Can't keep fat off

I’m starting to get really stressed out. For over 6 months now, I’ve been intermittent fasting, only eating between 5-830pm. Despite this, I’ve gone from my usual weight of 150lb up to 180lbs. I do heavy weightlifting 4 times a week and definitely don’t eat more calories than I did before this diet.

There’s lots of fat built up in my love handles, ass, and chest. Everything is very loose and sort of saggy.

I went from 160 to 260 without changing anything…water filled like tissue on upper torso as well read my blog…

Have you found anything that helps?

Nope…I’ve tried everything…I got help with mental sides through self experimentation but creepy physical stuff stays…

Same I used to look brolic prior to my crash I was 170lb 8% body fat now I’m 190lb mostly body fat, love handles, puffy face, stomach fat and gyno, gym does nothing for me

What’s your diet like, just wondering.

check vitamin D

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Testoserone not working correctly in the body anymore…Not just dht but testosterone as well hence all the muscle problems and break down plus weakness which I have all these symptoms now as well in addition to the terrible weight gain and odd tissue changes…Whatever the reason or cause its not working as before…


Thought this was a good visualisation to your response @holyhead

I also am having this problem. My weight before I crashed was 165. Got close to 190. Now with strict diet and exercise 4 times a week i’m down to 180. Workouts include heavy lifting squats deadlifts and bench, all compound lifts no isolation like curls. And intense cardio like sprints and heavy bag work.

I have to say I think I’m improving. My girlfriend commented my balls felt bigger. Didn’t think anything of it but a few days ago was scratching myself and realized she’s right they’re a lot bigger. So I imagine it’s no coincidence. I had my total test checked prior to starting my diet and exercising and it looked normal 622…forget the units they measure in.

Keep us posted on how you’re doing

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This pumps me up. I used to be into lifting/running until my crash. Good to know gains can be made.

What does your diet look like primarily? When you crashed, how long did it take for the weight to come on? Was your estrogen high? I am having this same issue, and my Estrone & Total Estrogens were quite high.

All those pming me about this and estrogen…U can’t fix it…I was told my estrogen was “perfect”…U can move it all over the place and the physical stuff gets no better so IDK…U can eat, don’t eat, I have seen no change in physical symptoms and as said before it appears to be some kind of change or adapation that has occurred in the body and its unable to re-adapt back after stopping Fin…

You could have perfect E2 but if your T is low… there you go, you are already imballanced and you get all this fat gain because of that. I noticed that I got more fat on the belly now, definitelly more than pre SP.

My t was not low and was 376 total 10 years ago when I was 30 and running 5ks with no problem…If it was TRT would have fixed it…It didn’t…So there goes that theory…

Happened to me too. Fat comes on so easily no matter which diet or exercise program I do.

Are you eating enough fat and protein?

Clomid helps me with this