Have any of you become shorter?


Some of you has become lower?
My bust is shorter, I’ve become lower.
I was 1.73 high now I am 1.69! WTF!


Never heard of anyone complaining about loss of height. That’s fucking scary.

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Is there chance that you measured yourself wrong? How it is possible to loose some height? You probably calculated wrong brother.


No guys I’m serious, damn it!


“We conclude that bioavailable testosterone is an independent predictor of height loss in elderly postmenopausal women. The reduced height loss is compatible with a direct effect of testosterone on bone mineral density or bone remodeling.”

@axolotl do you think this happened to me?

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its worth noting that your height slightly varies from when you wake up to when you go to bed because your spine is more compressed from gravity during the day as opposed to when you’re laying flat at night. People generally tend to lose a bit of height as they age as well.

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No, as you can see my bust is shorter As if it had collapsed.
Look closely at the clavicle bones


Hi @demon,

Bone is dependent on androgen signalling and obviously osteopenia is seen in PFS. You could request a DEXA scan which will check bone mineral density. If you are having any back symptoms clinical evaluation of the lumbar and thoracic spine might be worthwhile.



´´“Adults can also lose lean muscle mass but gain fat. This is a condition called sarcopenia.”

Sarcopenia is characterized by a decrease in muscle mass, which leads to weakness and frailty and also a decrease in height. ´´

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Just earlier today, another PAS patient said he had verified low bone mineral density and osteoporosis, along with blood markers indicating secondary hypogonadism.

@Demon , I second that requesting a DEXA scan is a good idea if you feel you have lost height.


I see absolutely nothing. I also do not see gyno. Sry but it seems like you are starting to imagine symptoms that you dont have. Only thing I see is obvious weight gain.

Maybe chill out a bit, one can go crazy imagining stuff if one is not careful. Not saying its impossible you suddenly are 4cm shorter, but it seems far fetched that you suddenly noticed this. More realistic is that you are experiencing a nervious breakdown of sorts. Suddenly you worry about gyno and are 4 cm shorter? Are you exaggerating your pre PFS height in your mind or incorrectly measuring your current height? Just throwing out some possibilities.

Since you quite clearly have no gyno I also believe you are imagining your height loss. Just being honest.


WTF there is gynecomastia. Maybe you need a pair of glasses. I became lower. Point. It is a year that I have SEVERE PFS and they are certainly the worst case of all. I also have teeth that move and have osteoporosis (this is also my friend Konflict). After 1 year I see to be lower, my whole body is dramatically changed. You can say what you want. Even my bust is different, if for you my clavicles are normal, listen to me here who imagines what you don’t know is you.

In any case, I will now hear Melcangi-Santi.


Sry but these arrows demonstrate nothing re height loss. I can see that you gained fat but I cant see any severe gyno beyond the fat gain.


Do they prove anything? I only tell you that I have a loss of connective tissue and joint hypermobility. Which you certainly don’t have. But I’m sorry, but if I’m lower, how can you say I’m not? As it is written above the lack of Testosterone leads to height loss in women. So they too are imaginary? On gynecomastia I wait for my doctor’s advice.


I just dont believe that you are 4 cm shorter and just noticed this. More plausible explanation is that you measured your current height incorrectly or are exaggerating your pre-PFS height. I am just being honest. If you give me irrefutable proof of your height loss I am willing to reconsider.

Also your gyno does not look severe at all, to me it looks like you just gained weight. I probably have more of a gyno look than you, and if I compare myself to my pre-PFS look of course it was flatter. Maybe a side view of your chest will reveal a severe gyno case but I doubt it.

I am not doubting that you have PFS and are struggling. I just cant see severe gyno beyond what you would normally expect with weight gain/ PFS.


It doesnt look much of a gyno. Or its very mild case of gyno.

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I have this too. My guess it’s muscle wastage in the chest, causing a saggy chest. Gyno would often cause big nips whats not the case for you.

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Difficult to say. @Demon, you have to admit, this picture isn’t at a good angle for demonstrating gyno and it looks as if it is very mild at worst. Pictures of gyno in medical literature look far more like female breasts than what is seen in your picture.

You have been seeing doctors about your condition who should be familiar with gynecomastia. Have any of them commented about it or diagnosed you with gyno?

I believe you may have lost height from getting hit severely with physical attributes of this condition. Like you say, it has been documented to happen in women with osteoporosis and osteopenia/osteoporosis has been confirmed in some PFS and PAS patients. Have you had your height measured at doctors visits that could act as evidence of height loss?

3 cm height loss estimated in a man with osteoporosis resulting from hypogonadism: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

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Given their specialisation and saddening exclusion of physical symptoms arising from this condition, including your own per your prior clinical reports, I would suggest you seek an appointment with a relevant specialist in rheumatology or orthopaedic surgery for primary investigation in this regard and then take any report produced to them after. They will be better placed to consider musculoskeletal issues and more likely to have access to dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry for bone density evaluation.


These pictures are 1 year apart??

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