Smoothie: broccoli, kale, spinach, raw egg, pinch of sea salt, probiotic sachet, dash of nam pla, slice of fresh ginger, tsp chlorella, tsp black MACA powder, mineral water.
Breakfast: 250g beef mince fried in lard, broccoli, kale, MUCH organic sauerkraut (love this.)
Morning: 2x scoops dessicated egg whites (yuck but need the protein/calories/cholesterol.)
Lunch: 250g beef mince fried in lard, broccoli, kale, organic sauerkraut.
Dinner: (example) 4xegg omelette with spinach, pack of bacon oven-cooked. Sometimes another smoothie.

Drink only mineral water, few times a day boil some and squeeze in half a lemon and a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt.

Regime -
AM: 6:10 Wake up, out for interval sprints in the park, back for 20xcrunches, 20xpushups. Cold shower.
PM: 15:30 Gym for weights (5 day split) followed by HIIT for 10 minutes. Going hard.

Weekends exercise is limited to 1 30-40 minute run for now. I’m easing into this a little. I’m also able (and happy) to lay in and sleep for 8+ hours, so taking full advantage. Diet stays the same for weekends.

Got myself some hip injury, not happy but can just go hard enough running. Rowing machine luckily enough I can just about get a workout on to get winded in intervals, so I’m sticking with that. I’d get to the gym and row AM too, but they only have warm showers. :confused: Going to the physio tomorrow, get that sorted. Can’t have niggling injuries getting in the way or setting me back.

So far this has not cured PFS. Some improvements in sleep though! I’m not sure what’s the Andro and what’s the process but I’ll take it. I can get a solid 6-8 hours with a little tossing and turning in there. Erections maybe got a little better? Idk, but that’s to be expected on Andro. I had a strong nocturnal two nights running, but no morning as such - it’s a little easier to awaken then though, so I think it’s “trying”?

Mental sides definitely got a little lift the last two weeks. Again, could well be the Andro, but THANKFULLY it means I can work at about 70% which is JUST ENOUGH to keep myself in the game.

Trying also to work hard on the positivity - not reading the front page of this forum ever again (someone let me know if a cure gets found in the interim please!)

Keep going lads.

EDIT - sod it, I’m going to say it, mood seems to be lifting a bit. Let’s indulge some optimism and say that’s a good step in the right direction.

I’ll update on all the other nutty stuff.



Double-posting here, forgot supps and things:

R-Andro 200mg
Probiotic tablets
Digestive aid with smoothie
Nystatin tabs
Colloidal silver

Liposomal Vitamin C 400mg
Digestive aid with breakfast 2-4 tabs
Probiotics with breakfast

Digestive aid and probiotics with lunch.

R-Andro 200mg

Magnesium Malate 625mg
Potassium 200mg (on R-Andro only)
Gotu Kola 900mg
Bacopa extract 1g
Collagen 3g
Garlic and ginger extract 500/200mg
Nystatin tabs
Colloidal silver

With a heavy heart I woke up this morning to my hip throbbing. Let’s not push that too hard and let it rest, it obviously wants it.

So, for AM routine I’ll get up EVEN EARLIER (uurghh) and get smoothie and supps, brush teeth/cold shower and get to the gym. I’ll do 10 minutes of just killing myself on the rower, then 20 pushups, 20 crunches, shower as quick as I can (I’m FAIRLY certain I can lather up cold quick then wash most of it off before it gets too warm) then get to work. PM routine, back to the gym, no leg-day for a time now but will do chest Mondays and Fridays. This is a setback indeed but I can just about work around it - better than being injured and needing to rest a month, that’s REALLY mess things up.

I’m also pondering adding in hydrogen water and enough of the electrolytes protocol, BUT that is firmly tinkering. Debate in my mind now goes like:

Electrolytes - I don’t FULLY understand it, but can incorporate some essential bits of it. Doing things this incomplete way might help, might do nothing, doing so might rule out successful TEI.

TEI - hair sample gets sent off, they give you supplements and a diet to balance you. Can take months, can take years, some have recovered. If you’re on this you’re on JUST this, can’t do Cd’s protocol nor electrolytes protocol but can exercise.

Cdnuts - historically the “go to”, ups and downs, some have recovered, broad estimates are recovery at 6 months - 2+ years. Won’t NECESSARILY hurt to add electrolytes parts and Chi’s bits and bobs.

I’m leaning as I mentioned towards Cd’s protocol with increased exercise (I’m just feeling that’s key somehow) and stricter diet, which is pretty much Chi’s protocol at the same time. Of course I’ll also run whatever my nutritionist gives me, doesn’t necessarily conflict with Cd’s protocol. Necessarily. Though it is tinkering slightly ofc.

ALSO tempted to bung a load more Nystatin and colloidal silver down, which is part of a massive “liver/gut attack” of for the last 4 weeks of my R-Andro cycle, and then see how I’m doing on the snapback after that. I have taken some of ihatepropecia’s approach on this, but Nystatin and silver I think it’s best to keep up once you’ve started just in case something gets resistant to it being taken too inconsistently or weakly. I’m not sure, but that’s staying for a month. After that, my Genova test will be back and I’ll go on whatever I’m advised.

I could be adding in some huge benefits or messing to my detriment, but after the cycle’s finished I’ll be on the herb cycle and the cardio and the smoothies and no tinkering then, just riding it out for 8 weeks until the next cycle.

There’s also murmurings of an anavar cycle being worthwhile, so I’ve got some in.

This weekend though will be liver flush (yay) and one of Chi’s cold baths where he lay in the water until he convulsed (YAY) so I’ll tell you folks how that goes. I’ll also get a home enema in, a coffee one if all the gear arrives. I’ll return with the details.

Keep going guys.

EDIT - actually there might be merit in writing up the “liver/gut detox attack” plan, so I’ll do that too at some point.

…And here it is - lunch break put to good use.

I propose doing the following for the last month of my R-Andro run, for all the good it’ll do.

First up, the liver flush: https://healthybliss.net/gallstone-liver-flush-recipe-cleanse-info/

Grim. But let’s.

Supps for the process will be:

Liver flush (1/month for a year)
Liposomal Glutathione (5ml/day for 1 month with PM meal)
Thiosulphate (1 spoonful in water, PM only, 1 month. Expect to fart and poop lots)
Epsom salt baths EOD
Malic acid 1g/day (with PM meal)
Bile acids 2 tablets/day (with breakfast and PM meal)
Phenylalanine 500mg/day (with PM meal)
Vitamin B complex (with PM meal)
Hydrogen water
Schisandra powder (into AM smoothie)
Zinc 15mg (PM)
Gelatin sachet (into AM smoothie)

Milk thistle I’m drawn to, but lowers AR, so likely not.

With my limited understanding of things, alongside my insane consumption of meat and eggs this might detox the liver enough and ensure digestion works properly. Hoping it’ll kickstart something, and seems the least manic thing to attempt. If it does nothing over these four weeks, we ruled something out. If it’s the miracle cure, it’s well-logged now! If it makes me worse, don’t do it.

Wish me luck boys, wishing you all the best.

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Sorry for the spam. Didn’t get near any cardio this morning as I overslept (idiot) so did a few rounds of pushups and crunches instead. I’ll beast myself with some extra tonight.

Thiosulphate drink tastes like old matches in water and makes you fart horribly and poop violently. I had some at 8pm, poop started around 9pm, stopped enough for me to sleep around 10pm.

Took some of the glutathione too with B vitamin complex and Phenylalanine, but that’s made me feel just a little strange. I’m no longer sure it’s wise to tinker with that, especially as (by my own admission) I don’t know quite what I’m doing with the electrolytes situation. I’ll drop that and the Phenylalanine.

EDIT - and a MAJOR mental downswing all of a sudden. Okay, that could be anything from the above; I have changed a lot. Could even be something getting better?? Idk, feeling like crap now. Gotta grit my teeth and get through today.

Uuuurgghh… stupid fucking PFS.



Have you ever considered taking Balkan Tribulus?