Genes - 1 pill cases

What is the @awor’s theory for people who took only 1 pill and got PFS? How can 1 pill make millions of genes get methylated (in different tissues in different parts of the body) and take about 5, 10, 15 or 20 years to get demethylated? Wouldn’t that make more sense if it was a prolonged use of the drug?

Its probably not the drug causing the methylation but taking the drug causes the body to enter a state where the body responds by methylated all the genes.

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Is it likely that we have genes methylated and unmethylated from PFS so it’s not so simple.

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I believe those who have been hit relatively lightly have histone acetylation and those like me who were hit by one pill have DNA methylation which can last a lifetime.

Please don’t say that to me.

Is there no DNA methylation drugs per se?

As far as I’m aware all pharmaceutical drugs work through epigenetic pathways methylating and demethylating gene expression.

Methylation can occur within a few seconds. The question why it only takes one pill in some cases vs. many hundreds in others is most like a question of genetic predisposition.


Probably occurs when androgens hit a threshold of lowness.

I say this because I hadn’t taken a TRT shot for literally 12 days before my first fin pill which means my Test/DHT was likely extremely low. I was actually planning to start Nolvadex on day 14 to restart my system.

Initially I thought my low hormone state was the issue but after resuming TRT nothing really changed. I’m willing to bet it has to do with lowering androgens and your body trying to compensate for that, when it does so it overcompensates so the return of normal levels of hormones become damaging and causes damage methylation etc…

It might take some people years for finasteride to make them reach their threshold where the body initiates this physiological response. Others it may be instant because their threshold was higher or like me they were already in a presumably very low hormone state.

I think it is something worth considering. If my theory is right it would mean the lower your hormone levels before starting an anti androgen the more risk you are at PFS.

But do you think this is reversible or permanent?

reversible if we can find the root cause and the gene(s) methylated.

participate in the 23&me DNA project!

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If we find the genes then how do we fix them? Is there medication or therapy now that can do that? Or are you saying first we find the genes, then we wait for technology to catch up to fix the genes?

This why i personally feel treatments versus a cure need to be looked into more.

For example:

  • I believe an ADHD stimulant protocol (Adderall 5, 10 30 or 60 daily) could restore libido in PFS patients.

  • Benzos for sleep and anxiety

  • Ketamine infusions weekly Help with the awful mood pfs brings

  • MDMA Most effective PTSD treatment known to man, PTSD is epigenetic changes

  • Psychedelic drugs They have unpredictable effects in the brain, I believe they are usually positive. I think they have potential to restore lost links but this is entirely theoretical

Both could happen at the same time. Tech could also get there before us if we don’t do anything

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Or it just might never come at all in our lives…

No one needs this kinda negativity in our lives. Technology is there, just not the approval to use it haha maybe we can hire an underground scientist.


I’m not trying to say it won’t happen ever. I’m trying to dismiss this incredibly overoptimistic attitude here. Dude we dont even know what causes PFS and it has fuck all funding.

Cancer we understand to the very detail and have billions of dollars riding on it, yet no ‘cure’ but only treatments.

Why should PFS be any different? I advocate for seeking treatments to treat symptoms versus the over presumptuous opinion a million things will go right and we’ll cure this once and for all.

Sorry but not everyone believes a cure is coming

I honestly see as much negativity as optimism on here. For a lot of people on here who have he most serious case of pfs, most things make it worse and stimulants do nothing. Hope is the only option. You absolutely cannot compare this to cancer. Having a few genes demethylated would be a lot easier to fix especially when theoretically we have an idea of what we are looking at. Cancer is one of those things that could have a million causes and effects. Even if methylation is involved somewhere along the line it’s much more complex imo. An entirely different monster.


What evidence do you have that ADHD stimulants would “likely” restore libido in PFS patients? This isn’t based on the sample size of yourself using crystal meth is it? Also, you do not know that use of psychedelic drugs will produce changes that are “usually positive” in the brains of whoever use them. Acid can fry people’s brains and leave them in disabled states. I’ve edited your post to make it clear these are just your beliefs. Please refrain from making casually declarative statements about powerful substances that really ought to be stayed away from, PFS or not.

Got to be the first time I’ve seen this community accused of being too optimistic :smile:, It’s usually the opposite being leveled at us. I think the recent (relative) positivity is well earned given the strides we’ve recently collectively taken.


Acid can fry peoples brains? You mean those predisposed to mental illness? Its never been proven to be toxic to the brain or body in any shape or form and is only applicable to those with the schziophrenic gene, bipolar gene etc… Such example could apply on Cannabis or Alcohol. I suggest before being on a high horse you check your facts since your meant be a mod. I’ve been researching drugs for a long time.

‘Frying the brain’, no. Psychosis, yes. In a very small predisposed set of individuals with family history of such illnesses.

ADHD protocol comes from the fact that it raises dopamine. If I got my libido back to pre-pfs with the help of a strong stimulant like Meth, why woul amphetamine or methylphenidate with similar reuptake inhibition on the dopamine receptors not do the same? Not to mention only meth is proven to be directly neurotoxic to dopamine, not amp or methylphenidate. Once again these are meds prescribed for people with ADHD to take daily to raise their dopamine and improve quality of life, what the hell is wrong with a PFS patient doing the same? Or is your fear of drugs holding back the community from trying potential treatments?

As for the semantics matter. Fair enough. I understand the edits, I need to be more careful in my wording but you can type in adderall in the search bar and find positive results for libido increase.

So before making arrogant statements like this:

Use the search bar.

Just remember I’m trying to help people out. I specifically clarified never to use meth. I said an protocol similar to ADHD medication may help with libido. Its may be based of one sample size, but I got pfs from one pill so I got the serious kind and the mechanism makes sense. Dopamine has a big play in how much we enjoy our libido and how well androgens respond to dopamine too. Its not just ‘based on my sample size’ but based on actual knowledge of dopamine related stimulatants I’ve developed over the years.

I feel like all I’ve been told is I’m likely to get better but from further research it just doesn’t seem like its gonna be the case so for every user to suggest i’ll probably get better doesn’t do me much good haha :joy: