I tried it for a few weeks, have not taken it in nearly 2 weeks now.

It’s kind of weird to explain.

I felt pretty good on it, more confident, muscles were sore like I had been working out (but hadn’t), I felt happy, overall I actually felt pretty good… but I don’t think my sexual issues improved (sensitivity mainly). Perhaps they did a little in the beginning, but not towards the end. It’s completely possible my estrogen got too high–I have never had it tested, but am schedule to do so tomorrow now that I’ve not taken anything for a bit.

We’ll see. I am open to trying it again, especially if I find my estrogen got too high which would explain

The weird thing is now that I’m not taking it it’s been more difficult for me to get an erection but I’ve had no issues ejaculating… very strange. I can’t tell what is and isn’t related to HCG though, so don’t interpret this to all be HCG related. Just telling you my experience around the time I tried it.


Anymore experiences using HCG and / or HMG?

How was the results?

I was definitely worse on HCG.

Has anyone here tried buying HCG online ?

Can anyone recommend any HCG protocols ?

250 ui eod is the most common for pfs

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How long would you need to take it for ?

See my member story.

I’ve been using 300IU every 3 days for 1.5 years now. It reduces fatigue but for me it does nothing to mental problems like anhedonia, libido loss, flat emotions etc.