Jin Stewart Kills PFS


Hi Cooper - I’ve got Tribulus in the rotation, but I’m not doing the herbs currently (still on R-Andro atm.) Have some decent high-saponin Tribulus left from a while back (keen gym goer) but also got in some BRI Nutrition Tribulus.

Got a workout in this morning, think I’m feeling better for it. If workout is key to this then I’ll be happy, always loved gym! Joints a bit “clicky” which is probably low estrogen from the R-Andro. The Blue Ice fermented Cod Liver Oil (that’s another Chi one) will hopefully help.

Weight is down, but that’s to be expected - definitely good for the abs this one. Ketosis confirmed with urine tests for a while. Hitting that another three weeks after this, then creeping carbs back in with almond milk and rolled oats PM.

I’m still toying with dropping Cdnuts’ protocol after a month of herbs for “PCT” and just going on and sticking with TEI and waiting PFS out. Not sure yet. Either way, starting the hydrogen water as soon as the machine arrives. Allegedly you feel awful for a few weeks on that, then you perk up. What I should REALLY also do is stop dreaming of tinkering and stick with what I’m doing.


Well folks I can promise you that liver flush is savage. As linked, start Friday but WRITE OFF the weekend. You’ll be destroyed and on the toilet the whole time. Get LOTS of water in, bad bad news. On Saturday morning I felt like I’d killed myself, I thought I’d really broken something.

It might have been a bad time to do it whilst on R-Andro, and just be too much on the liver itself, but I’m improving now and did pass some stones. Not quite well enough for gym again yet but eating now.


Chased it with a coffee enema Sunday, not sure if either ‘did’ much but then they’re not miracle cures.

Tomorrow marks 7 weeks of R-Andro, so might call this a good time to stop and start the herbs, give the liver a break. I’m on of the “lucky” people who can neck 600mg on their first go, so did so for the last few weeks. Hydrogen water is here, so I’m taking that route. I think it might be worth re-thinking carbs; Chi swore off them at the start, Cdnuts uses them in paleo and the Electrolytes demand them - rice of all things, which I thought inhibited 5AR. Executive decision is carbs, they can CREEP back in now. Half a sorghum flower pancake/day and a little brown rice, slowly nudge that up. This way I’m technically doing both protocols a bit wrong, which is, er, great?

Okay, Nystatin 4,000,000 iu/day now. Found a better supplier so we’ll keep that coming for a few months. Too early to say if it’s made any difference.


Kudos to your perseverance. There’re many things in your current regimen that I’ve not attempted in my recovery plan but there’re also a few similarities. Good luck in your journey to beating PFS.

Healing the gut should be a high priority. It appears as PFS does something to the gut, which hinders recovery. My latest theory is that any protocol should result in a balance in neurotransmitters. Most PFS sufferers complain of cognitive impairment, you name it depression, anxiety, brain fog, libido, loss of motivation among others.

These are all tied to unbalanced neurotransmitters such as Serotonin and Dopamine. It’s worth mentioning that those same neurotransmitters are governed by numerous bodily functions such as Gut function, T:E ratio, Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenals, Nutritional deficiencies and many others.

That’s why I think a global approach would be your best shot.


Thanks bud, yeah I figured on “sensible scattergun” as you can probably all tell!

Huge upswing earlier this week, then large downswing yesterday/today in all areas. It is the nature of things ofc, but still allowed to suck. Sorghum (my creeping back in of the carbs) could be this. Or just the ebb and flow on R-Andro. Not sure.

Parasitology test results back middle of next week (same thing Chi got) so I’ll live life more guided by those.

R-Andro run WILL end next Monday, then herb cycle. I’m not keen to mess with Cdnuts’ protocol, but my word if Apr1989’s Tribulus thread doesn’t look promising. I’ll keep my eyes open for Triptorelin, just in case. If I do get some (or my levels of test recover anyway/are fine) I’ll just run this anyway, alongside Cd’s protocol.

Exercise took a nose-dive I’m sorry to admit; very dry joints and leg injury mean I can only row at the moment (but get something of a steam up doing so.) Only done evenings this week, and then only three as that liver flush KILLED me. I’ll exercise tomorrow, deload week next week whilst hormones level out then we’ll see where we are as the herbs go on. Weights of course I’m still doing.


Hope you get well soon pal. Regarding the dry joints, I’d recommend having your E2 (i.e. Estradiol) checked. Mine had been too low for over two years and gave me a myriad of symptoms including dry clicking sore joints. You name it knees, ankles, wrists, neck, shoulders and even toes and fingers.

I couldn’t figure what caused my E2 to plummet in first place but after a lengthy trial and error process it turned out my chronic use of aromatase inhibitors including Aromasin, Zinc, Green Tea, Fish oil & even high dose Vitamin D. Those were all having a synergistic effect tanking out my E2. I had to drop most of them and fortunately this helped my E2 climb up a bit. It’s still border line low-normal to this day and I’m looking into ways to bring it up.

Now this could not be your case but it’s worth looking into since many PFS’ers think shooting down E2 is their panacea.

Get well soon!