Jin Stewart Kills PFS


Hi Cooper - I’ve got Tribulus in the rotation, but I’m not doing the herbs currently (still on R-Andro atm.) Have some decent high-saponin Tribulus left from a while back (keen gym goer) but also got in some BRI Nutrition Tribulus.

Got a workout in this morning, think I’m feeling better for it. If workout is key to this then I’ll be happy, always loved gym! Joints a bit “clicky” which is probably low estrogen from the R-Andro. The Blue Ice fermented Cod Liver Oil (that’s another Chi one) will hopefully help.

Weight is down, but that’s to be expected - definitely good for the abs this one. Ketosis confirmed with urine tests for a while. Hitting that another three weeks after this, then creeping carbs back in with almond milk and rolled oats PM.

I’m still toying with dropping Cdnuts’ protocol after a month of herbs for “PCT” and just going on and sticking with TEI and waiting PFS out. Not sure yet. Either way, starting the hydrogen water as soon as the machine arrives. Allegedly you feel awful for a few weeks on that, then you perk up. What I should REALLY also do is stop dreaming of tinkering and stick with what I’m doing.


Well folks I can promise you that liver flush is savage. As linked, start Friday but WRITE OFF the weekend. You’ll be destroyed and on the toilet the whole time. Get LOTS of water in, bad bad news. On Saturday morning I felt like I’d killed myself, I thought I’d really broken something.

It might have been a bad time to do it whilst on R-Andro, and just be too much on the liver itself, but I’m improving now and did pass some stones. Not quite well enough for gym again yet but eating now.


Chased it with a coffee enema Sunday, not sure if either ‘did’ much but then they’re not miracle cures.

Tomorrow marks 7 weeks of R-Andro, so might call this a good time to stop and start the herbs, give the liver a break. I’m on of the “lucky” people who can neck 600mg on their first go, so did so for the last few weeks. Hydrogen water is here, so I’m taking that route. I think it might be worth re-thinking carbs; Chi swore off them at the start, Cdnuts uses them in paleo and the Electrolytes demand them - rice of all things, which I thought inhibited 5AR. Executive decision is carbs, they can CREEP back in now. Half a sorghum flower pancake/day and a little brown rice, slowly nudge that up. This way I’m technically doing both protocols a bit wrong, which is, er, great?

Okay, Nystatin 4,000,000 iu/day now. Found a better supplier so we’ll keep that coming for a few months. Too early to say if it’s made any difference.


Kudos to your perseverance. There’re many things in your current regimen that I’ve not attempted in my recovery plan but there’re also a few similarities. Good luck in your journey to beating PFS.

Healing the gut should be a high priority. It appears as PFS does something to the gut, which hinders recovery. My latest theory is that any protocol should result in a balance in neurotransmitters. Most PFS sufferers complain of cognitive impairment, you name it depression, anxiety, brain fog, libido, loss of motivation among others.

These are all tied to unbalanced neurotransmitters such as Serotonin and Dopamine. It’s worth mentioning that those same neurotransmitters are governed by numerous bodily functions such as Gut function, T:E ratio, Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenals, Nutritional deficiencies and many others.

That’s why I think a global approach would be your best shot.

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Thanks bud, yeah I figured on “sensible scattergun” as you can probably all tell!

Huge upswing earlier this week, then large downswing yesterday/today in all areas. It is the nature of things ofc, but still allowed to suck. Sorghum (my creeping back in of the carbs) could be this. Or just the ebb and flow on R-Andro. Not sure.

Parasitology test results back middle of next week (same thing Chi got) so I’ll live life more guided by those.

R-Andro run WILL end next Monday, then herb cycle. I’m not keen to mess with Cdnuts’ protocol, but my word if Apr1989’s Tribulus thread doesn’t look promising. I’ll keep my eyes open for Triptorelin, just in case. If I do get some (or my levels of test recover anyway/are fine) I’ll just run this anyway, alongside Cd’s protocol.

Exercise took a nose-dive I’m sorry to admit; very dry joints and leg injury mean I can only row at the moment (but get something of a steam up doing so.) Only done evenings this week, and then only three as that liver flush KILLED me. I’ll exercise tomorrow, deload week next week whilst hormones level out then we’ll see where we are as the herbs go on. Weights of course I’m still doing.


Hope you get well soon pal. Regarding the dry joints, I’d recommend having your E2 (i.e. Estradiol) checked. Mine had been too low for over two years and gave me a myriad of symptoms including dry clicking sore joints. You name it knees, ankles, wrists, neck, shoulders and even toes and fingers.

I couldn’t figure what caused my E2 to plummet in first place but after a lengthy trial and error process it turned out my chronic use of aromatase inhibitors including Aromasin, Zinc, Green Tea, Fish oil & even high dose Vitamin D. Those were all having a synergistic effect tanking out my E2. I had to drop most of them and fortunately this helped my E2 climb up a bit. It’s still border line low-normal to this day and I’m looking into ways to bring it up.

Now this could not be your case but it’s worth looking into since many PFS’ers think shooting down E2 is their panacea.

Get well soon!

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Thanks doomed80.

Well, Geneva test came back and it looks like I’m not riddled with issues, but there is a hefty gut microbiome imbalance to sort out. No pathogens or anything like Chi seemed to have. I guess that’s good, but I was severely hoping for lots of problems, thereby sorting out lots of problems along with it all. Oh well, let’s just say it’s a good thing to have less going wrong.

Been off the R-Andro since Sunday now and back to the herb rotation, I think I got a little snapback the day after tbh but it’s not done miracles. Easy to be disheartened ofc, but this is a long road and we just have to knuckle down and get to it. So I shall. Have some more diet guidance too, so I’m happier for that in a way.

Feeling low tbh but, seeing as I crashed late October, November and December were HARD, I’m better than I was then and got some more avenues so this can’t be all bad. Think I’m a month in now and this hasn’t as yet cured PFS. More bloods to come in a couple weeks which I’m happy about as I’m feeling shut down by the R-Andro or something there.

Sleep is at least better, and that must be key to some of this.

Keep fighting guys.


Don’t know if I’m getting better at all, but feel ‘different’ - very very emotional, lots of tears and regrets over leaving my ex. It’s like I’ve “woken up” and she’s gone, along with the happy life I had (we parted just before my PFS crash.)

Maybe something is waking up and pining after that life that used to be there in the “before” time?

A couple of people say I “look” better, but I don’t feel it. Feeling pretty horrible and tired tbh. But I’ll admit different. Am I better than I was Nov/Dec? Yeah, I think so. A little bit.

So, updates on supps. Dropping most everything except Cd’s herb rotation and dietary addons, including hydrogen water (that stuff made me feel very odd and tired and lethargic indeed.) Nystatin isn’t doing a whole lot I don’t think, and Geneva test shows nothing for it to be fighting anyway. That’s now:

Broccoli smoothie
Daily herb
Bile Acid Factors
Betaine HCL
Vitamin C
Colostrum (will drop shortly)
Schisandra powder
Probiotic following Geneva results

With meals:
Betaine HCL, Viridian digestive aid, Bile acid factors

Daily herb
Magnesium Malate
Vitamin B complex

So, where to go? Will stick with things for a little bit, but waiting on bloods now as I am keen on Apr1989’s tribulus cycles. If I’ve test within range I’ll have a stab at it for a few cycles. I want to be as ‘clean’ as possible for a few months and if I haven’t made progress by the summer I’ll just quit it all, sit on TEI religiously until that sorts me in a few months/years.

Considering there’s been ‘progress’ I’m a little defeated and tired. Gym has become HARD WORK nowadays.

Urgh, keep fighting guys???


i was very tearful in the few weeks after my crash. guessing it was the high estrogen for me lol

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I’m assuming it’s that from the aftermath of the R-Andro cycle. Been a week and a half though, could have shut me down. Bloods will show.

Sexually might be slightly worse off even. Libido is gone entirely. Nocturnal wood has happened to about 50-60% maybe on occasion, but not regular and no mornings still. As hard to get it up and keep it up as ever.

The sadness though does feel ‘real’, and I wonder just implies an enhanced connection to the world again; estrogen doing things would I guess do that. I guess.

Could NOT get motivated for ANYTHING at work today, bit stagnant. Gym later too, which I’m not really looking forward to.

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Hmmm… maybe there are ups and downs still. Felt a bit better yesterday, today idk. Just not sure. Did spend two evenings with a friend just chatting away, and felt better for that. Have certainly had some reasonable nocturnals.

Best thing is I’m definitely improved over how I was just following the crash, so that’ll be something. Motivation is getting harder to dig out of myself, but I’m trying.

Cardio I took down to CD’s recommended 2 or 3/weekly HIIT sessions, and I think I am feeling it’s more “right” to do. Apr1989’s Medi-Herb tribulus cycling is proving just too hard to resist, so I’m going to try that. It’s “a” herb rotation, right? Right???

As per his recommendations, as far as I see them, sometimes the guy went up to 10-12 pills spread through the day and tapered off to single pills, or half pills, depending on which of his posts you read. I’m very grateful he’s back to report this though, and looks like a fair few of us are trying it! So, if test is at least mid range I’ll give it a go. If not, I’ll ponder some options (Nolvadex being my fave, got BUCKETS of that.) I think I’ll attack it thus:

Tribulus Cycles 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13+
Day Dose
1 1am 1am, 1pm 1am 1am 1am, 1pm
2 1am 1am, 1mid, 1pm 1am 1am 1am, 1mid, 1pm
3 1am, 1pm 2am, 1mid, 2pm 1am 1am, 1pm 1am, 1mid, 1pm
4 1am, 1mid, 1pm 1am, 1pm 1am, 1pm 1am, 1pm 2am, 1mid, 2pm
5 1am, 1pm 1am 1am, 1pm 1am, 1mid, 1pm 2am, 2mid, 2pm
6 1am 1am 1am, 1mid, 1pm 2am, 1mid, 1pm 3am, 2mid, 3pm
7 0 0 1am, 1mid, 1pm 2am, 1mid, 2pm 3am, 3mid, 3pm
8 1am 1am 1am, 1mid, 1pm 2am, 2pm 3am, 2mid, 3pm
9 / / 1am, 1pm 1am, 2pm 2am, 2mid, 2pm
10 / / 1am, 1pm 1am, 1pm 2am, 1mid, 2pm
11 / / 1am 1am 1am, 1mid, 1pm
12 / / 1am 1am 1am, 1pm
13 / / 0 0 1am
14 / / 1am 1am 1am

And I’ll have at least a week between cycles. Heavier cycles maybe a fortnight break. If no progress after two months then no problems, back on the R-Andro.

Not got a decapeptyl shot (real pest to source this too) so have bloods coming back and if free test is in range (pleasepleaseplease) then should be good to go. Colonic and coffee enema Saturday, the diarrhea I’d had earlier in the week cleared up by itself. I’ve got things to be happier about but I’m just not. Pining to be fixed already of course, as I’m sure most of us are and appreciate.

Still, good gym session last night and hoping for another one tomorrow/tonight depending. Road trip Sunday which is a thing I’m ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO!

Keep fighting guys!

EDIT - and bloods came back, thankfully test is pretty bang on normal, but with hugely elevated SHBG means free test is minimal. Some pondering on the actual action of the tribulus too regarding NADPH and AR and everything - could be that the cycles do all sorts of good, and both those have been suspected of playing a large part in PFS (by people cleverer than me I hasten to add) so yeah, I shall have at it.


No real updates, then again very early days. Ups and downs on the tribulus I think. To be fair, Apr1989 reported the same and if it’s to be expected then I’ll remain optimistic it’s doing the same.

Sleep is for shit I’m sorry to say, but I can reliably get 6 hours (though I do get up and down to pee.) I get 8-9 hours Friday/Saturday nights. Last week though I actually had a good dream! Just used to get brief guilt-nightmares about my ex most of the time before, but there’s definitely a trend in dreams getting better. I’m sure some sufferers would kill for that, so counting my blessings.

Some weak, brief nocturnals about half the time now though, maybe maybe it is a little easier to get it up but still needs constant stimulation to stay hard enough. Edge for 15 minutes twice daily to keep it all ‘going’ there. Libido still zero.

I might try another liver flush next weekend and keep doing those. Colonics now end with a coffee enema, I feel all sorts of weirdly drained after these, so I’m going to take a little break from them after this one, and I’ll do the coffee enemas myself at home. With instant coffee (I’m joking.)

(I’ll use gravy.)

Getting REALLY FUCKING SICK of PFS now. Cardio I’m dropping back on as my joints ache from the old hormones. Twice a week HIIT on top of weights 5 days/week is my limit. I’ll have a good walk I think at weekends.

I’m two months in and this hasn’t cured PFS. When I’m better I promise 100% I’ll go fight someone at Merck and I’ll film it.

Keep on going guys.


Managed an upswing of a few days, and today managed to have pretty good sex twice. When masturbating or edging, things weren’t 100% right but my body just “remembered” what to do with a girl. Kinda. Felt like it went better this time than the first time I tried it with Cialis a few months back.

Okay, this is kinda a result. Okay… Let’s not get too excited and let’s not say I’m mending just yet, but oh boy…

Tweaked the AM and PM supps a little recently, will update. Running Apr1989’s protocol on tribulus, actually felt a bit lower the longer the week went on, but upswing came for certain after. A little. Didn’t think it would and honestly thought I’d just see how far things went (she’s an INCREDIBLE girl and would have been comforting had I “failed”) but in the end, all just about worked.

My goodness… that’s a plus sign at the very least. Keep fighting guys!


Bit of a sanity check, no massive updates in three days ofc!

Monday - International Chest Day
Tuesday - Shoulders
Wednesday - Legs
Thursday - Back
Friday - Arms
2 days/week HIIT (sprints or rowing like a nutcase for 10 minutes of sets.)
Lifts are just a mixup of as many compounds as I can get in, so very sub-optimal for muscle building, but FORGET that for now, I’ll maintain what I have and deal with getting mass back post-PFS. Broadly speaking 5 exercises/bodypart, 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. Again, depends on exercise. I also find R-Andro for example lowers estrogen, so I tended to do higher rep sets for that and try to avoid joint injury.

Daily herb (this is now alternate days Tongkat Ali/Boron (12mg) between Apr1989’s Tribulus cycles, for the SHBG lowering effect, whatever good that does given my understanding of things.)
Bile Acid Factors
Betaine HCL
Vitamin C
Colostrum (will drop once it runs out.)
Schisandra powder
Probiotic following Geneva results

With meals:
Betaine HCL, Viridian digestive aid, Bile acid factors

Daily herb
Magnesium Malate
Malic acid
Vitamin B complex
Probiotic following Geneva results

I’ll also randomly neck Vitamin C through the day. Get through about 3-4g /day I think.

Diet (sample day):
Morning - smoothie (1x mug of brocolli, 1x handful of kale, 1x handful of spinach, 1x raw egg, 1x tsp each of chlorella, gelatinized black MACA, dash of Nam Pla (thai fermented fish sauce,) couple slices fresh ginger to taste.)

Breakfast - Chicken cooked in yeast extract ‘gravy’ sauce and bell peppers and onion, white rice, broccoli, apple.

Mid morning - 3 scoops dessicated egg white powder with water.

Lunch - Chicken and rice as above, another apple.

Dinner - (oh boy) beef steak, 5 eggs scrambled with spinach (both cooked in butter,) smoked salmon with lemon, broccoli, microwaved potato, whey protein shake.

Additionally drink Pau D’Arco tea throughout the day and drink 500ml plus of beet juice.

Gym got a little easier, the ‘sour headache’ is still fluctuating but better than it was a while back. I can work a day now just about, sleep is definitely on the up, just wish I could nod back off again when I inevitably wake about 5am. I do get 6-7 hours on a weeknight, get 10+ hours on a Friday/Saturday.

I’ve put on 1kg in the last few weeks. This’ll do me nicely for the next fast.

Penis (yes you all knew there would be penis updates) is much the same. Sometimes weak nocturnals, very very very rare weak mornings, but did manage to have non-viagra/anything sex with it twice last weekend. Tiny bit premature I’d say, both times, but she was happy, so I’m happy. Maybe erections got a bit better and fuller since the last R-Andro cycle too. But only a little bit. I try and edge for 15 minutes twice daily with a full erection, which I do have to keep stimulating to keep up. Use it or lose it.

Also get tiny little flickers of libido and very weak partial erections from sexual thoughts.

Emotionally a bit flat but improved. Suicide ideation is getting less frequent and insistent now.

I’m better than I was back in October, no doubt about that. I hope so badly that I continue. And I know a LOT of PFS sufferers would KILL to be where I am, so I’m taking that as a blessing.

Keep fighting guys.


What are you using for lowering SHBG? Does Tribulus do that or is that something else? I’ve been interested in lowering mine as well… though I haven’t measured it directly, even with my total test naturally sky high (like 1100+ where 960 is the “normal” max) my free test is below the normal range… so I’m assuming it’s because of that


Couple of bits in there - Tongkat does, Boron does, Trib I think doesn’t, but it increases NADPH and androgen receptors.

I’d say get it measured, I did mine with a postal blood test. Might be even cheaper in the USA (UK brah here.)

My thinking behind it, silly or otherwise, is attack SHBG from a few angles and cycle things. Maybe that’ll help fire up something that helps me, maybe not. Can’t hurt I guess.

I’m straying a little further from Cdsnuts’ protocol of course, hopefully what I’m doing is sensible.

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Ah ok, sounds good. I had read about Tongkat helping with that. I’m going to stick with Tribulus cycles only for a few weeks then may give Tongkat a try


Revelation today, going to say forget this. I’ll do TEI and see how that does me.

Nothing very much to update further I guess! I’ll stop all supps for a week, shave head, grow hair two weeks, shave again and send.

Keep fighting guys - I’ll go slow but sure with this.

I’ll also update this single post with some complaining. It helps me to complain you see. Does it help you to read it? Probably not!

DAY 1 off supps - oh boy, here we go. No supps and eating ‘normally’. No weird broccoli shake in the morning, no pills of any sort. Just nothing. Oh boy. I can feel PFS rubbing it’s hands getting ready to smite me hard over the coming month. It’s ok, TEI will smite you back.


Sorry, much frequency to my updates. Just checking in, and I could be going very crazy, but I’m feeling better for not being on anything. No supps at all since Thursday. Also, masturbated three times Friday (it’d been about a fortnight since last ejaculation) then SOMEHOW managed to have sex the next morning. I was OK I guess, but still DEFINITELY premature, only lasted 10 min. And only about 90% hard. Sensitivity better than it was though I must say. Most importantly she enjoyed it.

Last bloods finally came back, I wasn’t expecting DHT to be in range but it is. A touch low but not sky high. Just for ref:

Test - 17.1 nmol/L (8.64 - 29 R) (27/2/19)
SHBG - 62 nmol/L (18.3 - 54.1 R) (27/2/19)
Free test (calc) - 0.229 nmol/L (0.2 - 0.62 R) (27/2/19)
Progesterone - 0.706 nmol/L (Range: < 0.474) (5/3/19)
DHT - 1.20 nmol/L (Range: 0.33 - 3.01) (5/3/19)

I’m still thinking TEI is for me at this stage. Drying out from supplements certainly isn’t a bad move now and then either, and I need to be doing that to prepare anyway. Still eating clean, no caffeine, working out. Could it be the increased sexual activity has dropped androgens so I’m feeling better? Who knows with PFS…

Sleep is a little worse, and that sucks, but I’m able to ‘cope’ with a grumble. I couldn’t tell you why I’m doing it, but I’m also keeping up the cold showers. Saves on the gas bill I guess!

EQ is maybe a little worse masturbating. Very weak, infrequent nocturnals and mornings. Overall though it’s a definite upswing taking nothing at all!

Keep fighting guys.

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Hmm, not updated in a bit but I’m not really sure things are better. In fact, getting a little bit worse in general I think.

EQ took a hit, not sure if that’s due to Sulforaphane or not - it was a little bit of a gamble, probably not paid off. Tribulus cycles I’m still pondering as per Apr1989’s topic, despite feeling horrid on it there just might be some magic to it - I’m experimenting though, see how people who react badly to being on it need to dose differently.

Tired now, gym is hard work and I barely get there three times a week. No cardio, just not up to it.

Sleep went bad but got slightly better again.

Work is very very hard.

Diet lagged a bit and for the very first time since getting PFS I had a cheat meal, but still pretty much paleo. Just getting started on the bone broth now too.

So, what next to get me out of the dumps? I’ll try more Mediherb Tribulus (I bought a ton of it) and experiment. Off the masturbation now and sex is out of the question.

In short, I’m still deep in this. I hate this. I really hope every single Merck employee gets PFS.


Blimey, I was a confused unhappy noodle two weeks ago.

I think the last update was when I’d taken something with licorice root in it and OH BOY DID IT FUCK ME. I’m over it now. In fact, way better currently than then. I’m not sure it was bouncing back from that (don’t take it) or the sulforaphane (don’t take that either.) Mentally I’m probably 6/10 now, which is ace. Sleep still sucks a bit. Sexually still the same, not great really. Give that a 4/10 BUT weak nocturnals and infrequent weak mornings are a thing now.

The “sour headache” is trying to creep back. I very much don’t like it. However I’m currently fiddling around with tribulus cycles. I used to feel HORRENDOUS on tribulus, now not so much. Steps in the right direction. My knackering fatigue has gone and I can gym better now, though I am also back on the NO-Xplode and creatine on weekdays.

Currently doing, oddly enough, pretty much CDnut’s protocol by accident, with tweaks, alongside TyCr0Z’s tomato juice protocol just for the lulz. Daily supps sorta are:

Tribulus (VemoHerb currently, but back to the Medi Herb for playing after.) 400mg
Colostrum (Jarrow) x2
Brawn TUDCA x1
Fermented Beet Tablets x2
Diatomaceous earth (tbsp in water.)
5aDHP x2 drops (I did some Amitriptyline for sleep and to settle me after the Licorice Root., weaned off that and now weaning off this. It stopped helping a little while back but now helps again. Yay!)

MitoQ x2 tabs
Vit C 1g
Glutathione now and then.

Sodium Butyrate x2 (finishing this up)
Collagen 3g
Magnesium Citrate x1 tab

Diet is paleo, no carb backloading though. Get through about 500ml of Jarrow bone broth. A COUPLE of times a month I have a cheat meal, but it must be paleo. Aside from apples and bananas I never eat sweet things and never snack foods. Haven’t even pre-PFS tbh. Do drink 500ml kefir/day too, sometimes more. Pau D’Arco tea features a few times a day.

Plans for the near future are seeing Gillian Hamer! Yes, the legend that is her of Chi’s recovery! Got an appointment in, she’ll certainly un-fuck me in terms of digestion and gut health, which admittedly is getting way way better. Going to keep working out, eating clean, fiddling with supps. And probably annoying poor Axolotl more (sorry matey if you’re reading this.) I’ll soon finish off the Sodium Butyrate and wean off the 5aDHP, then I’ll see how the tomato juice protocol goes, then probably do more Tribulus cycles.

I HAVE to say skin is, aside from very limited occasions, now oily. The spots on my back I’ve always had are coming back, get some spots on my face too as I did in the ‘olden days’. Workouts are getting a little easier (though could be the NO-Xplode.)

In general quality of life is improving in a couple of areas a little bit or at least not getting worse. I DO wish sleep was better and boners were back and I was getting ‘olden days’ pumps in the gym, and in fact the whole fucking lot was over with! I’ve a long way to go, not even sure I’m on the right track but we’ll see.

I’m definitely one of those who responds better to lowering androgens, but then after some fiddling I’m ok with Tribulus and Creatine now. Not massive doses admittedly. There’s some magic in doing that.

Heh, and I NEVER thought I’d be one to start formulating any theories but my ballpark is somehow that it’s got to be cycling androgenic substances for the body ARs, and if that makes you feel like shit then you need to support the brain chemicals somehow, and feel like shit, but keep doing it. There’s some inverse relationship between brain ARs and 5AR1 and 2 I read somewhere. It’s just gotta be that. He says… I’ve no idea but hey it’ll pass the time with herbs and tomatoes until Axo and Awor find the real cure. Nobody actually do any of this btw! I also had a theory about trying huge doses of SFN and rosemary and trying to destroy ARs completely, and wait for them to rebuild, but I need a lot of reading and understanding done before that’s even ponderable.

Just a bit of an update, lots of typing but not much said! I’m better than I was though a fortnight ago.

Keep fighting everyone!

EDIT - Oh I also forgot to add I hope everyone who works at Merck gets PFS even worse that the other week, and their dicks fall off.