Has anyone here tried high doses of HCG alone? I never could figure out why every time I inject HCG I recover, till I found this article

Enhanced stimulation of 5 alpha-reducta - PubMed Mobile : ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/8142315/

It seems that HCG is a precursor to 5 alpha reductase enzymes, I believe this condition is an injury to the body's ability to manufacture 5 alpha reductase enzymes. As many of you may be aware, I am a unique case, I have been on HRT before, during and after my PFS crash, I recover and then have had 2 more minor crashes that each were not as bad as the previous. 
I take 1000 units of HCG at once, seems that after I inject it I am good as gold for 4 days or so, I had not given it anymore thought as I was up to 90% better a couple weeks ago. I took Avodart 11 weeks ago, HRT has not worked properly on me after I crashed, and gradually it got better and better. Now I realize where HCG factors in, it is a precursor to 5 alpha reductase enzymes which then give my body the enzymes it needs to process testosterone. I run out of the enzymes and then don't respond to testosterone till I manufacture more enzymes. 
I believe the path to managing this condition is with HCG, HCG also boost natural testosterone, I am about 60-70% recovered thanks to HRT. Though, I don't believe the testosterone could work without the HCG which answers a lot of questions I have and others have here about testosterone therapy. I am curious if anyone ever tried HCG alone without testosterone at high doses. 
I would, but testosterone is helping me a lot and I would lose my muscle if I quit it, so far every time I have had another one of these crashes, HCG has recovered me within a day. Then my body responds to the testosterone in it correctly.

HCG is talked about commonly here. It is commonplace in post cycle therapy (and I just feel like PCT is a huge area of interest of ours). I think this should definitely be explored. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, it is Interesting. As I mentioned in a previous thread, propeciashiz claimed to be 100% from HCG and then never returned to the forum.

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He was probably cured, all of you should be on HCG, I take it every week as part of HRT to counter act my testicles from shutting down from testosterone. When testosterone peaks I sometimes have a crash (I have been going through this for 11 weeks now), but when I inject HCG, I recover. Testosterone injections hit you with a huge dose at once, then it slowly evens out.
My theory is that this condition we have is an injury to the 5 alpha reductase enzyme production, 2 weeks ago I responded to testosterone perfectly like before the crash. I am doing a lot better than most here, I am certain because of hormones. The key with this condition is taking the right low dose of testosterone till your body can produce enough of the enzymes to process more.
If your goal isn’t to have testosterone injection effects, high doses of HCG are harmless and even healthy and should reverse this condition. I haven’t seen anyone who just did HCG alone, if I didn’t care about big muscles I would do that, but testosterone even when not working from PFS does intermittently work and allow me to keep my muscles. After the crash it didn’t work at all, then a day a week, then 2 days a week, now I am up to the whole week testosterone working to maybe 4 or 5 days and then HCG kicks it in.
I wanted to share this with you guys, HCG can’t hurt you, so no reason not to try, it is definitely helping me. I wouldn’t know for sure if it wasn’t that every time I inject it I feel better within about 12 hours.


Check the above article out, HCG is used for a 5AR deficiency in humans with the genetic deficiency disorder.

I got a prescription for HCG from my doc so I might be trying this after trying T4. Answer whatever you can from Qs below please.

Who else is trying this? JQD are you using HCG? Are you aware that you need to use the injections in fat such as abdomen and NOT drops?

Where do you buy them from? Doc warned me that prices vary a lot so I have to shop around.

Have you guys heard of horror stories on HCG? Warning signs that one should watch for?

I’m going to give this a go next week. 1000 UI is quite a high dose given I’m on TRT so will start lower and work my way up.

Think you’re being too optimistic. A large number of posts here suggest HCG is predominantly ineffective, and some actually feel worse from it.

Danny, are you talking to me? Nothing i said suggested i am optimistic. i asked questions related to risks and side effects.

No was directed at the OP

I am reposting this message as I do not want to retype it, please read it, this will answer all your questions, oh and about HCG, I use ineluctable into fat. Try 500 units a few times a week, or more, see how you feel after each injection, takes about 24 hours to feel it. Make sure it is refrigerated after you mix it, and it loses all its potency after 30 days.

    I find that doctors cannot follow my knowledge base, I think I even took my hormone doctor for a spin and the ego of doctors prevents them from accepting the patient may know more. I have been friends with many doctors my whole life and they all have this problem. I have figured out what PFS for the most part, and I have a treatment protocol. 

PFS is damage to the body’s ability to produce 5AR enzymes consistently, or at all, or it is a blockage to those enzymes. You are a little off and perhaps it was a mistake on your part or maybe you don’t fully understand, which I don’t blame you as my doctor had trouble following. I think because this stuff you learn in medical school and rarely use it in medical practice.
The 5AR enzymes reduce TESTOSTERONE to DHT, each enzyme has a purpose, the 5AR enzyme I, II, and III, read what each enzyme does. They have functions in the body, so the problem is not directly DHT nor is it testosterone, it is a disruption to production of these enzymes. These enzymes as they reduce testosterone to DHT do other things, so you can put DHT in your body, but you still will be lacking these enzymes and thus you will suffer from a 5AR deficiency, there are no known natural deficiencies of the 5AR III and also either the I or the II, there is one natural condition lacking one of the 2, but I forget which one.
HCG has been used to help babies that have these deficiencies and it is recovering me, I have finally come up with a protocol. The key is HCG, adding testosterone on top of HCG is a struggle as you need enough 5AR enzymes to reduce it to DHT, remember that a compromise to the reduction of 5AR to DHT means the testosterone gets aromatized (which explains more symptoms). I read another study that HCG is a precursor to 5AR enzymes in rats. I found that with HCG 500 units 3 times a week, I am able to support a certain amount of testosterone injections. My pumped muscle look is starting to return, the key all along was a low dose of testosterone and extra HCG.
I am a firm believer that HCG used as mono therapy will be the best bet for all guys with this condition, once you get your 5AR activity back up and running, then you can get on test if you want. The key is that an injection of test works like this, you get a huge dose at once that levels out and lowers and lowers till your next dose. In normal men they would just produce lots of 5AR enzymes to reduce the testosterone to DHT, in men with this condition, we will feel good up until our 5AR enzymes run out. That means for a period of hours, days or even weeks.
It takes the body probably a week to produce more of these enzymes, this explains a lot. This is why people seem to get better on hormones then worse, their body is reducing the testosterone to DHT and giving all the effects of the three alpha 5 reductase enzymes. Then the enzymes get depleted, a condition that doesn’t exist in men, in normal men they just produce more and more of these enzymes and reduce and reduce the testosterone to DHT.
So the problem isn’t DHT directly, these symptoms are coming from the body not doing the things it normally does when those 5 AR enzymes are working. The 5 alpha reductase 3 enzyme if you read what it does, you will see that it deals with neurological and visual stuff, that explains those weird symptoms some guys have. All along I thought it was the hormones making me better, it kinda was, it was the HCG, had I been on a very low dose of testosterone, I would have been able to be normal and get by.
The time I wrote here that I was recovered, I had injected half my normal dose the preceding week, my body then had the time and ability to build up excess 5AR enzymes. Then I injected a full dose, again at once, felt almost cured, did it again the next week, felt good again, then towards the middle of that week symptoms occurred as I crashed because I ran out of these enzymes.
All along if you read my research and experiences, I noted that I always felt better with HCG, but I was always on a high dose of testosterone. So HCG gave me a boost in 5AR activity that made me feel better only to start reducing my test and quickly exhaust my supply. Also I felt better when I injected test, so injecting testosterone and taking DHEA, these types of things also seem to induce 5AR activity, but HCG seems to actually be the key to recovery.
Large doses are used on infants that suffer from deficiencies of the 5AR 1 and 2 enzyme, it has been shown to induce 5AR activity in rats. In time the body should recover and produce more and more 5AR enzymes, the HCG will boost your testosterone, that is what it does, so it will naturally make you feel better. Then if you need to go on testosterone, you have to find the lowest possible dose that works till your body builds up more and more.
The lack of these enzymes over time may be what is causing some of the more severe symptoms. The only report on someone from this forum that used HCG and nothing else, he said he was cured and never returned. HCG can be purchased online from other countries for like $150, you need the injectable kind, start out with 500MCG 3 times a week, increase till you feel as good as you can. I haven’t experimented with higher doses of HCG without being on testosterone.
I am currently managing my condition and reversing all the symptoms with HCG and a LOW dose of testosterone. If you keep crashing from testosterone, then your body simply cannot produce enough 5AR to support it, so the key is to keep taking HCG till you are better. I believe in time it will actually cure you, I say that because there have been lots of people who came here and healed on their own.
Anyone on this forum who doesn’t try HCG is doing a great disservice to themselves, I don’t know if it will help everyone, but it should help a lot of people, if not everyone. Please try this therapy, alone with nothing else. You will also note the guys on this forum who were on TRT had no good results, but the guys on HRT had intermittent results, that is consistent with my theory as they are on HCG as part of their HRT therapy.
So I am better, everything is working, my muscles are pumped again, right now on this therapy, I am recovered. I can’t call it recovery though, because I can’t handle a full dose of testosterone, but I can handle a small dose and I look and feel great finally again, and as time goes by I am sure I will be able to handle a larger dose. Plus, HCG boosts your own natural testosterone, so you won’t need as much anyway.
The irony is that I can’t handle a higher dose than this anyway or I will break out, if you saw me I look like a buff muscular guy. When I go through a crash I would look like an athletic guy as all my muscles just shrink, it is weird, so people are surprised when they see me change so much from week to week lol. Everyone get HCG!!!

 IV VITAMIN INJECTION, my doctor suggested IV vitamins today, a new therapy where they hook up an IV filled with vitamins that goes through your whole system. I suspect this PFS causes vitamin deficiencies as I feel like myself again for the first time, but it could just be the HCG. If you can find this vitamin therapy, you should try it, it cost me $100 for the vitamin IV and $45 for the antioxidants, I thought it was total bullshit, I didn't believe it would help me at all. It did though, I feel great, but most of why I feel great is the HCG.

Guys has anyone tried HCG with some Aromatase inhibitor like Clomid or Arimidex? I want to use HCG alone, but they say it can rise up your Estrogen ratio too much with Testesterone and maybe shut your testicles off after the usage… should i also use an Estrogen blocker with HCG?? I don’t want to harm my body more, im just a very mild case here… Can somebody help me?

How are y’all getting a hold of hcg? I want to try this by itself as my T levels are good but I don’t know how to go about getting a doctor to try this out with me

Pretty easy to find online. If you look at any of the forums for steroids you’ll fine places that sell it. Overseas sources are cheaper, domestic are more but get to you a lot faster

You really should get blood work done before you even consider it. You can get test and estradiol (get the sensitive version of the test!) completed without a doc. Google it, there are some places online that will set you up with a local lab like lab corp for blood tests. Same thing the doc does, just without the doc (and without insurance… for better or worse). Bad part is you have to pay for it 100% out of pocket.

Yes it can increase E. Yes you might need an AI like Arimidex. No, you don’t want to blindly just start taking something like that without knowing your levels. E is very tough to get right. Too high and too low are similar symptoms and both can be pretty miserable.

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Well, thanks for your help. I did a blood test, here it is: My bloodwork, should i concern?

What do you think about my levels? Is it low? Am i ready to use HCG? Thanks…

Spoke to Dr. Goldstein about this yesterday and showed him the study from OP… He told me that HCG has zero effect on any enzymes and is purely an analogue of LH. He said, things that happen to precursor leydig cells in a petri dish are completly different that what occurs in the human body and shouldn’t be taken seriously as pointers for treatment protocols. He prescribes HCG all the time however for those with low test as it acts as LH. Just thought I’d share!


Would he recommend use HCG with Arimidex or another Estrogen blocker? Because it raises up Estrogen along with T? If i use HCG and quit, would my hormone levels decrease? Would my testicles shut itself off? I don’t know how risky it is, and i want to learn before the usage… Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I will probably try did, so anyone has tried?

Tried what? HCG?

Yes anyone more? how are you feeling?