Has anyone recovered from severe physical side effects?

I’m hoping some of the veterans here can weigh in on this. Has there been any cases on here of guys recovering from the more severe physical symptoms? Like some of the following:

  • total skin changes over the body (thinning, soft, rubbery skin, complete lack of oil production)
  • changes in fat deposits (fat accumulation/swelling around hips, butt, and thighs that is independent of caloric intake)
  • changes in facial, head, and body hair (thinning, becoming more wiry, and complete dryness)
  • lack of muscular metabolic activity (reduced sensation of contracting muscles, heavy limbs, and chronic shaking & weakness)
  • cold sensation of skin, muscles, and body overall even with exercise

I hope anyone else can weigh in on anything that might be missing. To be clear, I am not talking about cold or shrunken genitals; my penis completely turned rubbery, shrunk and my semen is still like water 16 months now. I have very little libido, and I care very little about sexual side effects. I am talking about the complete body changes. Like the total body becoming soft, rubbery, a “deadish gray color”, complete lack of muscle activity, etc. I’ve seen on SS the guys improving from cognitive issues and some muscle wasting, and some libido changes, but I really have not seen cases of anyone really having complete changes to their body structure and recovering from it. I hope I’m missing something.



Are you saying this because your situation has not improved or because you’ve talked with guys suffering similar issues and they haven’t improved? Are you able to reference any users in particular?

Both…Several here and several articles have been written through out the years about pfs sufferers with horrible physical side effects like these I don’t know anybody who went back normal…Most including myself have variable improvement mentally… Actually physically it still seems to be worsening…Horrible weight and swelling and the fatigue is only getting worse each years…I can do less and less work…Barely breath now from doing mild tasks…Getting hot sweating from doing nothing and the headaches that follow are awful…

@holyhead do you remember which users or which articles mentioned this? I would really like to take a look. It seems like these kinds of complete body changes are pretty uncommon among PFS sufferers.

I know you also had the hair changes where it lost all oil production & got really wiry, you also mentioned zero oil production on your skin. Did your skin thin at all or the texture change?

I’m asking because you’re literally the only one I can find on this forum with the same fat accumulation and just swelling of the body, zero oil production in hair and skin.

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I’ve spoken with @dj91 and he claims to have gotten back down to a normal weight. And I don’t believe he ever had the swelling and total change in fat accumulation that we are talking about.

Don’t know wes hat eff else to tell ya man…See it all over this forum and even the hair loss forums users complaining of heavy Wright increase…Mine is over 100lbs of just fluid more than anything…Others who saw Mark Gordon had samething one I used to know was gained 80lbs in a months…Nobody knows what causes it and there is nothing that has improved it…

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I know what you are talking about here. I was actually able to self induce this with a probiotic I was trialing for a few months that became a cause of concern.
I think this part I will be able to figure out in due time.
I saw your last post as well.
I think some of the best things we can do is to just keep talking. Keep communicating.
I have picked up on some things by reading others posts.
It might help connect some things, connect the dots.

This might be going back to the cold and flu I like it thread.
I think we need to be able to have the ability to raise body temperature when necessary, maybe as a type of defense mechanism. Generate heat.

I’m with fckin pfs since 5 weeks and i have all the physical sympthoms you’ve wrote. I’ve been weight lifting for 15 years, now with 33 i have to say good bye to my greatly shaped body. Also suffering diffuse thinning/hair loss, however this might be thyroid related sincemy t4 is high as fuck.

What istarted to tackle fat deposition is keto diet along cardio and light weight excersizes. First improvements are visible, it definately slowed down the horrible estrogenic process. Its not the physical, but i can tell you thanks to keto i escaped horrible brain fog just after 1-2 weeks on keto, and i’m able to sleep 6-8 hours again finally. Perhaps give it a try…