Giving it all I’ve got to beat this

After months of depression and hopelessness, time to give recovery the best possible shot. Posting here to hold myself accountable, track my progress and hopefully inspire others to follow.

Summary: 23 years old with PFS for the past 11 months. Have had 3 major crashes since ceasing fin. Current symptoms:

  • Fatigue & brainfog,
  • Severe testicular atrophy,
  • Zero libido,
  • Depression.

Post fin blood work:
FSH 10.2 (1.5-9.7)
LH 4.7 (1.8-9.2)
Serum Testosterone 15.1 (12.0-31.9)
SHBG 49 (17-56)

My Recovery Protocol:

  1. Stop obsessive thinking. No more researching and forums. No more dramatising. Focus on happiness and positivity.
  2. Diet. No GLUTEN or DAIRY. Eat to optimise Testosterone and reduce inflammation. Whole eggs, oysters, Brazil nuts, grass fed beef, avocados, olive oil, lots of vegetables.
  3. High intensity weights 3x per week. Full body workouts, 45mins max.
  4. HIIT once per week (sprints)
  5. Supplements
  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). Needed to reverse my testicular atrophy.
  • Creatine, to promote higher DHT
  • Multivitamin
  • Ashwaganda
  • Vitamin D
  • Probiotic
  1. Meditation daily and reduce stress.

Come-on everyone let’s do this.

Will check back in 8 weeks to report progress.



Hang in there man. What caught my attention was your free testosterone is only at 238 and you’re 23? How many times have you gotten this checked? You should be in the 600-700 range for free testosterone at your age. This could be a large part of your symptoms. I would suggest seeing an endocrinologist for a full workup and make sure you take your blood tests in the morning not afternoon. Testosterone declines in the evening for all men. The endocrinologist may be able to help.

Have you had digestive issues and have you been tested for SIBO and had a stool test?

Yes I have bad digestive issues, turns out I have celiac disease as well, just diagnosed.

The low levels were confirmed across multiple blood tests. HCG successfully increased my free testosterone from 250 to 900 and I felt no different in my symptoms.

3 months since this post with little improvement. I have now left my job and moved back in with my parents. It’s been a year since my first crash. This disease is pure hell Im losing hope.

Have you tried eating only beef and animal fat like ghee and butter ? I think oysters, Brazil nuts and avocados are fine too, but plants can create inflammation and digestive issues. Eating only meat and animal fat (no plant at all) ended my gastric reflux, stomach ache, stomach not emptying, bloating and chronic headaches. As a bonus, all joints stopped hurting. (those are signs of lower inflammation) My skin really improved too.

I’ve been on a diet like this for more than 15 months, doing weight lifting and fasting 25 hours every fourth day and I’ve had good results. Actually a very similar protocol to what you describe up there, minus the plants and the carbs (I don’t know if you eat carbs), but with the addition of water fasting. I also take more supplements than you although now that I’m better I’ve been cutting almost 50%.

Not eating carbs means being in ketosis, that’s using only fat as energy. Not glucose. It’s not the same as a ketogenic diet which have lots of plants. I was (and still am) in carnivore ketosis. I had my sexual sides getting better after 6 months and it kept getting better from there. The worst neurological sides went away after only a week of not eating carbs. Digestion issues too.

I do eat a little carbs after the fasts as the brain needs 30 gr a day. But I have many zero carbs days, and days with less than 20gr. I get all my energy from animal saturated fat. Altogether, I get less than 5% of my calories from carbs. And fasting every fourth day means more than 7 days of fasting per month.
That’s 3 months of not eating per year ! (but I’m not there yet !)

I’m not saying it will work for you, but I’m saying it works for me.

I wish you the Best. Good luck !



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Wow, I also had a very low free T.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will look further into this, much appreciated.

I’m currently eating a whole foods paleo based diet. No grains of any sort. Lots of vegetables however.

All the best

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