Complete Hair Change PFS - Anyone w/ Ugly Alien Hair PFS?

Anyone here with abnormally odd hair change since stopping this poison? I understand that some took this shit for a receding hair line.
I swear my hair resembles the bottom of a nutsack. Totally alien like. My hair before this shit was thick and decent.
What the fuck? Please share. Been off this since 08, sick as a dog, and my shit is still bad.

yes my hair completely changed. before I had thick and straight now it is thin and wavy. Some days when I feel bad they are too wavy too.

Yes my Hair was really thick and now it is thin like spiderwebs…Fuck you Merck you Piece of Shit, we take a Hairpill against Hairloss only to see after that the Hair is now destroyd??Its like you give someone A Med against Cancer and the Cancer grew double you Scumbags of the Earth

ı have tellogen efıllıvum after thıs shıt.

My hair being annihilated by Fin has been one of the hardest parts of this to deal with. I had very, very thick hair before all this and would have never gone bald. I just got scared when my hairline receded an inch (over the course of my life) and was convinced to take this poison. Now I’ll be lucky if I make it to 30 without looking like a freak. I can’t get over the regret, knowing that I was fortunate enough to have been able to keep my hair, but because of this shit now I’m going to lose it, on top of everything else it’s done to me. That combined with my facial wasting and I can’t even look at myself in the mirror anymore without breaking down.

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Its exactly the same Shit with me…Finasteride had no Benefits for me…It has destoyd my Body…I look so ugly now i dont can have a Girlfriend again in my Life…like i said i had no Hairloss…Only want to prevent Hairloss for the Future, and my Doc told me this Idea…Most Stupid Bastard on this Forum is me

I noticed my hair now is really greyish, much less colorful than before, maybe a little darker. Also it feels very dry. It also doesnt fall nice and wavy any more… combined with the facial fat loss i look like shit now…

has anyone recovered from this and got his old hair back?

Yep…Started the hetero generic brand from wal mart in march 2014…By may a great deal of my hair had fallen out suddenly…And what was left looked like total shit and burnt up…I stopped the drug after 10 weeks…Also during 1st month my stomach swelled up a great deal and was very funny looking…Then after four months or so a big she’d hit after stopping and I looked even worse…I waited till December and started brand name propecua…it did better and my hair improved some but had to stop in july of this year because u gain weight like crazy and my stomach look like a a damn cows tit bag hanging down…nobody could tell me why and they said it wasn’t a side effect…so now I look like shit body wise and my hair is way worse than before I ever took the drug the first time…so want to ruin your hair and blow up like a toad start taking this shit…mercy should have it cramped up their God damn ass…