Frequent urination/urinary incontinence is driving me crazy


Hi joey
I don’t have the urine leakage issues i did have this for a short period of time probably around 3 months post finasteride but whilst on finasteride i had a problem going for a piss it would take ages to before anything started to flow this went on and off for years whilst on fin and around 1 year post finasteride.
Ive went to see a GP a few months or so after stopping finasteride I told him everything about taking finasteride for years and that I had low libido and errection problems I told him these problems started as soon as i started finasteride I also informed him of my steroid abuse as this was the reason for taking finasteride as steroids were causing my hair to thin I informed him that i had been smoking cannabis cannabis long term to reduce back pain that i had previously had rays for I also told him that I had been using viagra just to get an errection GP said that I should have blood tests done which he booked me in for I Waited a couple of weeks for the appointment and but when the day came the nurse did not turn up she was off ill . I was pissed off as usual my doctors had let me down yet again i had so much trouble with them with for years complaining of back pain for years they couldn’t even diagnose that it took 20 plus years to diagnose me with Ankylosing spondylitis by the time they diagnosed me i had been taking shit loads of ibuprofen for years this caused colitis. GPs are pretty ignorant on the whole they just want to give you Pain killers and hope you don’t come back.
I have been back to doctors recently had blood tests and the GP said they are in range whatever that means as he gave me no figures and he only browsed them in literally 2 seconds flat as he couldn’t even find the results initially the guy was a cock it was the same doctor i had in the past that watched me come in and out over 3 months whilst losing over 30kg in bodyweight it turned out this was colitis causing this he didn’t have a bloody clue i was diagnosed after collapsing and being rushed into hospital where i was told that I would not have survived the next 24 hours if i hadn’t been taken to hospital they put Kevin intensive care for the next 3 days then spent the next 2 weeks injecting me with steroids every 3 hours day and night.
GPs don’t have time for people some dont give two fucks and some are just useless.
I’m off to see a euroligist in march earliest appointment i could get NHS i booked this six months ago think that says it all.
It’s all bullshit really i wish i had the money for private healthcare.
sorry to hear you had the same bullshit too
Hope you keep pushing on I intend to.


I notice that if I miss a nights sleep my frequent urination problem goes away completely if only for a short time.


So my symptoms include : loss of libido, loss of erections, numb genitals ( rubber feeling) , testicles feel dead, no feeling in orgasm, just oozes out, feeling of urine stuck in urethra, pain in right side (urogenital tract) cold feeling in genitals, leaking urine! Over the day it adds up to the point where the whole front of my underwear is wet. My male body odor is completely gone, as well as the smell of sperm etc. It does not smell anymore. Armpits do not sweat. etc.


I’ve seen a few people say that not sleeping can improve their symptoms.


I had that, but I find that some days it’s back and sometimes stronger than others now.

Stupid question, but do you check it regularly? You might find it’s there sometimes. I took comfort in it when I noticed it wasn’t completely gone.


you know when you can make your testicles twitch ? If you know what im talking about? like you try to raise them…that feeling is gone to, it seems very hesitant like the message isnt going from the brain to the testicles all the way to move. I also noticed I have no cremaster reflex! (prostate volume came back at 10.73cm3


its like theres no pressure down there? I use to have built up pressure from not ejaculating after like 2-3 days. Its completely gone!


Where did you get cortisol test?


I did it in the hospital, First came back elevated then I got acth checked it was normal. Did ultrasound of adrenals came back clear. Got Cortisol checked again and it was normal…


Hi Wings,

Have you missed a nights sleep since this problem started ?

As I said before my frequent urination problem goes away completely (for a short time) if I miss a nights sleep.


I have missed some sleep, earlier in the year it was an issue. It didn’t alleviate my frequent urination. But, one thing I’ve noticed is that exercising seems to make it worse: cardio or weight lifting. Especially in the several hours after I’ve finished.


If you are able to stay up all night the problem may go away if only temporally.


Interesting. Why do you think that is?


I think its an autoimmune problem.


I am PAS dude (post anastrozole syndrome) and have this problem as well.


do you feel like the incontinence comes from one side? It always comes after urination… you can sit on the toilet for 30 mins but as soon as you get up and bend over sit down, something squeezes in your right groin, below belly button, and out leaks some urine.


Not one side, but yes that happens. No matter how hard I try or how patient I am to pee it all out, as soon as I leave and do other things like sit, get up, bend over, etc, the remaining drops ALWAYS leak out. I’m not exaggerating, 100% of times after peeing, this happens. A few drops multiplied by going 12 times each day is a lot of urine on my clothes.


yes, do you have a cold wet tip constant feeling? tight scrotum, numb genitals? numb ejaculation? low ejactulate force/volume


The last one, yes. Sometimes the first one. None to the rest.


It’s probably not your prostate but you might want to look into the Urolift Procedure, maybe they can stretch your prostate away from the bladder if it’s causing any sort of pressure on it. Might help, might not.