My bloodwork, should i concern?

Alright im cutting this short: Im now 20 years old. Suffering from low semen volume and slighlty duller orgasms due to just 4 pills of Accutane. Took it 4 years ago. (Also i wanna add morning\spontaneous erection loss)

My blood results at the age of 17:

  • Total T= 4.55 ng\mL
  • Free T= 19.52 pg\mL
  • Growth Hormone= 0.13 ng\mL

My blood results which i did like a 5 months ago (at the age of 19):

                                    REFERENCES IN THE RIGHT SIDE:
  • IGF-1 (CLIA)= 170.00 ng\mL ---- 16-18 years old= 173-414 19-21 yrs old= 173-23

  • DHT= 309 pg\mL ---- 19-55 years old= 112-955

  • Creatine= 0.81 mg\dL ---- 0.72- 1.25

  • FSH= 1.45 mIU\ml ---- 0.95- 11.95

  • LH= 2.42 mIU\ml ---- 0.57- 12.07

  • Prolactin= 10.70 ng\ml ---- 3.46- 19.4

  • PSA= 0.653 ng\ml ---- 0.4

  • Free T3= 2.37 pg\mL ---- 1.71- 3.71

  • Free T4= 0.96 ng\dL ---- 0.7- 1.48

  • Total T= 5.51 ng\mL ---- 1.42- 9.23

  • TSH= 1.55 IU\mL — 0.43- 4.2

  • Vitamin D 19.52 ng\mL ---- 40-80

  • DHEA= 660 ug\dL ---- 238.4- 539.3

So, i discussed the results with my endo, he said i have low vitamin D and gave me some pills… i use them. And he said every other thing is fine. Also my DHEA show up above the reference range… (highest was 530)

My question is!:
Are these blood results normal for a 20 year old man? Some of my hormones like FSH, LH or DHT doesn’t seems to where they should be for a guy at the age of me. But i don’t really know. All of my hormones are in the range when i look at the Hospital paper they gave to me. What do you guys think? Please help me with this. Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have the reference ranges? It’s hard to interpret without those. I think I might have mentioned in a different thread that I had low FSH and upon the levels getting within range I noticed more volume and quality of semen

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Hello, i updated my references now.

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Low FSH and LH…usual on PFS people

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Holy shit, really? Is there a possiblity that this could have affected my Height grow at the age of 16? I should add that im not a actual PFS sufferer. My symptoms is so mild, i can only say i have a low semen volume issue. Accutane causes quick closure in long bones but i just used 4 pills and quit the drug. Doctors said that height grow damage is impossible from that dose…

Is there a possbility that my FSH and LH was actually low through out the years and affected my height? Im not a short guy but always wanted to grow more… Also i don’t get any problems with erections and libido… orgasms and semen volume seems to be the real problem… am i really have low hormone levels… :frowning: Oh my god this should not happening…

@Dubya_B Hi dubya, what do you think about this? Could 5AR-Type 1 damage due to Accutane cause this?

Can I ask what your height is, Cooper?

1.78 m. But this is not my actual concern. I just want to know what have happened to my body… Is my FSH and LH really low for my age? If so why my endo said nothing about those? Would they had any effect on my height grow and bodily functions?

(i was taller than my close friends at highschool, now they are slightly taller than me)

Damn George shrinks, you mean m not cm?


I had a really good sperm fertility test back when i was 17. If my FSH is low, how come?

The sperm test only say if it is good enough to be a father, but as ypu know you can be a father even at the age of 90.

Fsh and lh are low, but since they are inside the ranges the doctors do not say anything. But for your age, this is not normal, for sure. However, you can live and function with that.

That is the reason.

I should have done these tests 4 years ago… oh my god… So is there a chance that my Testesterone and androgen production is low for my age due to low FSH and LH. And is this could have affected my Height grow or prostate functions?

Lastly, if my LH is low, how my T levels are fine and DHEA is above the range?

Nobody knows nothing more??

As I said previously, you hadn’t have a growth stunt due to accutane.
Also I was under accutane 40mg/day for six months during my sixteen and I grew after withdrawal. (I have measured my height every year)
Complete sexual maturation and height growth (I’m 1.82m, 6.0ft). No adverse reactions.
Don’t be afraid.
You can use some hCG shots with creatine daily combined with heavyweights lifts.
This is my best advise for you.
Ask to your doc.

Best regards.

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Tomas, can you say that are you sure about my FSH and LH are being low for my age? Whaf if this is all normal. And someone who has not used Finasteride at all can show the same ranges?
I mean, my healthy, natural bodybuilder friend showed similar Testesterone levels to mine.
Also aren’t these levels change day by day? And aren’t many of us have pretty healthy hormone levels with PFS going on?

Im searching and trying to learn the truth about my body and my hormones but at the meantime i don’t want anyone to tell me that my levels are low without giving a scientific and proper premise. I don’t want to stress myself out and get panicked for no real reason. Thanks…

Low FSH means you need to do this specific test to evaluate if you have a pituitary disorder:

Empty Sella Syndrome: the sella is a hollow area in the bone of the skull that holds the pituitary; a membrane, called the sellae, sits on top of the pituitary and protects it within this socket. If there is an opening in this membrane, spinal fluid may press on the pituitary, flattening it and making it appear as though the sella is empty when viewed with an imaging procedure (i.e, MRI). Sometimes, people can have empty sella syndrome caused by other factors, such as a tumor or radiation therapy.

A blood test alone will not help you.

There are other possible pituitary disorders, too.

Read this article:

This link mentions exactly the test I did years ago and fortunately it has not revealed anything wrong.

Here’s a link to the CD created from it:

And the PDF from the MRI report, in portuguese:

Besides that, your vitamin D levels are extremely low. Optimal levels are above 40. Consider adding at least 2000 UI a day of D-3 to your meal.

Read my thread for more suggestions:

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