Frequent urination/urinary incontinence is driving me crazy

Holy cow… Don’t mention finasteride in any of your appointments. Don’t.

Why don’t you post your urinary results?

What is outstanding to me, is that a lot of guys are complaining, I can understand that well, but they didn’t realize how bad others are touched.

I need the full information. Upload asap.

Idea: organize reduced gluthatione as tablets / pills. One in the morning, one in the evening.

You need glurhatione testing. You can afford this.

Immu system could be down a bit.
The body makes only intelligent decisions.
Frequent urination means, something (gone through kidneys) must go out. It is not for the body. Whatever it is.

If we could test for bacterias, pathogens, proteins etc., we would know exactly what it is.

I’ve had all the tests done by urologists over the years and they found nothing.

LDN is the only thing that has really helped my frequent urination problem.

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Of course they found nothing. Especially when you mention fin.

When you don’t list your results or tests, it isn’t possible to comment.

That’s why I said to test compreh.stool and do compreh.urine test (bacteria’s, pathogens, virus) and test gluthatione!!! and test several times your pH level urine.

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This was conducted on March 6 of this year.

Specific Gravity Ur | 1.009 | 1.005-1.030
pH | 5.5 | 5.0-8.0
Protein | Negative | Negative | g/L
Glucose | Negative | Negative | mmol/L
Ketones | Negative | Negative | mmol/L
Bilirubin Ur | Negative | Negative
Urobilinogen | 3.2 | 3.2-16.0 | umol/L
Blood Ur | Negative | Negative | Ery/uL
Leukocytes Ur | Negative | Negative | Leu/uL
Nitrite | Negative | Negative
WBC | 0-2 | Neg / 0-2 | /HPF
RBC | 0-2 | Neg / 0-2 | /HPF

Creatinine | 76 | 60-110 | umol/L
eGFR | 123 | >=60 | ml/min/1.7
Ferritin | 88 | 22-334 | ug/L
Iron | 21 | 7-29 | umol/L
Sodium | 142 | 136-146 | mmol/L
Potassium | 4.3 | 3.7-5.4 | mmol/L
Glycated Hemoglobin Alc | 4.8 | - | %
Glucose Random | 5.1 | 3.6-7.0 | mmol/L
Urea | 4.5 | 2.5-8.1 | mmol/L
Uric Acid | 283 | 200-440 | umol/L
AST | 13 | 7-40 | U/L
ALT | 9 | <46 | U/L
TSH | 1.84 | 0.35-5.00 | mIU/L
Free T4 | 14 | 12-22 | pmol/L


But nitrit and leukozytes have ranges.
We need the exact result.

Bacterias haven’t been tested!!!

5.5 is low, in the morning or without having eaten, acceptable.

But otherwise too low!!!

Lets test that with urine test stripes several times a day or at the doc.

Docs have no clue.

From the test papers, nitrite and leukocytes both said negative (I guess the docs never tested them). Also, they did a culture test for bacteria and it came back negative, it appears I forgot to put that in. Sorry. Hopefully I can get a bladder scan very soon and maybe prostate (doppler as well?) so I can figure this out. Thanks for taking the time to help out man. I appreciate it.

Hi, you would need testing (range!) leukozytes somewhere else. It shows if there is an inflammation. Bacteria’s the same (range).
Urine testing: zinc, copper, ferritine. I read ppl here piss those out as well.

Sonography: prostate, bladder. But the urine test seems more important to me.

Gluthatione (blood) must be tested. If low, no detox capacities, kidneys have more work with toxins. Frequent urination: body wants to piss out something bad or not needed.

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I have a feeling though that PFS is the destruction of the muscles and tissues within the penis, prostate, bladder, etc. That would explain frequent urination because you are unable to fully empty yourself and you cannot control yourself as well, which leads to dripping of urine after voiding, urinary incontinence and retention. Also constipation, cause again you cannot fully empty yourself cause you don’t have as much control. I think most peoples’ guts in the West at least are unhealthy, so treating that of course would make you feel better, but that doesn’t mean you’re tackling PFS.

I think the frequent urination problem is probably caused by fin induced brain damage.

Brain damage meaning damage to neurochemicals? You don’t me structural damage right?

Yeah brain damage at some level which is probably comparable to a stroke.

Don’t think it’s comparable to a stoke. Stokes cause structural damage (they appear on an MRI) our damage does not.

A family member of mine had a mini stroke and it didn’t show up on an MRI.
He lost control of his hands for about 48 hours,

After I came off fin I almost crashed my car into a wall because I lost my spatial awareness. It seemed like I had brain damage comparable to a stroke.

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Apologies Mark - wasn’t trying to belittle your experience. I completely understand. I only have mental/physical sides. I woke up one day and literally thought I was having a stroke. I thought I was walking around a room filled with fun house mirrors, and the floor looked 100ft below me. I completely understand the severity of the mental sides, but I did get an MRI (3 of them since crash) and all came out clean. I even did an MRA, also clean. So I hope we don’t have structural damage.

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This is getting worse. I leak after urinating even though I’ve pushed as hard as I could and waited. I’m so worried about all of this. I have an ultrasound in one month for my prostate, bladder, and kidneys (I may have a shrunken left kidney, or it may not exist, according to the abdominal ultrasound I had a few days ago). There’s also nodules on my liver (liver cancer?! wtf??) This is my last push guys. A month from now with getting the scans and then seeing the urologist a couple weeks after. If they can’t find what’s wrong and/or cant’ fix this, I may be done. I can’t function when I’m practically pissing my pants, have a dull ache in my penis right side that’s been around since MARCH, can’t fully empty my bowels, etc. All this is too fucking much and it’s not getting any better. Are there any DOCTORS on this forum who are knowledgeable of this condition that could please for the love of God help me? Please I’m begging, I’m so desperate, I never in a million years thought I would ever get like this. I had heard the horror stories and knew that I could always quit, but I never envisioned myself to actually become a horror story. This is making me cry, please if there are any doctors on here please private message me or respond to this thread with any ideas.

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Hi Wings
Hang in their mate your doing everything you can for yourself hopefully the scans will reveal the problem . I had the opposite issue myself whilst taking and for a few years after finasteride it would take me ages to pee i could take 5 mins just waiting for it to start to flow I went to the doctors with a urine sample and was informed that their was blood in my urine so i was referred to a euroligist but i stupidly never chased it up i just put it down to Nsaid abuse as I was taking alot of ibuprofen. I hope that you get this sorted out soon mate its strange how this drug can bring on these issues.

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Hi Wings,

Check out my original post with my complaints… I have no history of using finasteride/propecia/accutane. However I was given an antifungal topical steroid cream for a rash on my inner thighs/buttocks and inner arms. My symptoms include 0 libido. No morning/spontaneous erections, erection only through stimulation, goes down fast. Genitals are numb, and I also LEAK URINE!!!

None of this existed before. Sure its normal after your done for you to have a drip or two on your underwear, but this happens every time im done urinating. No matter how long I sit on the the toilet, soon as i get up or move, or bend over or lay down out it comes! Its about 1/2 a shot glass of urine that comes out. I also have a dull ache on the right side only! It is sometimes in the testicle , sometimes in the upper right pelvis area, sometimes in the lower right pelvis area! I have seen 3 urologists. 3 endos , 2 neuros with no answer.

Up next I have a brain mri, urodynamics test, and 24 hour cortisol. Testosterone came back at 400-650 all the time. DHT came back at 220 (300-850) Please PM me so we can discuss further!!

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Jesus Christ when will we have the answers to all of this I hate being on this website seeing everyone struggling with this and Im struggling to understand why we have been left to sort out these issues ourselves it is beyond me . I avoided joining this website for years as I did not want to accept these issues were permanent I tried to ignore the side effects I was left with in the Hope everything would sort itself out but this just DOES NOT HAPPEN.
How many people do we have to see joey10 seems to have seen them all and still no answers this is so disappointing and so wrong.

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Hi Baz44uk,
Do you have the leaking of urine/ numbness as well? In fact when this all started I was soo sure the doctor would find the problem in 2 minutes! Personally I thought my prostate or bladder were enlarged, causing me to leak urine and stop blood flow to the genitals. If it wasnt that I thought I had a hernia or something. So to get the its all in your head is the scariest thing of it all. “Your probably depressed” WTF I have had mild depression before and it never affected libido or caused me to leak urine! There was a time where I was peeing non stop too! Around Jan-Feb 2017, that and my restless legs are the only things that have improved so far!

I have been dealing with this garbage since May/June/July 2016 I cant even fucking remember. The worst part of it all is I was just laying in my room miserable and I couldn’t put 2+2 together to figure what was going on! I don’t believe this is permanent but I truly can’t believe doctors aren’t taking us seriously! These are very serious symptoms I am complaining of and to have them just send you back and forth is disgusting. The neuro looks at back mri and sends you to endo saying its probably low t. The endo laughs at you and says the neuro has no idea what hes talking about and back and forth. My old doctor even told me that the private neuro just took my money and didnt do his job properly. Saying she wants a second opinion because even my Leg emgs show a severe loss of motor neurons. The next sentence that came out of her mouth was that she thinks my problems are psychological! LIKE WTF!!!