For anyone that's seen recovery in sexual sides, is the return of nocturnal erections a good sign?


I’ve suffered from a lot of the usual sexual sides with the primary ones being difficulty maintaining erections and 0% libido. Over the past couple months I’ve found that I’ve been having a return of nocturnal erections with some sexual feelings in the night time.

Did any of your improvements start this way? Or do you think I shouldn’t look to much into it?


Yup I started getting rubbery nocturnal erections about a month ago. Now in the past three or so weeks I’ve been getting spontaneous erections along with pretty good arousal ability, though throughout the day my thoughts are rarely sexual.


It’s definitely a good thing mate. It also happened to me last year and since then I’ve had some improvements in sexual sides.


Have you guys done anything that might have lead to these positive changes?


After more than a decade of PFS, I’ve had nocturnal erections return during “3 day cures” some of us have experienced. I’ve been on a variety of amino acids and other vitamins and minerals, organic protein drinks, ginkgo biloba, along with a better diet and probiotics.

In the last couple of weeks, where I’ve had the most improvement, I actually had scaled back the dozen or so supplements, and am only on vitamin d, magnesium, and ginko, and new probiotic. Things are really better down there, but too soon to tell if it’ll last.


Try L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Citruline for erections.

L-Valine 2000mg for sensitivity, as well as Pine Pollen and Carnitine Tartrate for all sexual symptoms.

Check Amino Acids for Sexual Symptoms for more details on what’ I’ve done. (and Amino Acid For neurological symptoms as well as Please share results with a ketogenic or high fat intake diet I think it’s all linked and there’s no single pill that will fix the myriad of symptoms we have.)

All my sexual symptoms are gone. I’m fully operational and ready to go ! Lol.