Frequent urination/urinary incontinence is driving me crazy

I made a post a few months back about having frequent urination. I’ve had it for about a year now. I always have to get up at night to go. I almost always feel like I have to pee. When I do go, not 10-20 minutes later do I have to go again. When I finish and zip up, it leaks onto my shorts and makes it look like I pissed myself. I can hardly hold it either. If I’m out walking and have to go, the urge is so strong that if I run to get home fast it starts coming out. I’m 24 fucking years old, there’s just no way I can live like this. Should I go to the ER? Cause doctors don’t seem to believe me. I saw my doctor 3 weeks ago and told him I think fin is causing my problems and he said that would be extremely rare and that millions of men have taken it and had no problems, etc… I just don’t know what to do. I thought this would improve with time, but it’s only getting worse, and I feel like I’m approaching full blown urinary incontinence where I’ll need a catheter and a bag so as to not void myself. Again, I’m 24 so it’s at least 50 fucking years of this shit to go. What do I do? Please help if you can.

Have you met a urologist? They tend to be quite rigid, but a prostate exam might be worth having.

I have the same problem with frequent urination.

But one of the things that really helped me with this problem is Low Dose Naltrexone.

Because of LDN it has improved my frequent urination symptoms by about 80%.

Well since it’s been over a year and it hasn’t gotten better you might as well do something about it. Frequent urination was my worst side effect, it was awful since it interrupted my sleep, but it got better for me over a few months. I still have it now but I only wake up three times a night to go the bathroom so it’s manageable.

You could try getting Vitamin B12 shots. That’s what a lot of people who have frequent urination problems do. It helps most people but there’s always the risk that it could get worse from the treatment. I’m only recommending it cause it’s been so long for you already and you haven’t improved, otherwise I wouldn’t take it.

Spend some time googling it and make a decision. If that doesn’t work there might be other treatments but as a last resort you could try to take finasteride again once every 3 months or so and see if you end up differently cause it’s the only drug that affects the prostate directly,

Do you take any suplements?

Water soluble suplements are washed out by the body with urination. So if your body has engouh of it and you take them you will have frequent urination.

For me it was a vitamin B complex that i took, i thought it would be good to take it without knowing my levels. Two weeks after stopping taking the vitamin B complex my frequent urination stopped.


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I have asked to see a urologist, but I have to be referred by my doctor. I live in Canada, so unfortunately I don’t have the ability to just schedule an appointment with one. I’d have to go to the U.S… But, I do plan on scheduling another appointment with my doctor because they said if I still have problems (after having blood work and a urine sample) to see them again.

I will look into naltrexone, thank you.

I will also look into b12 shots. I googled a bit and it sounds sort of scary. But people were saying it helped them, so it’s worth a shot. I will ask my doctor about naltrexone and b12 shots and see what he says. Also, there is no way in hell I’m ever taking finasteride again. I’ve been off of it for 14 months now and I never plan on ever taking it again.

Not currently. For a while I was taking L-Carnitine, but I’ve had this problem for many months before ever taking any supplements. Thanks anyways though.

Hi Wings,

Most Doctors have never heard of LDN.

if you want it your best to go to an LDN Doctor.

You can check here if there is an LDN Doctor near you.

Lots of docs know LDN but wont tell you AS it is also for cancer prevention…

Check for bacterial infection in urine. Check prostate for bacterial infections. Try coconut water drink. If you piss a lot out, go on. It could stop after the third intake. Just try.
Or try Apple juice (at least 1 Liter).

I’ve had 2 urine samples taken and neither have come back positive. My doctor’s assistant was thinking it could be prostatitis. But, they did a PSA test and told me it was fine (although they didn’t tell me what the value was). What are coconut water and apple juice supposed to do? No offense, but that sounds like a gimmick.

I think Interstitial Cystitis is probably what is causing frequent urination in PFS patients.

PSA and Prostatitis? They should take 3 exemples of urine on a day and test for bacterias. And do a sonography - there you can see it. Cystitis is very possible. Today, you must research first online and then go to doc.

This stupid f***ing drug. Now I’m at the point where I’m partly pissing my pants and smelling like urine. I can’t fully empty myself when going, despite being patient and trying really hard. Then after I zip up and move around, sit down, etc., a few drops leak out. This happens multiple times per day, so even though a few drops doesn’t sound like much, it adds up by the end of the day. Honestly, I think I have tumors on my prostate, bladder, colon, in that general area. I’ve had digestion issues for months, blood in stool, peeing so many times every day, odd aches and pains that have lasted since March. I’m so f***ing mad right now. Why did I have to be prone to developing problems from finasteride? This is literally the only drug which has a risk that I’ve ever taken, but of course I couldn’t get off free by making a deal with the devil. Of course I had to develop serious problems that will only get worse because my body is genetically inferior and can’t get its shit together.

Wings, I am f… angry. Why the f… don’t you get the tests I suggested? I don’t understand that.
Your problem is solvable. Man, what are you doing? Don’t get it.

Instead of guessing (tumors) get…
a MRI of the full pelvic floor.
a comprehensive urine test (bacterias!,)
a comprehensive stool test (bacterias, pathogens, clamydia, heavy metals, disbyosis, calprotectine)
a pH urine test (3 a day: morning, midday, afternoon)

Check your Bit d level and gluthatione. If both are low, no detox capacities!

I would be so happy having just your problems, man.

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Your docs have NO IDEA!!! PSA has nothing to do with prostatitis. WTF!


One thing I noticed that if I miss a nights sleep my urinary problem goes away for a day.

Not sure how this is even possible ?

I live in Canada, where our medical system is shit. I have been waiting 2 MONTHS for a bladder scan, and they still have not called me. I don’t have the money for the tests you suggested so I can’t go to America to get them done. I will keep waiting, I have a uro appt on Nov 8, if I haven’t had scans by then then I will be very angry with him because I need to get this shit looked at. Thank you for the scans though. Yeah, they don’t really know what they’re doing to check PSA lol. This medical system here is shit honestly. So much waiting for incompetent workers. So, sonography of bladder and prostate, sounds good to me. I’ve had urine tests btw, but not comprehensive. Don’t delete your post please because I’m going to use it as a reference for what tests I need. Thank you very much.